How To To Gain Customer Loyalty and Satisfy Customer Needs

How To Gain Customer Loyalty and Satisfy Customer Needs 

Photo by Stuart Miles
Photo by Stuart Miles

I had been in Internet Marketing for a couple of years, albeit poorly trying to imitate an internet marketer (LOL!), when one day I was introduced to a man named Ben Wehde.

Many of you probably don’t know him but he is awesome when it comes to WordPress and such and just has a wealth of common sense business knowledge.

As I weeped and moaned about how I wasn’t making any money online at that time, he said something every interesting that cleared up a lot of things for me.

This may not be an exact quote but it went something like this.

The Internet and Internet marketing is like an ocean. There are many people /fishes in the ocean and they’re all looking for something to enhance and/or improve their life.

Problem is there are many fish in the ocean, red, blue and any other mixture, in this case let’s say blue.   The color represents your specific niche out there swimming in the ocean with all other colors and combinations of fishes.

So he asked me a question one day – how can I make my particular part of the ocean all blue or all red?

The question was designed to make me think how to get my niche of all like-minded individuals to me.

What did they need and how could I supply it?  How do you attract all of your niche, or your blue fish?

If I could provide my fish/customers with what they needed, i.e., satisfy customer needs, then indeed my side of the ocean would be all blue and success at my fingertips!

The Entrepreneur Market

Our job, as entrepreneurs, is to give people what they need to enrich or fulfill their needs.

For this, you’ve got to have a good handle on your niche; who are they; what do they need and how you can provide it to them?

If you feed them, they will come.  🙂

If we can figure out how to make our own personal space of ocean blue, then you are a success.

Image by Jeanne Claire Maarbes

People will be looking for you. People will be actively engage with you. People will buy from you. People will ask advice from you.

How To Make Your Ocean Blue – Satisfy Customer Needs

Here are some things that can help you turn your ocean all blue and get more customers to you.

1.  Determine what the customer/client really needs; not what you think they need.

I am not a coffee drinker.  Hated the stuff.  Love the smell….anyway a woman selling Organo Gold didn’t listen to a word I said as she tried to convince me, not only sell Organo Gold, but to drink it ’cause it was good for me, despite the fact that I told her I hated the taste of coffee1 <SMH!>

2.  Never turn away an initial prospect, even when you think it might not be worth your time.

Don’t judge a person until you have actually interacted with them and determine what they need, if anything. If nothing, no harm no foul! If something, it can be the start of a beautiful relationship.

3.  Provide them with what they need. If you don’t have it, find it for them…refer a friend.

Set up a network of referrals with entrepreneurs you trust. This way you are always providing a service to your customers and they will remember you as the ‘Go To’ person to find what they want.

4.  Feed them.

Satisfying their desires or needs always engenders trust and will keep them coming back to you for more,  particularly if you can get their needs satisfied quickly and with exactly what they want.

Keep an available list of resources and people to help your customers and I guarantee, they will always remember you.

Satisfy Customer Needs – Do You?

So over to you? Do tell?

How are you turning your ocean blue? How do you satisfy your customer needs?  What things do you do specifically for your customers or potential customers to help meet their needs and keep them engaged with you?
Much love and inspiration to all.



  1. says

    Hey Barbara,

    Number 1 was my biggest mistake when I was doing MLM LOL… I tell you that it just wasn’t clicking in my head until a couple of years later. Then you get that enlightenment!

    I’ve also learned to be more genuine with people. For me to do this, I really had to be connected with myself more so in order to be genuine. You never think of this, but that’s how it works. I guess it goes with being the person that you want to find in others. When you do this, people will be more open with you. Especially potential prospects and customers.

    But yes it’s important to learn how to turn your Ocean blue! This how is how you build genuine relationships as well as your business! Thanks for this reminder and I hope your work is going great!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…How Do Theme Frameworks Optimize Your BlogMy Profile

    • says

      Hey Sherman,

      I think we all make that mistake. When people get into a business, particularly like an MLM, they’re so excited and they think everyone feels or sees their enthusiam. So we want them to feel what we feel, but what we wanted or needed may not be what our customer wanted. A common problem I think.

      I think you’re also absolutely right about believing in ourselves to be more genuine. I like that and it was said wonderfully. Building genuine relationship is what this is all about. Only then can we find or attract the people to us that we need.

      Great comment Sherman.
      Thanks so much for the input.
      Have a blessed week.

  2. says

    Hi Barbara,

    Some great advice you’re giving here.

    People not listening is a big issue. I know a guy (can’t remember his name) who makes thousands upon thousands of dollars. A very darn good living, because is in the business of teaching entrepreneurs to LISTENT. The guy charges big buck for his consultations, but he get lots of business because people just don’t listen, and don’t even know how.

    I think that the woman you’re talking about would need his services 🙂

    But this also shows that if you provide a value that people really need, they are going to come to you, provided that they know that you’re exist.

    Thanks for this great post and h have a beautiful day!
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted…How To Order Your Writing Jobs While Saving You Time And MoneyMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Sylviane,

      You’re right. All of us need better listening skills. If a person recognizes we are listening, then at least we can then keep a conversation going. I was listening to a video last night to a woman who was basically saying the same thing. She gets paid for teaching other people ‘who don’t listen.” Funny uh.

      And you’re right.., we have to get people to know we exists. Providing value to them is then pretty easy.
      I hope you’re doing a well and had a great day. Thinking of you and Sophie. Give her a kiss for me.
      Talk soon,

  3. says

    Hi Barbara thanks for this awesome post, i actually had challenges in dealing with customers in my MLM, but now i think i have improved a lot.

