When A Network Marketer Comes Knocking At Your Door

Image by Stuart Miles http://freedigitalphotos.net
Image by Stuart Miles

Don’t take the title to literally! ūüôā ¬† What this means is ‘what happens when someone approaches you to discuss their business?’

The approach may be different from person to person, company to company, but inevitably you discover that it is a MLM. What do you do?

If you’re anything like me some 7 years ago, I would literally ‘slam the door in their faces’ because I wasn’t interested. I knew it was one of those ‘get rich¬†quick schemes’ and I didn’t want anything to do with it.

If you’ve never been involved in network marketing, you’re quite likely to say ‘not interested’ and slam the¬†door or walk just like I did.

What changed my mind? The sub-prime lending fiasco! My mortgage went up by $1500/month!  I cried for days trying to figure out how I was going to pay $4000 a month for my little house!

That’s when I got into network marketing. I knew enough about network marketing that many people had made a lot of money. I knew no more than that.

Long story short…after crying and ‘whoa-ing is me’ I got my head on straight and started investigating MLMs.

I didn’t want the typical Avon, Mary Kay, Juices and such. If I planned to do this I needed a good company with products I could get into, great compensation plan and¬†good leaders. That’s all I knew about it at that point and God was listening! ūüôā

Shortly after, a friend asked me to come to her house for a quick meeting.  I watched the presentation and decided it was something I could do.

I started to work Рgoing to networking meetings, hosting events & meeting people, but knowing nothing about network marketing other than to sell and get people to join.

Image by Stuart Miles http://freedigitalphotos.net
Image by Stuart Miles

I had good leaders willing to actually invest money in me to get me to trainings so I could be effective. No lie, they paid for me to go to Las Vegas – twice!

They supported and called me and worked with me Рtop people in the company! It was pretty amazing and I felt good about what I was doing.

My first check was only $100 but I was so encouraged I carried that check around with me for 3 months! Why? Because it reminded me that network marketing actually works.

It encouraged me and made me a believer. Yes I know it was only $100, but remember I never had done network marketing or truly believed in it until I received that first little check.

Although I only made about $1500 that year, it taught me something about network marketing. It made me interested in finding the secret ingredient to success like my first leaders and mentors.

Now over the years, I consider myself a network marketer and a leader. Am I with the same company? No, but it was a great company. Have I learned the business of network marketing? Yes.

I’ve learned enough in the network marketing arena that people I’ve previously worked come to me to evaluate¬†compensation plans of potential companies. ¬†I’ve become very good at that.

I give them an honest opinion on their compensation plan. You see, many people really don’t know what they’re getting into. Is it a binary, a matrix, a unilevel or any of what does that mean?

How good are their products? How excited are you about the products? Can you be an actual user yourself and excitedly share info without being a pain in the pa-tootie? ūüôā

Each company is different and purport to have different strategies that work. Different ‘recruiting’ techniques can work differently depending on the company an yes, guess what…the personality of the recruiter (but that’s another eBook!) :).

‘People¬†learning‘ is important. Understanding customer needs and searching out that customer who needs what you’ve got is critical. ¬†We, bloggers, call it the ‘niche market.’

The Good:

  1. You may find some wonderful leaders willing to invest time and money in you to get you to a level you want. You may feel appreciated and learn how to run a business as I did.
  2. You may make a little or a lot of money (both are good)! ūüôā You may obtain personal and business development that¬†you can take with you for the rest of your life.
  3. You may make fabulous friends and comrades who will follow you anywhere or who may be your friends for life, even when you’re not in immediate contact with them¬†anymore.
  4. You may learn about business and how to be good at network marketing and building relationships (which I have taken to my Internet Marketing now – 7-8 years later!)

The Bad:

Yes, you’re going to meet the bad. I once met a woman who said she had great products and could she talk to me. I said yes, I’m willing to listen, if you’ll listen to¬†my opportunity as well and then we can discuss.

