How To Grow Your Business In 2013


Happy 2013!  This is my first post for the new year and I want to start this year out right.  Don’t you have questions about how to grow your business in 2013?

You’ve seen many posts recently about setting new goals for the new year, but I want to ask a question. ‘What are you going to do differently this year to grow your business ?’

Now that question is different than ‘what are your goals for the new year?’

My 2013 goals revolve around higher level objectives that I want for 2013.

For instance, one of my goals is to make more money (and I have defined a specific dollar amount to reach).  That is a specific goal.  Another goal is to reach a particular status this year in my primary business.  That too is a specific task and requires a specific number and title.  Another is exploring and finding other avenues of bringing in additional monies. All of these are high level goals.

But what this article is about is how do I get there and what am I going to do that is different than what I did last year to reach those goals?  Here’s what I came up with so far.  You may get some ideas for yourself that may help.

Dare To Dream!
Dare To Dream!
  1. Get more organized.  Use some of the tools that are available to me (both electronic and manual) to assist in getting organized. (Another blog, another day!)  Organization of your day is key, otherwise distractions/life gets in the way.
  2. Reach out and contact, in a personal and direct way,  with people face-to-face.  You see, even though Social media is the mainstream for business and I know attraction marketing, I am better at face-to-face.  That’s what works for me so I will do 50% old school face to face and 50% social media/internet marketing.
  3. Define a schedule of daily activities and stick to it!
  4. For the next 30 days, blog every other day.
  5. Overcome the fear of the dreaded telephone – get out of my comfort zone (the internet makes it easy to hide behind a computer and not interact directly with people or make us feel protected from rejection because you don’t see the person face to face)
  6. Visit other blogs and syndicate 5 blogs to increase my social media reach.
  7. Attend more networking and organizational meetings to expand my personal and business reaction
  8. Step away from the computer and get some downtime (I work on computer at work, work on computer when I come home, I sit in bed with my computer writing blogs, interacting on FB) We need a mental break. We cannot work 18 hours out of a day without feeling tired, worn out and depressed)
Reach Your Goal
Reach Your Goal

So I ask this question again.  What are you going to do different than you did last year?

I hope this helps and gives you some ideas about what you might be able to do differently to make a substantial impact on reaching your goals

So now can you do me a favor? Let me know what you think about this and if any of these things will work for you to help you improve for the year 2013!

Best of luck with your endeavors and once again have a rocking, break the bank 2013!



  1. Jennifer Kennedy says

    Your list sounds similar to mine. I have a definite idea of where I want to be this time in 2014 with steps to get me there.

    A few of my to dos for this year include:
    * Posting regularly on my blog
    * Find more opportunities to speak at organizations
    * Spend more time away from the computer
    * Get organized!! This has always been my thorn!

    I’ve been so focused recently on where I want to be that I am not enjoying — as much as I should — where I am currently. So, this will be my biggest to do this year.

    Happy New Year!
    Jennifer Kennedy recently posted…Why You Need Video + 3 Steps to Getting StartedMy Profile

    • says

      OMG Jennifer! Are you my twin? LOL! I feel you on everything. A short while ago I also noticed I wasn’t having any fun and was quite miserable always trying to get to a certain place – with no results! I wasn’t happy! Felt like I was on a threadmill, but then I met a special group of bloggers and they’ve helped me start to enjoy this journey again. Loving it helps me stay more focused.

      So let’s stay organized and even if we don’t meet all of our goals, if I can get 80% done, at the end I’ll be content and feel like I accomplished something!
      Good luck to you.
      Happy New Year to you too!
      Take care,

  2. says

    Hi Barbara!

    Great tips to follow. Organization is the key to get things done. Recently I joined a 30 day blog challenge. I wanted to blog more than once a week, and this is getting me into the motion of doing so. In only six days, I am calm and focused, using a bucket list. I’m learning how to write three blogs a day and “bucket them” and also three emails for my email list a day and “bucket them” also so I’m ahead of the game. Wow I didn’t know I could do that! Lesson Learned already!
    I’m syndicating more people now than ever because I’m getting more traffic on my blog. That could lead into a problem if I don’t use that time wisely, so I set time out to do my syndication twice a day at one half hour intervals. Working so far.
    Those are the two things I have applied so far in this new year.

    What do I need to do differently? Get off my butt and away from the computer. Go outside more and stop to smell the roses lol.

    Thanks Barbara,
    Donna Merrill recently posted…Fear of SuccessMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Donna. You are doing all the right things. I’ve challenged myself as well to do the 30 day blog and although I can’t at this time do one a day (I tried to bucket them too), life keeps getting in the way. Things happen, but what it has done for me is keep me focused so if I don’t get one out a day, at least it will be 1 every other day – far better than the once a week. I’m determined for it to get better too.

      And yes, my advice lol! Take that breather because getting worn out is the fastest way for all of our hard work to break down. Go smell them roses girl! 🙂

  3. says


    Stay organized, use tools, reach out and connect with others…all great tips for making this year the best ever as far as blogging and building relationships.

