How To Save Money With Network Marketing Photo by Stuart Miles
Photo by Stuart Miles

Network marketers got it wrong yall!  Someone who is interested in a network marketing company is interested in making money, right?

If they don’t know anything about business, they do know, at the simplest level, that retailing or recruiting is supposed to get them money.

The problem is that the same old strategies that network marketing companies teach don’t work.

When you’re doing it wrong, you walk up to strangers and tell them about a unique business opportunity you have for them?

What’s the problem?  Trust.  Why should they trust you? Who are you?  You have no relationship with them.

You talk to family and friends by hounding them about your great business opportunity.  That chases family and friends away.

The truth of the matter is walking up to strangers and telling them about your business opportunity is weird!  And you certainly don’t want to ostracize your family and friends.

The truth of the matter is these things don’t work.  Have you looked at the failure rate of network marketing and wondered why?

A Different Reason For Joining A Network Marketing Company

So what would happen if we approached a person, family friend or family member or even strangers in a different way?

People really DO want to make money. But most people have a negative image of network marketing.

It’s a pyramid scheme or it’s a ponzy scheme or they don’t like sales.

And when they find that out that sales and recruiting is not that easy, they typically lose enthusiasm, motivation and steam and then they quit; some quicker and others, but inevitably they fizzle out…no sales, no recruits, no money.

But What If We Used a Different Approach?

Network Marketing is a business and you can run it like a business out of your home.

What if we taught people the basics of running a home based business first, then how much more successful would they be?

How much more interested would they be when approached, if they knew about all the various aspects of running a business that could save them money, even if they don’t immediately make money?

How is that possible you’d ask? Well let me tell you what I’ve learned over the years.

Even when recruiting and sales are slow, knowing how to save money or recover yearly expenses in their home based/network marketing business will give them encouragement.

The drop-out rate for recruits in any network marketing business is depressingly low.  Saving money, however, is incentive to not give up when you’re getting something back for the hard work you put in.

Start Your Own Business

Joining a reputable network marketing company – besides learning the basics for your particular company, (products, compensation plan, getting to know the leaders, etc.) what  if we taught our team to save money.

Save Your Money With Tax Breaks

What if we told them you can write off expenses and possibly get money back on your return?

Even if you don’t do well in the first year of your business, you can still write off your various aspects of your business.

ID-100128849How To Save Money With Network Marketing

Every Person wants to SAVE money.

If you’re in a network marketing company, besides learning the basics for your company (products, compensation plan, etc.) here are some tax breaks and deductions you can do yearly as long as you run your home based business/network marketing company (in this case).

  • Your original investment in your network marketing company.  Most companies have an incredibly low cost to join in comparison to a brick and mortar business.  If you join a network marketing company for $399, you can write off that $399.  Whatever you spend, you can claim.
  • If you purchase products to retailing and or for display for your shows – you get to write that off.
  • Travel – If you travel to places (homes if you’re doing parties, business trips, business dinner), you can write off mileage and gas and paying for dinner.  These are business expenses.   (If I take someone out to dinner to discuss the business, I can write off that dinner.)
  • If at the end of the year, you still have products that you have not sold, you can write those off as a loss.
  • Business cards, stationary supplies, cell phone expenses if you use it for business, your internet.
  • Buying supplies, stationary, including computers, printers, computer monitor, ink for printers, pens, pencils, storage devices, etc.  Since I use my computer for business, my computer, printer and all supplies printer was a tax write-off.
  • Phone calls made for your business.  Follow-up, call-backs, calling leads – all costs for phone is a write off.
  • The section you have designated as your office (within your home) using electricity, gas, etc. – a tax write off.
  • Any internet marketing, websites, domain names, monthly internet expenses – all tax write offs.
  • Any advertising, including Facebook, Twitter ads, article writing expenses – all tax write offs.

Pay particular attention to the last bullet.  The IRS website which describes here how small business and self-employed can get deductions and why states “Taxpayers  must determine the actual expenses of their home office. These expenses may include mortgage interest, insurance, utilities, repairs, and depreciation. Generally, … deductions for a home office are based on the percentage of your home devoted to business use. So, if you use a whole room or part of a room for conducting your business, you need to figure out the percentage of your home devoted to your business activities.”

F.Y.I. – your accountant can help you do this.

I found this out about this after I joined my first network marketing company, 7-8 years ago and I was astounded the first year that I got a whopping $5,000 return.  My returns have varied over the last 6 years, but only once did I have to pay some small amount back.

My income for the year from my network marketing company was about $1200 from recruiting and sales, but I worked my hinnie off talking to people, taking them to dinner to discuss, setting up a special area of my home to do business.

ID-100178553  I saved every receipt and bill so save all receipts! 😉  Get a good accountant who knows about home based businesses expenses.

There is so much more.  I am not a tax accountant.  I can only tell you from my own experience of things that I have legitimately written off allowing me to save money and/or get a tax return – all based on my home based business which happened to be a network marketing company.

So it’s not just about joining a network marketing team and trying to recruit 3 or 5 of whatever the old strategies teach as you try to get rich.

It’s not about retailing products, getting someone to buy gold , coffee, or whatever the latest network marketing gig.

If you are still working your business the good old fashioned network marketing way, by throwing parties, beating the payment, chasing relatives down, you need to talk to me.

I’m working a different strategy and a different approach.

I’m an Internet Network Marketer, using learned and smart internet techniques to recruit and save money in order to make money.