I met with her. She talked about her company, compensation plan, her presentation and her products. I said ‘interesting.’ Now let me tell you about mine.

She said ‘nope…I’m not interested.’ Wow! I said but we agreed to ‘discuss’ both companies and plans. She said ‘nope…not interested…when can you sign up?’ Me¬†– ‘dumfounded.’ When I finished picking my teeth up off the floor, I asked her to leave.

Final Word

I’ve been disappointed too…sometimes in the company, sometimes in the people, but I evaluate everything and see what is the benefit to me if I remain. ¬†Evaluate pros and cons when things don’t go the way you want before you make a decision to change.

For me – good news in this is that for over 8 years,¬†I’ve been in 4 network marketing companies. I’ve evaluated over 20.

So many people hear about the downs to network marketing.  My experiences have been phenomenal in that I have learned so much and made so many friends all over the world.

I have made great money, not crazy amounts, but enough to quit a job I once. My life has been enriched by the people I’ve met along my MLM travels.

So What To Do When A Network Marketer Comes Calling?

Do you blow them off?  If you feel you should, is it their approach, their products, or are you just not sure how you can make money?

The answer is simple.

  • All you have to do is LISTEN! ¬†Don’t turn them away. You never know what’s in store for you.

I listen to each opportunity, if I’m approached respectfully; if it’s presented carefully; if it’s interesting. (I don’t listen to crazy people spouting I’ll make¬†thousands of dollars in 3 months, or they’ve got the next best products since ‘moon travel!’)

  • Honestly valuate the opportunity’s prospective future, compensation plan, leaders and training.
  • Find someone who is quietly doing the business and talk to them. Don’t listen to hype coming from hypsters!
  • Learn the successful ‘Soft Sell Approach.’ (sign up for my upcoming eBook – ‘Soft Sell Your Way to Success in Network Marketing.’)
  • Learn proper Internet Marketing. ¬†Stop dropping spamming links to your website in emails, to people and groups on Facebook, etc.

People who join my team learn my ‘soft sell approach’ and have been very successful. What’s a soft sell approach? Look to the right and sign up for my upcoming free¬†eBook ‘Soft Sell Your Way to Success in Your Network Marketing Company.’ ¬†Learn what it is and how it worked for me! ¬†It can work for you too.

Have you had bad experiences when you’re approached by a network marketer? Have you run away as soon as you’ve determined who they¬†are? ¬†Yeah…been there, done that! LOL! ¬† So what do YOU do when a network marketer comes calling?

Motivation and Inspiration For All
Motivation and Inspiration For All


  1. says

    Hi Barbara,

    Would I listen to someone’s pitch? Yes, and only if it was a soft sell approach. Even though I am on a different path, who knows when a good opportunity knocks at your door? If someone wants to talk to me about their opportunity and their focus is on me, sure I will have a conversation with them. I may or may not join, but at least I found a good person that knows how to market well. If I didn’t want that opportunity, I would spread the news to my friends that might.

    However, when I get one of those pop ups on Facebook from someone I don’t know well with the “Hi” I know what’s coming. Sometimes I give them a chance. But when I hear “Donna I made so much money with product X I don’t want you to miss out” I get turned off.

    It is all about the approach and I rather have the soft sell than the hard one. I’m so happy you are writing a book about this Barbara! You know I will blast it out for you because you have proven success of how to soft sell.

    donna merrill recently posted…√Į¬Ľ¬ŅDo You Have Loyal Customers?My Profile

  2. says

    Hi Donna,

    I’m exactly the same way. I run from people who do not know how to market. I know it’s because many of them are new and many are taught the ‘old’ ways to market. Bully the person into joining. Many MLM are not teaching people how to approach and or explain about their company and products. I never did like the bulldog approach as opposed to a soft sell. Should be finishing up the eBook shortly.