    Now you know I’m partial to item 6 on your list and I’m glad you’re in my blogging group. This is a big part of adding the social proof to your blog as well as meeting other bloggers and building your network.

    Relationships like these can last the test of time when nurtured the right way. Thanks for setting the bar right where it needs to be and highlighting a great way to kick off the new year.

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

    • says

      Thanks Ken. I’m so glad I was invited to your blogging group as well. I still learning and have tried to make some major changes in my blog over the past few months. I’m working on my blog, how it looks, organizing it better, and giving good content. I felt I was all over the place but interacting in your group has given me great insight and great tips and learning from the pro. The rest is just how I try to do my business. I’m a neat freak (at least in my head lol) so staying organized is the way I get things done. Make sense to use that ability and pass on the pluses of it, right. I’m glad you thought this was helpful. I appreciate your praise Network Dad! Looking forward to working more with everyone!

  4. says

    Well this was an excellent post Barbara!

    I think this is the area where a lot of people need help. They write down the goals they want to achieve but need the direction of what to do.

    I was just having a conversation with a friend a few minutes ago and he had no idea that I use to be an executive assistant for over 30 years. I was always hired each time for the position because I’m what my friends would say annoyingly organized. That’s always come naturally to me but not for everyone I will admit.

    I think the best thing to do is write down the tasks you need to do during each day and don’t walk away from your desk until they’re accomplished.

    We all know that you can’t go it alone in this business so be sure to make those much needed connections. That will be your saving grace.

    You’ve just given them so much wonderful advice here, right on girl.

    Now, let’s all get to it.

    Adrienne recently posted…New Rules for Facebook In 2013My Profile

    • says

      Hey Adrienne. Yep I had to really figure out not only what my goals were, but then how to get to them and that gave me the idea for the article. It is so easy to get distracted and writing every thing down is critical. I admit, I’m very organized in my head and can remember a great many things, and though I wont’ stay at my desk till it’s done, I do make sure that the list is completely finished by the end of the day. My problem is my day may be 12-14 hours long Need better time management. 🙂

      Hope it did helps some people.
      Thanks for the thumbs up!

  5. says

    That’s a great first post of the year Barbara,

    I love your list. Lost of good stuff.

    For me, well, since I am already getting busier I have to get organize and prioritize, because I tend to be all over the place all the time, but as I am getting more business this all over the place thing has got to stop and get more in order.

    For example right now, I am doing my blog commenting and sharing, but I have to stop by 8:30 PM EST so I can attend to my next step. Oh, yeah there was that “dancing like no one is watching video” that Adrienne put on facebook 🙂 You know what I meant? But I was kidding though, even though I will watch the video I am on track this evening. I also think that it’s got to be a day by day thing.

    I have to make my list every evening and check things done all throughout the day.

    Thank you so much for this valuable reminder, Barbara 🙂
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted…Five Tell Tell Signs That You Are Not A Serious BloggerMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Sylviane. I need to do a blog about ‘Life Just Gets In They Way’ cause something is always distracting us – I’m the same! always all over the place. Sometimes my mind jumps from one thing to the next so quick if I don’t write it down or jot it down, it’s gone and no telling when I’ll remember it again! I think most of us have to figure out how to get organized and stay organized and stay on track. That’s the key. But you sound just like me. (I watched Adrienne’s video too LOL!) So much good stuff! Anyway, I’ve got a list too! Can’t say I won’t get distracted from it, but I’ll make sure I get back to it everything for sure.
      You’re welcome abut the reminder. (Remind me too, will ya! 🙂
      Talk soon,

  6. says

    Hi Barbara

    This is such a good post Barbara. I think the question “what are you going to do differently” is such a good question. Writing down goals and not changing actions will not do anything except give you failed goals.

    I like your list and intentions and I support you in them all.

    For me I am focusing on one main business and am not looking at other things that come up. I have done way too much of that. I have written down the things I need to do each day and am sticking to them.

    I am sort of organized but nothing like Adrienne. I used to have PAs when I was in corporate and I miss that.

    I love this post Barbara.

    Sue Price recently posted…Christmas and it is hot in AustraliaMy Profile

    • says

      Awwww thanks Sue. Where you are is where I’m trying to be. I don’t want to have a thousand things to do during 2013. I just want to do one or two things very well and follow the short term steps to get there. Makes so much more sense than hopping from here to there and trying to do everything. It seems to be a reoccurrent theme that most people for 2013 are ‘writing it down and sticking to it!’ I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that recently! A good resolution to have! Keeps us focused.

      Good luck with your goals for this year. Yes I think we all want to be like Adrienne! 🙂 I know I do. She’s my idol!

      Talk soon.

  7. says

    Nice post Barbara.

    I answered your post a couple of days ago when I wrote my plan. It basically amounted to daily action steps since I find that the bid “New Years Resolution” disappear from my mind in 2 to 3 days. Now daily action resolutions are something else. The post below is a way to help visualize your daily steps and “Don’t Break the Chain.”

    Again Nice Job.
    Oh Hale Yes!

    • says

      Thanks Hale and I love the signature LOL! Daily action resolutions for sure help us get where we need to be (especially as I get older and forget stuff like you said in a day or two.) I’ll take a look at your post. Sounds interesting! Thanks for stopping by!