I can help you bring your network marketing online to target and reach more people.

I’ll teach you how to do it too, be successful and save money in your business while you’re at it.   If you’e interested, leave me a comment.  Let me know what you think as well.  Wouldn’t you love to save money with your business?

Motivation and Inspiration For All
Motivation and Inspiration For All









Images by Stuart Miles.


  1. says

    Hi Barbara,

    What a great way to save money. When in a network marketing business, I don’t think people see that they can get tax breaks. This is fantastic news to them!

    Because my businesses are under one umbrella, I’m familiar with everything you mentioned. Somehow, I didn’t consider this for an online business. My accountant picked it up only two years ago. Who would have thought?

    Yes…save all receipts!!! That is one thing people must do. When you think of all the expenses one has in network marketing from business cards to gas in their car, it does make a long list.

    I’ll spread the word!

    donna merrill recently posted…15 Reasons Why Blogging SucksMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Donna,

      Absolutely, all of your online business expenses are tax write offs including training classes that are related to your business. Any course you take for your business is a tax write-off. It is a business expense.

      Your domain names, any monthly or yearly fees for your website, etc. Anything online related to your business is definitely a write off. Do you write off Aweber? That is an online business expense.

      If someone outsources their writing or anything else? If someone uses a service to create a webpage, a banner, if you purchase pictures for your blog, etc. How about your virus protection costs to protect your computer that you use for your business.

      Many people don’t think of the little things and anyone who wants to get into business needs to think of these expenses which will help save money in your business. Sometimes, it’s not just about the sales (although that’s the goal).

      I’ve been saving money this way for a long time and getting money back. Think of everything and I’m sure you’ll find additional ways.

      Talk soon,
      Barbara Charles recently posted…How To Save Money With Network MarketingMy Profile

  2. says

    Hi Okto,

    Thank you.

    Yes – network marketing is a business and should be run like a business. There is so much confusion and wrong information regarding network marketing, people don’t understand that it should be treated like a business therefore you can write off business expenses and save money just like any other business. That is truly the problem that people don’t understand that it is a business.

    If people get into the right mindset, an entrepreneurial mindset, we would think business and use all the advantages of a business in order to save money.

    Thanks for stopping by my post.

    Take care,
    Barbara Charles recently posted…How To Save Money With Network MarketingMy Profile

  3. says

    Hey Barbara,

    Yes there are a lot of people that don’t think that you an get those tax breaks with network marketing as you do with a regular brick and mortar business! That’s the great thing about having a home business.

    But one thing that must be advice is that they have to make enough money to get all the tax breaks or else the IRS are going to be suspicious. This happened to me and i owed all of this money back that I wrote off. That wasn’t fun at all LOL

    But besides that, people need to get with a great accountant that knows the home business well and what you an write off. This will help avoid making yourself look suspicious to the IRS!

    Thanks for sharing Barbara! have a great weekend!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…My Lead System Pro Review: A Network Marketing Lead System To Instantly Generate Quality LeadsMy Profile

  4. says

    Hi Barbara

    That’s a very smart way to encourage people to stay in your business. I’ve been self-employed for over 30 years, so I already claim as many expenses as possible – but I’d never thought to really push home to my team that running a business “properly” can give you great savings.

    I completely endorse what Sherman said about getting a good accountant. After about 30 years trading, the UK HMRC (equivalent of IRS I guess) decided they would come and “check my books”. It gave me a great feeling of confidence to be able to hand them professionally prepared accounts, and of course they didn’t find any problems because everything had been properly accounted for. Some people laugh at me for paying an accountant and say I should save money and “do it myself”, but the feeling of confidence that came from have a professional behind me was priceless.

    The other point I picked up on from your article was that people interested in joining a network marketing company are usually interested in making money – not spending money!

    So surely companies with a high start-up cost will find it harder to get recruits, and companies with and a high monthly commitment are those where people will drop by the wayside very quickly. If you have to choose between paying (say) your electricity bill and buying the monthly auto-ship of XXX product I can guess which most people will choose, and the XXX “cheap and cheerful replacement” product will be bought from the local mall – probably quite a lot cheaper.

    So in my experience a business that fits that model of high-start up and high monthly cost will be a constant struggle to replace down-line dropping like flies.

    Great to read your blog.

    Thanks, Joy
    Joy Healey recently posted…Thanks To My Comment Authors For January 2015My Profile

    • says

      Hi Joy,

      Thanks for stopping by my blog. So appreciate your visit.

      Yes, it’s one of the first things I learned in order to save money. You see, I was working on an overall strategy to save as much money as possible to get out of debt and starting a business to make money was the main idea, but then I talked to a very smart man who talked about the benefits. After my first year, my first income tax return was over $10,000 and I was sold. People get into network marketing without understanding the benefits of saving and possible returns.

      In return however, most network marketing companies have a start up. Most are in, what I consider the middle range, and people do not have to invest in the highest price point to join the company. What’s important for them to know is everything that can be written off and with a good accountant who knows what the limits of such expenses are, an entrepreneur is in good shape, no matter if the business is network marketing or another business.

      The monthly costs can also be written off as it is a business expense, so it depends on what people want to get back in the end. It depends greatly on the seriousness of the person in the business.
      Anyway, it is worth it in the end in my opinion. Hopefully, others will see the benefit and take the chance to make and save money in their business.

      Thanks again for visiting my blog. Much appreciate it.


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