    I’m also one to always listen for the most part, like you said, even if I’m not interested in the product. You never know when this relationship you can develop with a person be useful and helpful to you.

    Thanks Donna.

    Barbara Charles recently posted…When A Network Marketer Comes Knocking At Your DoorMy Profile

  3. says

    Hey Barbara,

    Well you know I’ve been in my share of network marketing companies too and I learned the hard way that it’s just not for me. But knowing that now I would not listen to anyone who wanted to approach me about it and I don’t care how good it is because we both know that it’s not just about the company or the opportunity.

    I do think though that it’s a great business to be in and you are right, great money can be made. I wish that more people would get better training about how to approach people and help them be able to get the same type of results. I think that’s really the main issue with most people, I know it was with me.

    You are a great leader though and anyone who joins you has a friend for life. You go above and beyond to help your team members so if anyone is the least bit interested I think they need to consider joining you. ūüėČ I just happen to know the type of person you are.

    Great share and I’m excited about your eBook coming out. It will rock girl.

    Enjoy your week.

    Adrienne recently posted…Thankful Thursday: Evergreen, Facebook, Commenting, MarketingMy Profile

    • says

      Awwww thanks Adrienne. I appreciate the referral! I only do for my team members what I would want someone to do for me. When I first got into this company, I was hungry for success. I wanted it and that was key. But no one was there to train me in the new company so I had to learn it myself. It took too long to learn everything I needed…people weren’t around…our their methods didn’t work for me and my personality. So once I did start to build a team, I wanted to make sure they had everything they needed. That’s why I dedicate myself to everyone who joins and I love making new friends so it’s a good thing. It’s all good as the kids say!

      I also understand that MLMs are not always for everyone. Another reason for my success is that I respect that when a person makes that decision or feels that way. That way we maintain a relationship and that is more important than anything else. So important. Wish everyone would get that.

      Anyway, have a blessed week-end. I’m working on that eBook – for the end of the month. Wish me luck! ūüôā
      Have a great week-end!

  4. says

    Hi Barbara,

    I don’t have any experience about network marketing or anything like that. But after reading this post I have understood that the thinking about ignoring network marketers and slamming the door at their face is not good.

    I remember many marketers who tried to talk to me but I refused. Like you said that you were also like me in your previous years. Don’t know but it’s hard to trust any stranger.

    The lady about whom you have talked about was really unbelievable. These kind of people don’t let me believe other marketers.

    I will try to listen the marketers in my future life.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Have a nice week ahead.:)

    Ravi Chahar recently posted…How To Backup WordPress Site And Database Using cPanel Safely?My Profile

    • says

      HI Ravi,

      It’s all about how they approach you and it’s about developing or building a relationship with you first. It’s like a stranger walking up and asking you to purchase something from them and they don’t know you or your needs. Many are rude and don’t care about us. It can get pretty unbelievable.
      Only listen if they try to develop a relationship with you. It should be about you, not about them.

      Have a good one.

  5. says

    Hey Barbara,

    It all depends on how they approach me. If I see “money in their eyes” and feel an “evil laugh” then I will turn them away.

    But if they’re a bit more sincere and genuine, then I’m all ears. I guess this would be the soft sell approach. It’s what we talk about when we’re blogging. We want to be able to engage and interact with our visitors. This creates synergy. This builds rapport and relationships. I do feel the majority of the sale is the rapport that you build, without being desperate about the relationship (those clingy people).

    I can definitely relate to the pop ups that Donna is referring to. I use to do them for a while which didn’t work at all LOL… then people started doing it to me. Some people were respectful with my “no”, while other’s, well their egos and emotions get in their way.

    It’s that you wrote a book about approaches. A lot of people in MLM will definitely appreciate this, since, from my experience they don’t really teach it !

