Network Marketing Review – Why I Won’t Take Le-Vel Products

Le-vel-downloadA couple of weeks ago, I introduced the Network Marketing Monthly review.

These reviews will provide a personal perspective of various MLMs, (meaning I tried it myself), as well as, a business evaluation of the products and various factors that make an MLM a good one.

Why will this help  ‘you?’ Maybe you’re not interested in an MLM or network marketing company?

Because many of your friends or associates may be interested in a particular MLM and you will be able to provide them with valuable information.

You then become a valuable resource to your associates and/or customers!. So with that said …

The first Monthly Network Marketing Review is a relatively new MLM called Le-Vel!

I personally tried these products so you’ll get some good input here!    I assess certain criteria and then determine if the company is one I might want to promote or recommend to others who might be interested.

I get approached often and I had to learn to evaluate these businesses with a critical eye so these upcoming monthly reports will be based on my knowledge of the industry, of the company, the compensation plan, the products, and a little bit of common sense.

I believe an MLM should have the following and this is what I look at:

  • Good, bad, or great products (would I use it myself analysis?)
  • Marketable products (is it something people will use or makes sense to buy?)
  • Good to great compensation plan
  • Good team leaders (supportive easy to talk too, easy to get in touch with?)
  • Accessible Training
  • Good websites – easy to use for reps and customers
  • Good to great representative customer service to get issues resolved or answers to various questions
  • Personal review of the product(s)

Here is my own story and evaluation.

A high-level leader in a prominent MLM called me a couple of weeks ago and told me about a new company and its products.

As she was a leader in a well-known company, has millionaire status, has built both international and national teams, and being very, excited about this new MLM, I decided I better listen? 🙂

Le-Vel is new in the market place, started in 2013.  It  promotes what they call a “Premium Lifestyle”.  Sidebar:  Nothing new, right?  There are lots of health and wellness MLM’s.

The products have different nutritional formulations for men and women based on “lifestyle.”

Le-vel encourages people ‘to take the products for an eight week “THRIVE Experience” in which time a person can experience their peak performance physically and mentally” using their products.

The products have the typical health and wellness claims but this one peaked my interest for a couple of reasons that have to do with my own health issues which I will discuss below.  But first – let’s evaluate some criteria.

Perks and Draws To The Company:  Score 8

Join as a Free Customer – One thing I did like about Le-vel is that a person can become a free customer – yes!

What that means is you can go to the site of someone who is in the company and literally sign up as a free customer, then purchase at your leisure.  No pressure sales – I like that!

Of course, the ultimate goal then is to get you to purchase something.   How do they do that?  If you get 2 active customers you get your own products free. That’s kinda sweet too!

Join As A Promoter – You can join as a Brand Promoter starting as  low as the $100 level and earn commissions, but you have to be a rep that is both “qualified” and “active.” (similar to other MLMs – nothing new here)

Qualified means you have purchased at least $100 worth of products.

Other price points are comparable to other MLM’s I’ve investigated.  There’s usually a $100 to $499 price points with an exchange of products for the costs.

Compensation Plan – Score 7

The comp plan I thought was comparable to my present company.

This MLM has an unilevel team commission plan that pays up to 8% on the business volume of each level in the Brand Promoter’s placement tree, up to eight ( 8 ) levels deep.

Le-Vel promoters may also earn 20% on their business volume on each of their personal customer’s web orders for Le-Vel THRIVE products.

There are also Fast Start and Matching bonuses as well.  All in all this is one of the better comp type plans.

Training – Score 4

A defined process is in place for people to follow, although I’m not sure I’d call this training.  But I like the idea that a training process is defined and it’s personal (working directly with the upline with 3-ways calls and such).

A lot of conference calls with the same old hype (as far as I’m concerned), but the information would be valuable if you are a promoter and have never done an MLM before.  You get to start somewhere and that’s important.

The training follows old school style network marketing which I’m not too keen on.  I follow a Soft Sell Strategy which has been very successful.  Get my free report on How To Soft Sell Your Product, a stress-free sales strategy – on website sidebar.

The companyl has its typical promotional calls – get someone to the calls, get someone to the ‘secret meeting’ places which were not revealed until … (I never found out the ‘until’).

This I didn’t like. Secret meetings? Com’ on!  Gheeesh – you either want the people there or you don’t.  Are they recruiting??

Products – Score – 8

Here’s my story and what happened with noted ‘good points’ and ‘bad points’ documented along the way!