  4. says

    Hi Barbara,
    I surely enjoyed your analogy of bluefish and it surely does clear a great deal of confusion about Internet marketing. Thank you for sharing it with us!

    I agree with all the pointers you mention of in a sales process. However, I do have some qualifications that I apply with regard to your point number one.

    Henry Ford seat, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

    Interestingly, Steve Jobs, another iconic businessman felt the same way. If they tried to find out what people wanted, they could not give to the world what they gave without asking people.

    Sometimes, people don’t know what do. And in those circumstances if you know who you are smarter than them, you have to decide what is good for them and create a product or a service. If they like it, they will buy it. If they don’t, somebody else will.

    Just my two cents 🙂

    Kumar Gauraw recently posted…How To Build Credibility For Your Brand Identity Through Your BlogMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Kumar,

      Yes, I thought it was a great analogy too when I heard it and it made so much sense to me.

      Hmmm…interesting. I agree that we have to give the world what they need. I don’t necessarily see that as being smarter than anyone else…it’s just being open enough to see the world with different eyes and then supply that to the world. 🙂 Just a different way of looking at things.

      Each person/mind has a different gift that we can give the world. Some are good at ‘thinking’ and presenting motivation and inspiration to others. Other’s are good at ‘developing’ and then implementing what we need. Those of us that can supply will use their creativity to supply and that is the best part of this world.

      Thanks for your thoughts,
      Barbara Charles recently posted…How To Build An International Network Marketing – Part 1My Profile

  5. says

    Hi Barbara,
    It is always important for business owners to satisfy customers need to ensure the growth of business itself. Point number 1 is the most challenging and most interesting at the same time. It is not easy to disclose what customer needs but if we enjoy the marketing world, it is very challenging to discover it. Once we made it, we can manage the business for sure.

    Thanks for the post, it’s really inspiring. Wish you have a great weekend
    Okto recently posted…8 Practical Ways to Make Successful BlogMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Okto,

      It is difficult to know what a customer needs, but really it’s about listening to the customer. In network marketing, every marketer thinks their product is the best and therefore anyone they talk to should need it, right? 🙂

      But if we listen to the customer, we will determine what they need and what they want or figure out a way to guide them to what they want. I am not willing to sell or provide something to someone who will be dissatified later and return for their money back or worse, spread the word that it was an unsatisfactory product.

      So asking questions and confirming what they need is always a good thing.

      Thanks for your comments and I had a great week-end. Hope you did too!
      Barbara Charles recently posted…How To Build An International Network Marketing – Part 1My Profile

  6. says

    Hey Barbara,

    I’ve never met Ben but I remember you talking about him a lot as your “go to” WordPress guy. Just from the advice you shared here that he offered I can tell he is one smart cookie.

    The same thing happened to me in your #1 as it did you and it was Organo Gold. I do not drink coffee but unlike you, I even hate the smell. That’s just nasty and I’m not a green tea drinker or hot chocolate for that matter. I do like hot chocolate but the amount they wanted you to buy, I would still have one box sitting on my shelf. People do NOT listen.

    I agree that the best way to give your target audience what they want is to ask them and then deliver. They definitely will remember you and keep coming back for more. If you can’t help them for some reason then you’re right again, have a network of people so you can send them their way. At least it would be someone you know, like and trust so you know they’re in good hands.

    I also agree with not turning anyone away. I found that to be a very valuable lesson for me early on and it’s paid off tremendously.

    Great advice, thanks for sharing and you have a wonderful rest of your week.

    Adrienne recently posted…New To Blogging: Do Not Let This Drive You Nuts [Infographic]My Profile

    • says

      Hi Adrienne,

      I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. Been a little hectic.

      So the same thing happened to you with Organo Gold too uh? Must be something in the way they train their people because she was definitely ‘not listening.’ I’ll never forget that because it was such a turn off.

      I think people really need to focus on what you said ‘give your target audience’ what they need. You hit the nail on the head ‘it has to be your ‘target audienc’ otherwise we just turn the customer off. When you hit the target market, then it’s a done deal with your customer. I don’t know what that’s so hard.

      And we should never turn someone away unless it is clear they are not interested. I still try to keep a relationship up with them because they can also give referrals and you may get new customers that way!

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience. Be talking to you soon!
      Barbara Charles recently posted…How To Build An International Network Marketing – Part 1My Profile

  7. says

    Hi Barbara

    A great post.

    I love coffee but real coffee so I had the same happen to me but I like very strong coffee from freshly roasted beans and I had someone not want to hear me at all.

    I agree with your points and will add not everyone is our prospect. Not everyone wants whatever our product or service is so we need to move on. I know people in MLM who are convinced everyone in the world needs their product.

    I heard it said today when we are clear about our ideal prospect then work out their biggest problem and offer the solution.

    Thanks for the post.

    Sue Price recently posted…Retiring : Is It An Option?My Profile

  8. says

    Amen Sue.

    You hit the nail on the head. Not everyone is a prospect although some people might disagree with that. I’d rather respect a person’s decision of ‘No’ for whatever reason which shows I respect them and their decision, then ask for referrals and present a card.

    That in the long run will help us keep lines of communication open and possibly get new clients in the future. Much better approach.

    Yep, find the problem, offer the solution. That’s the way to go and it’s so simple. Wish every one would get it.

    Have a good week,
    Barbara Charles recently posted…How To Build An International Network Marketing – Part 1My Profile

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