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great week!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…How Being Relatable To Your Blog Visitors Is The Majority Of The SaleMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Sherman,

      I’ll fill you in more on my soft sell approach in the ebook. ūüėČ It’s a bit of what you’re describe by engaging and interact with people, but there is so much more too it. An example today. I was using/wearing one of my products today. I met up with a co-worker visiting from another location. We talked all day about our day job, our work, our families, our griefs, our laughs…and anything else you could think of. I not once mentioned I worked in an MLM.

      Toward the end of the day, I mentioned very briefly that I had a blog which she then wanted to look at and asked for the link. Which then lead to her asking if I had an outside business…which then led to what is it, how long have you been doing it, can it help me, which led to me saying ‘I’m wearing one of the products,’ which led to mentioning how ‘correct’ my posture was and what great shape I was in which led to ‘can I see a catalog’ and send me the link to you blog.

      All that to say, yes – it was about building a relationship with her throughout the day. But this ‘soft sell’ as I call it really revolves around one secret thing and that will be in the eBook! ūüôā It’s so simple.

      I’ll definitely share with you very soon.
      You have a great week-end also.
      Be well.


  6. says

    Hi Barbara,

    I was just like you back then (slam the door right away) until I tried myself as marketing person (it’s a bit hard to find a job, marketing was highly demanded and I joined in). Since then I knew how they feel every time I tried to offer people a product.

    Since then, I am always give a chance to marketer to talk about the offer and try to figure out what can I do about it.

    I guess we should never give up to make a good approach when we are marketer. A good approach method will make people remember us and our product. When they need it, they will contact us right away.

    Thanks for the post. Wish you have a great week
    Okto recently posted…6 SEO Strategies That Helps Me Earn Money EverydayMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Okto,

      I guess experience is the best teacher, right? We have to be in the experience ourselves in order to learn what it truly feels like. The trick is developing an approach that works for us and then continue to use that in developing relationships. That will then lead us to success in networking.


  7. says

    Hi Barbara

    I found your site via Adrienne and this post is very interesting to me, because it’s how I prefer to do business. I really HATE hype!

    I have been in several network marketing businesses – some more successful than others. I tend to learn by my mistakes ūüôā Sadly the most successful one closed down and pinched my contact list… but that’s another story and another lesson learned.

    Just recently a fairly long-term contact approached my about his business telling me it was a low start-up cost, so I watched his over-long video, but noticed he was getting a bit evasive when I asked “How much?

    Finally he revealed all and I told him, very politely, that the figure he quoted was NOT low cost in my opinion and also gave him some other reasons why the business was not for me. I was very irritated when he just replied something along the lines of “Wow – well if you know anyone who would appreciate such a good opportunity, please let me know”.

    Missing the point really – first of all TRYING to make me feel small is not smart, and most basic of all – if I DID know anyone, I’d have joined his business.

    Sorry – rambling on for my first visit to your blog, but I hope it’s another example of a hard sell, bordering on rudeness, NOT being the way to make friends and influence people.

    Joy Healey recently posted…Social Media Fresh Start For Twitter Posting TipsMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Joy,

      I agree. I really hate hype as well, but I’ve learned to ignore the hype. I can immediately tell if someone is giving me hype right away and fast find a way to expedite myself from them. I don’t even listen. I do so without being rude. Not worth it in the long run and a waste of my time.

      I agree with you that these people miss the point, but I’ve learned truly they just don’t know any better. They’ve not been taught how to recruit properly. They’ve not been taught people skills, sales skills so it’s a matter usually of lack of training. I offer to train them in that case. I don’t try to recruit them…I just tell them I’m a network marketer and ask them how their approach is working for them. That usually stops someone dead in their tracks and they’ll think about it for a minute. If they walk away from me, they will at least remember me and wonder why I appear to be making money.

      Too much stress to get upset over someone who will not be around that long. Again, most are not trying to make you feel small, they just are not educated well.

      Hard sell vs soft sell… People need to be taught. Rudeness is not accepted in any way shape or form.
      You can only educate them and if they don’t then they will never be successful.

      Be well,

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