I ordered the product, Thrive for Women.   It arrived a few days later (within 5 days) and I waited until the next day to start.  Two pills and a mixture for a shake. (good point) – quick turnaround time and delivery.

The product’s are described as all natural and according to its promotion and would help with many of my current health issues.   My interest in these products was the following:  Sleep, Arthritis, Weight Loss

I don’t sleep – at least not well and not for long. I had a sleep study done a few years ago; diagnosed with chronic insomnia and I’ve tried all the medications the doctor prescribed to help me sleep.  Nothing worked for long. Photo by David Castillo
Photo by David Castillo

I had to eventually stop taking medication when I had quite a scare where I was driving (totally asleep (sleep driving))!  So no more medication for me! 😯

Let’s go natural – hence I wanted to try Le-vel’s Thrive for Women because I’m stuck with little to no sleep on a regular basis and I’m always extremely tired and I wanted to try it for it’s proposed energy.

I also wanted to try it because it was supposed to help with joint & inflammation and pain as I have degenerative arthritis which can be painful at various times.

Finally, a number of people were discussing some phenomenal weight loss stories and I needed to lose about 12 lbs (or so my doctor says) to keep my cholesterol and blood pressure down.

So excitedly I open the package and couldn’t wait to try the products!  Since there is a 30 day money back guarantee I figured it couldn’t hurt and there’d be no loss if it didn’t work out. (good point)

The Energy Boost!

Fricking FANTASTIC!  First off, this stuff is kickbutt stuff!  I took the nutritional supplement as prescribed – 2 pills and then the shake – Day One. Within 10-15 minutes…and I mean literally 10 minutes, I was feeling a jolt like an instant shot of adrenalin!

I was shocked, amazed and happy! I was buzzing around the house getting all kinds of things done. Concentration was intense and I can’t tell you how crazy delirious I was that it happened so fast.

I drove to work wide awake and accomplished so much more stuff than I normally do in the first ¾ of the day because I’m normally am so tired.

Other people I talked to have found the energy boost to be much later – 2 or 3 days in or maybe a week.  You see Le-Vel wants everyone to try their 8 Week Experience so that a person may experience the results in a designated timeframe.

Well, for me, it was almost instantaneous.  For my husband, not so much an instant effect.  His was more subtle.

I noticed, although he didn’t –  he didn’t fall asleep immediately after Sunday dinner.  He was also up and about helping with the cleaning of the kitchen and in general, moving around and working in the house although he says he didn’t notice this difference. 😉

The Joint & Inflammation Support

Generally, I deal with the aches and pains of arthritis in specific areas, lower back, hips being the main ones.  I have to be careful how I pick up certain things and can’t sit on low level couches or chairs for too long or I can’t get up without some pain.

On the day I took Le-Vel, all pain was GONE!  No lie – truth! Another amazing thing!  I felt like a kid again. Never during this whole time did I feel an ounce of discomfort!

It wasn’t until later in the day that I realized it, but it was awesome when it struck me. I picked up my computer bag (which is way too heavy by the way) and hefted it into the car, carried groceries into the house, bent up and down, no issues, no pain. Amazing!

That’s two for two! (Good point!)

Appetite Control

I didn’t feel any hunger ALL day! I took the supplement at about 7 a.m and at lunch I had to force myself to eat.

Not only did I not have an appetite, but food didn’t even seem appealing to me.  Even at the end of the day, I didn’t feel like eating. I ate, but had no ‘desire’ for food.

Twelve hours later, I still didn’t want any food and I didn’t eat much of anything until the next day.  The following day I didn’t want anything either so I could see why it works for weight loss.  If you’re not hungry, you won’t eat.

e5062d8d5a430a68b4c5af8ca3eb0c57Does Le-Vel Nutritional Supplement Work?

Energy Boost – Yes – provided great energy pretty much throughout the day for myself (and for four weeks for my husband).

Alleviate Arthritis and Other Pains – Yes – It definitely works for joint support cause I felt no pain from my arthritis. That was also great!

Weight Management – Based on the ‘no hunger’ feeling, it works for weight management.  I had absolutely no appetite for almost 1 ½ days.  Didn’t try it long enough to lose weight.

Other Opinions

I’ve talked to some very good friends of mine who have used it and they felt nothing….nothing at all.  No impact to them at all – no energy kick, no difference whatsoever.  Hence why Le-Vel wants you to try it for 8 weeks.  Give it time to kick in.