  8. says

    Hi Barbara,

    This is a great start for 2013! I think we can do whatever we set our minds to and organization is always the key. Once I get organized, I’m much more productive! I’m getting much better, but it is an ongoing process. You have set some very specific goals and I know you will accomplish them. It’s fairly easy to set everything up in the beginning of the new year then life can get in the way, if we let it.

    I break my day into tasks and do my best to accomplish all of them. If I get off track, I start all over and keep going. I also like having a “catch up day” when there has been some type of distraction. I’m sure you are aware that “distraction happens.”

    Most of my goals align fairly close to yours except for a couple. The important thing is to write them out as you have with a list of tasks needed to be done to reach them. My main goal is listbuilding and sale conversion to reach my financial goals. I have plans to improve my blog, which I’ve started and I definitely have plans to work on more connections with the internet marketing community.

    I’m especially grateful for my blogging group and my involvement has inspired me to make some new changes. We are going to have an awesome 2013!

    Raena Lynn
    Raena Lynn recently posted…Don’t Have Your Own Product? Can Affiliate Marketing Be Your Answer?My Profile

    • says

      Raena. Organization is the key! I just got organized this past evening. I had so many notes and papers around with all the things I wanted to do, I finally got it all together and I’m all set. I couldn’t even get my blogs done because I didn’t know what to write first. Now I’m all set and ready to go. Our blogging group has gotten me to a point where I’m on the right track as well for what needs to be done with my blog. I’m excited about 2013 and it is going to be our year! Let’s get there together Raena! See you soon.

  9. says

    Hooray for #2 and #5!

    Social is fun and great and you can meet people you wouldn’t ever have met in real life… but it’s not real life! You can’t underestimate the power of sitting in the same room with someone and really talking. No chance to edit, and you have to talk in full sentences, not 140 characters. It’s a lot harder to have a real conversation but it’s totally worthwhile. I hope a young generation of computer-kids doesn’t forget how to actually BE social.

    As for the telephone, I got a little chuckle out of that because I would rather email than talk to someone any day. Once I pick up the phone I have to be nice! You know what I mean… you have to ask how the person’s doing, what’s new, how’s the kids or business, then you get to the point, you chat, you have a nice goodbye…. ugh, I can do that all in a 30 second email 🙂 I am guilty of avoiding the phone. When people call I let it go to voicemail then email them back later about it. Bad bad bad. I actaully had wanted to make that a new plan for this year (answer the phone!) but so far I don’t think I have done very well. I’ll use your inspiration here as a kick in the pants!

    I love your list and it’s a great idea to reevaluate our goals and methods and keep trying to be better. Thanks for inspiring!
    Carol Lynn recently posted…Don’t Let Your Facebook Business Page Be An Embarrassment To Your CompanyMy Profile

    • says

      Awwww Carol. The dreaded 2 and 5! My biggest issues. If I could overcome those two I would be a genius! The truth of the matter is that is everyone’s problem. Most people do not want to get on the phone, but that is the key to our success. And as you said, it has forced us to communicate narrowed down to 140 characters – not much for conversation. In my opinion, the younger generation has already lost the ability to be really social and have true to face to face communication. Everything is by text, by FB, my email….entrepreneurs have to stay on the front line and interact with people. I do understand what you mean about having to be nice though LOL! And I’m guilty of letting it go to voicemail too. 🙂 Guess many of us have the same problems! But we must get over our obstacles for success. Thanks for liking the list. I think we should re-evaluate our goals monthly or so to keep us on track. Uhmmm. Think I’ll try that! Take care.

  10. says

    Barbara, I am blessed that I was taught about organization at a young age but it did take some time to start learning to put the organization into forward movement and action.

    I have learned a lot more over the past couple of months and I have mentioned that I have been updating both my business and marketing plan; which I do every year. It has been taking me a bit longer than I would like but due only to my personal issues which we have discussed.

    Your tips here are sound and it is good for me to bookmark this post so that I can keep them fresh in my mind as I am re-organizing my life and business. Thank you!
    Michael A. Buccilli recently posted…Are Your Backlinks Not Helping You Get Better Rankings? Here is How to Boost Them…My Profile

  11. says

    Some very worthwhile goals here Barbara! May I suggest you schedule a few minutes every day to re-connect with them and with your eyes closed visualise your life, having already acheived them! See, hear and feel how good that is and allow your unconscious mind to do the work on getting you there! ~Robin~ 🙂

  12. says

    This is an awesome post barbara I love it….I have always been organized but always distrracted too. My productivity level has always been too slow and I have to change that this year!

    I will focus more on things and set my goal straight. I admin my goal last year is a little bit the same with this one but I need is to change myself and focus on this goal first before other things.

    Thank you for this post 🙂

    • says

      Hi Dorothy. Thank you so much. Glad this helped you and hope you have great success in 2013. One trick might be to set small goals for now and as you hit those, add additional goals to your list as you go. This may help so you won’t feel overwhelmed or too tired to go on thinking you are not hitting your goals.
      Good luck and much success in 2013.

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