To Promote Or Not To Promote – Is There A Downside? There’s Always Is A Downside.

Yes, for me there was a downside as there will be for others and because of this I couldn’t really decide to promote or not.

I think this product is an absolute kick-butt product! I tried it!  I liked it! A LOT!  But then …

The Crash and Burn – What Happened Next Will Amaze You!

… the rest of the story – around 1 p.m. I started feeling a ‘crash’ – very tired all of a sudden – then a bit dizzy with heart palpitations.

It was severe enough that I went to the Medical department at work as I am on high blood pressure medication although my BP has been controlled for years now.

But I felt funky enough to go see the medical folks. They were on lunch so I went back to my desk waited. When I didn’t feel any better, I went back approximately 2 hours later.

Long story short – they took my blood pressure and it was 198/151 which is unheard of for me! Typically it is around 98/70 or so.

Heart palpitations, hands shaking, nausea – I was a mess.  Why?  What Happened?

The work facility monitored my blood pressure, made me lay down and rest, called my doctor and basically after about an hour or so of forced relaxation, I felt well enough to drive straight to my doctor’s office at her request.

At the doctor’s office, we pulled up the ingredients and found that the product (capsules) are packed full of ‘natural’ caffeines (5 of them).  Yikes!  That affected me because I don’t drink coffee for a reason.

I’m one of those people who gets the jitters from caffeines (hands shaking, stomach upset, heart palpitations) and here I am ingesting almost 5 times the amount of one cup of coffee!

My girlfriend also took the product, but she drinks 4 cups of coffee a day and guess what?!  No impact, no issues, no problems, nothing! We talked about this in depth.

Five different types of caffeine?!  I didn’t even know there were different caffeines. In other words, Le-vel has a Caffiene Extravanganza that knocked me on my butt!

Additional ‘Natural Products’

In addition, she found 3-4  ingredients that are ‘natural’ aspirins which accounts for the ‘no pain’ in the joints and the decrease in inflammation when I took the supplement.

All of this combined with various other ingredients helps people lose weight, gain energy (yep that’s true) and feel no pain.

I guess it works for weight management as I didn’t have any appetite for at least 16 hours after taking it!  Take it every day and yes, I guess you would lose weight.

My doctor’s prognosis after I dragged myself into her office was “if I had not been taking my BP medicine, I would have been in the hospital for at least 3-4 days!”

The BP medicine was controlling my pressure and even then it was incredibly high.  That huge dose of caffiene was going against the BP medicine.  Whoa!

The doctor took me out of work for 3 days!  Bed Rest and a note for my job.  OMG!

Would You Promote The Product?

At the end of the day, I had a decision to make.  Promote Le-Vel as a distributor OR take advantage of the 30 day return policy and move on?

My honest opinion – It’s a great supplement if you are used to caffeine- like you drink coffee – lots of coffee!

Good thing is most people around the world do.  If you want to take advantage of a 30 day supply and see if it works for you for appetite suppression, weight loss and energy click here.

As I said, it is some kick butt stuff!  Definitely works with reservations.

Reservations – What To Look Out For:

If you don’t have high blood pressure or an aspirin allergy, this may be the supplement for you!  I’d check it out with your doctor firs though, for sure!

As noted I thought the products were great but you MUST take your previous medical conditions and medical history into account.

Most people take nutritional supplements without a second thought. We’re told they are safe, so we take them and the FDA does not monitor nutritional supplements.

But there are many stories to beware the ingredients in supplements because they can harm you.

My story was one of them. I had that experience at the end of the first day when I took the products.

Now above is only MY story and as I noted I still think it’s a great supplement for energy, pain and joint inflammation.

Even, the next day I was even tempted to take it again when I woke up tired. But noooo, I like to live.  😆

I’m being totally honest. This product will work for a whole lot of people and I see great potential for weight loss, arthritis and joint pain elimination and energy!    You can get more information here.

Final Evaluation – Scores

  • Perks and Draws To The Company:  8
  • Marketable Products – 9
  • Compensation Plan – 7
  • Good Team Leaders – 8 (head of the company called me when he heard what happened to me)
  • Training – Score 4 (same old, same old)
  • Good Websites – ease of use for rep and customers – 6.  Although they’re using Cloud as new technology and as a draw.
  • Customer Service and support – 3 – I haven’t found a customer service telephone number yet

Let me thank you for your patience in reading this long post!  Hope you got some very important information from this.  I’m also available to discuss my Le-vel experience if  you are interested in this MLM.

So what do you think of the first network marketing review?  Helpful?  Important information?  What do you think about this whole experience? Please let me know.

Motivation and Inspiration For All

Motivation and Inspiration For All


  1. says

    Hi Barbara,

    That was quite an experience! You sure seem to have gone through a lot 🙂

    While the review and product looks good enough, but I don’t think I’d ever try it because of the health conditions like BP, for which I also take medication, though it’s not too high, but one shouldn’t take any risks. And it sure has a LOT of caffeine, as I hardly drink any myself.

    I agree about the knee pain, and I think majorly it comes along with the genes we carry, weight issues, and side effect of certain medicines, besides other factors. But that can be controlled with light exercises and walks, of course eating healthy is the key as well.

    Having tried a few health supplements earlier, I know they all work- though not for all. I wonder what happens once you stop? The weight comes back in most of the cases, and one goes back to our old self. I guess for me personally, I’d prefer to keep a balance between healthy food, living, and wellness overall. It comes with practice and will-power, and once you follow that path, I don’t think there is any need for any supplement. Just my two cents. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…Why Do You Take Selfies And How To Avoid It Going WrongMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Harleena,

      I actually thought I had responded to this. Sorry for the delay. Yes I would definitely advise against taking this product if you have high blood pressure or take medication. Actually, the medication was what saved me according to the doctor. I’m on a beta blocker which slows down the heart a bit and when it started palpitating it kept it and the BP under some kind of control although it was extremely high. Yes, I never drink coffee as it gives me the jitters so it was definitely the wrong product to take. The problem is ‘they’ consider ‘various types of green tea’ a natural coffee supplement. It had different types of ‘green tea’ in it as well as different types of coffee beans.

      In terms of knee pain, I’m relatively small. I dance and walk regularly and weight about 140 now, down about 3 lbs and I’m 5’2″ so no real heavy, but would like to lose about 10-12 which will get me off my BP and cholesterol medication.And yes you’re right about healthy eating. Good food choices also helps with the blood pressure which is a main concern for me.

      Good question in ‘what happens when you stop supplementing’ For instance with this product and using it for weight loss, it may be good in that you’re not hungry, but what happens when you stop and you have not really learned good, healthy eating habits. That’s really the way to lose weight and keep it off – else these people will probably gain it back. That’s the bad thing about supplements too. It should be about changing a life style and not supplementing to a quick fix. That’s the easy way out.

      You and I are on the same page in terms of health. 🙂 Thanks for the support.
      Enjoy the rest of your week.
      Barbara Charles recently posted…How I Increased Visitors To My Blog By 30 PercentMy Profile

  2. says

    Hi Barbara,

    This is the very best review of a product I’ve ever read! Totally honest and up front. Although the product can be good for some people, others – like you – can have a bad reaction.

    People seem to respond to the catch phrase “Natural” and think it is fine to take. The problem is there are so many products out there with ingredients that can cause an effect like it did you. My goodness thank God you are ok.

    From my own experience, I go to a naturopath (a doctor that is more of a scientist and knows very well what ingredients are in what) So I never go near anything unless it is OK by him. He does work with my MD – he will call and conference with him.

    We need to be careful out there. Even a vitamin will not work if it has a certain buffer. Now I’m no scientist, so I do rely on my Naturopath Before I purchase anything because I do have some health issues.

    But for people who are healthy and will drink a lot of coffee, this product seems like a good one.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and doing an honest review.

    Donna Merrill recently posted…The Nature Of Your BlogMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Donna,

      Thank you so much for noting it was a good review. I was afraid that it was too long, too intense, etc. But it needed to be said.
      I agree that people grab at ‘natural’ when everything is not natural. Even when I talked to the company, they kept talking about ‘natural caffiene’ and natural aspirins. Caffiene is a stimulant and if you put the word ‘natural’ in front of it because it comes from a plant, that still makes it a stimulant. People really need to ‘read’ and understand what we are reading.

      Thank you for the well wishes. I’m much better now and learned an important lesson regarding supplements and what I put into my body.

      Interestingly enough I also started going to a naturopath which I’m loving. I started seeing one about 6 months ago and she has provided additional natural ways for energy and building up for arthritis. Like you, between my regular doctor and my naturopath I have been feeling much better.

      I agree we have to look into what we take. I now review products even if contemplating taking something, check with my medical doctor and naturopath, like you. It’s safer for me.

      I really was impressed with the product in that it gave you everything it said it would, so my highest warning is to be just aware of their own medical problems. I think that is just common sense and I learned the lesson the hard way, but learn it I did. Hope it helps others who are in similar circumstances and hope I was also able to help others in understanding the MLM itself.

      You’re welcome about the review and hope all is well with you.

      Take care and have a great week.

  3. says

    Hey Barbara,

    This was a nice detailed review of Le-Vel and it’s even better since you went through the experience of using their products.

    You know one of the things that turned me off about MLM was there was too much hype. I don’t mind some hype, but there’s a point where it gets overbearing.

    Also I’m turned off my the old school network marking techniques like the 3 foot rule approach. I’d rather use your technique and attract the people that are most interested in the opportunity and products.

    Besides that the products does sound promising as long as you don’t have BP problems and aren’t affected a lot by caffeine. But as for me, I make a great effort in staying healthy by eating the right foods, exercise, yoga, and now meditation.

    Thanks for the share Barbara! Take Care!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…How To Make Blogging Less Time ConsumingMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Sherman,

      Thanks. I tied to provide as much detail as possible and as accurately as possible.

      I agree that the hype regarding MLM’s is a pain, but that is not the fault of the MLM. It is the results, as you noted, of old style network marketing techniques which I am in complete agreement with you that it is in-effective in teaching MLM’ers how to do their business.

      I also agree that the products are great as long as you don’t have other health issues. Supplemental products can be quite effective for ‘healthy’ people and isn’t that ironic.

      It’s great when someone can do all the right things like eat the right foods, exercise etc. That’s ideal, but unfortunately as we get older and our body’s naturally defenses and aging sets in, it is not that easy and we find we need ‘supplements.’ At my age (near 60) – yes, believe it or not), we may find we need the supplemental health and supplement help. 🙂 Eating right, dancing and walking for me help me stay in shape but supplements may be necessary as we get older.

      Keep up with your food, exercise etc. It will keep you young and healthy. Thanks for stopping by and reading up on the review. 🙂 And thanks – enjoy your upcoming week.



  4. says

    Hey Barbara, you certainly had a bad experience with that one! I was thinking guarana as I read through your story. Never a good idea to have what I call “false” energy.

    I have tried to sell MLM health products in the past but have never been successful. Having a background in nutrition I always scrutinize the products and ingredients very carefully. I am very fussy about what I take myself and promote to others.

    I think network marketing is a lot easier to do in the US than it is here in the UK. Brits are very skeptical about the methods these network marketing companies use. One American company that set up their UK base in my town did all they could to get if off the ground here but they gave up in the end. The products were very good too.

    I do beleive that you have to be able to take the product yourself and get the results to be able to talk about it with conviction and sell it to others.

    One thing that gets me about these companies is the time you have to spend attending the training etc. even if you are sitting at home. I found it very time consuming and never got the hang of the way they teach you to approach and talk to people. A huge learning curve to learn the patter.

    It was a shame that the product didn’t suit you but I’m sure that you could find something similar without the caffeine that might work for your joint pain and sleep problems. Let’s hope you do.
    Sandy Halliday recently posted…How To Use Superfood Beets For Liver DetoxMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Sandy,

      I have been in an MLM for the last 6-7 years and have been successful so I know that these companies work particular with good products.

      I think network marketing is hard every where. There is a high failure rate and that is because of lack of training, lack of education regarding business, lack of trust in general with people in business, hence building relationships is so important. That issues would be in any country, US or UK or other countries. Building an MLM is all about the same as blogging – building relationships helps build a business regardless of the business.

      And you’re right about false energy, but I wasn’t looking for energy – I was looking for supplemental energy to help me get through the day because of my lack of sleep issues and trying to get it naturally based on the info I was given. And you’re right, I wanted to make sure that I could take the products first before I could promote to others. I can promote what I take – always a good psychology for sales as well as the soft sell approach.

      The soft sell approach to retailing may work well in the UK particularly when it comes to skeptical people as it helps develop relationships easily. It is an approach I’d push in an international team. I grew a large international team in Papua New Guinea using this technique.

      It’s true also what you say about training. Old style training techniques are no longer effective and people need to learn about business first (how to run one); then train in the company and it’s products to be effective, then try a different sales strategy. The second learning challenge in MLM’s is in the compensation plan. That learning curve is typically very complicated which I think is deliberate.

      I’m hoping that I find something comparable. Right now I manage my arthritis with exercise (walking and dancing, and some light weight training); I manage my energy – well – haven’t figured that one out yet – a consistent problem. 🙂

      Thanks for your support and information.


  5. says

    Hi Barbara,

    I think it’s fantastic what your doing with those reviews. Just discovered it today, as I’ve been so busy lately and had hard time visiting as many blogs as I used to in the recent past.

    What I like about your review is that, first off, it’s an honest one and the reader can feel that. If I had anyone asking me for a reliable site about MLM product reviews I’d send them here 🙂

    Isn’t it sad that your lowest score is about customer service! That’s why I’ve written so many times on the topic. So many companies suck with their customer service, it’s a shame. They don’t understand that customer service is what will keep their busy alive in the long run.

    Thanks for this excellent review.

    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted…Why Does My Life Suck And How Can I Change ItMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Sylviane,

      Thanks for stopping by. I sincerely hope you are enjoying your new ‘life’ Sounds like you’re having a great time and a grand experience. 😉 I know it’s hard as you have been very busy so I appreciate your visit. 🙂

      I appreciate any referrals you send this way. As MLM’s are all over the place and many people want to know details about the company’s they are thinking about joining, I’m hoping that I can help by using my own personal experience. Hoping to help a lot of people that way make intelligent decisions. Something I always wanted to do so people don’t get stuck as the failure rate in MLM’s is so high. Hopefully, I can help others learn more about MLM’s as well as the individual companies.

      And I agree with you 100% regarding customer service getting the lowest score. It’s kind of crazy that that is no one to call. I was really shocked and it was frustrating not to be able to tell anyone in the company about the experience or get questions answered. Just by luck, my friend told one of the owners who did a three way with me (which I thought was good), but if I didn’t have that one connection, I would have never been able to tell anyone in the company what happened. Customer service is/should be one of the highest scores.

      Anyway, glad you thought it was a good review. Really, appreciate your visit.

      Hope you are well and hope to talk to you very soon. Enjoy.


  6. says

    Bravo Barbara for doing such a thorough review of Le-Vel. I know for myself these are the best kind and it was genuine and honest from your own experience.

    I really hate that happened to you though. That’s why people really do need to read the labels before taking anything especially if they do have other issues like you. Of course they are drawn to these natural products due to not wanting to be on medication so I can see why they are enticing.

    I don’t take any caffeine myself throughout the day unless it’s in some food I happen to eat. I don’t have heart issues and am not on any medication but when I take too much I feel like my heart is going to beat right out of my chest. So I’m somewhat like you in that respect, I can’t take too much or I’ll scare the heck out of myself.

    I do know though that a lot of the products that MLM’s have are pretty darn great. I also know that most health products work for some people where they don’t for others. Just like what you shared that some of your friends have taken them and they’ve yet to feel anything. Our bodies are different and the way they react to stuff is different. I can understand why they recommend taking them for 8 weeks before coming to a conclusion.

    I’m glad you’re doing these reviews and I do hope that people will grab your free report. I’ve read it so I know how good it is and that it works. If they’re in network marketing and not having any luck there is definitely a reason for that. Learn from you and this could be their year to breakthrough.

    Great share and eager to read about your next one. Hope you don’t have to go through any healthy issues like this again though. I’m thinking of you girl.

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Blog Your Way Out Of A JobMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Adrienne,

      Yes this whole experience was quite scary. I’ve never had anything like that happen and it certainly gave me an education regarding supplements; any kind of supplements. It is really important that whether it’s a MLM or over the counter supplements, each and every person needs to ask questions and be careful of supplements. That was one important lesson I learned. And caffiene is something that many do not think of. Kinda scary.

      But with that said, there are many, many good products out there in MLM’s. I’ve used some products in MLM’s and many are good, some excellent. But as with many people, everyone should know their bodies as I mentioned in my report, supplements are not monitored by the FDA so everyone should be aware and safe.

      It’s a little scary doing these reviews as there could be negative effects from MLM’ers but I think it’s important that everyone have intelligent information and a fair assessment for various products. I hope to help others make intelligent decisions about various MLM’s, the good, the bad the ugly and help along the way with appropriate techniques and ways to evaluate their decisions.

      In the meantime, I will be a little bit more leery of ‘taking’ the products lol! Don’t plan on ending up like last time. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for recommending my free report. I think people will find it helpful.

      Hope you had a good week-end and a good week.

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