How To Get More Comments On Your Blog?

Image by Stuart Miles
Image by Stuart Miles

There are many tools out there to evaluate our blogs.  Some are based on incoming traffic to our blog, like Google Analytics which tell us a variety of things about our traffic, visitors, search keywords, etc.

This valuable information helps us determine many things and you can go there daily or to other tools to evaluate your results.

I’ve been writing lately about ‘commenting’ and how my comments have increased since I bought Adrienne Smiths Build A Blog Community.  Have you wondered how to get more comments on your blog?

I know I mentioned it in other posts, but I’m a numbers kinda gal.  I like to see visual results to show that what I’m doing is correct and is working.  I’m an analyst at heart you see.

In 2013 and 2014, although I did get comments on a regular basis, there weren’t a lot of comments.

So when Adrienne came out with her Build A Blog Community  product, I decided to do a deep dive into it and learn how she regularly gets over 100+ comments  on her blog.

How Were My Comments In 2014?

For most of  2014, comments on my blog were typically 4 -5 and on a good day, maybe 12-14.  That was pretty consistent.

But when I decided to go for broke and try a number of things to improve the comments on my blog.

You can see in my post 7 Immediate Great Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog  all the details of how I did it, but I’d like to show you some numbers/results so you’ll know that what I did was effective.

What Happened In 2015?

Wow-za-wow-za!  Below is a look at my WordPress backoffice with my latest posts since January 2015 to now.

What you will see is that the number of comments, therefore ‘traffic’ increased by leaps and bounds in 2015.  Check it out!

The current post, the Three Laws of Blogging was just posted and is still getting comments.

Notice that the 7 Immediate Great Way To Get  Traffic To Your Blog got a whopping 80 comments!   Phenomenal in my book!

Look at the 2014 posts (in blue in below table.). You’ll see various numbers ranging from 4 to 13 comments per post.   In 2015 things changed!  Look at the red results!  Wow!  Check the table below for 2015 (red) to do comparisons between 2014 and 2015.

Blog Title Category # of Comments Date Published
The Three Laws Of Blogging Featured Article 39 and counting 2/12/2015
Better Dieting – 5 Different Diet Types About Health 4 2/11/2015
7 Immediate Great Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog Blogging 80 2/3/2015
How To Renew Your Business Like A Rampaging Zombie Blogging 32 2/2/2015
How I Got Rid Of My Pre-Diabetes Without Medication About Health 12 2/1/2015
Why Does A Blogger Need People Skills? Blogging 20 1/19/2015
Healthy Late Night Snacks About Health, 22 1/19/2015
How To Blog And Work Your Internet Business Effectively Blogging 11 1/15/2015
5 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp About Health 22 1/13/2015
9 Worst Things You Can Do On Your Blog For 2015 Blogging 42 1/6/2015
A Letter To God For 2014. Business & Motivation 8 1/2/2015
In Remembrance of Connie and Herman English Business & Motivation 7 12/22/2014
Adrienne Smith’s Build A Blog Community Blogging 8 12/16/2014
Middle Age Health and Staying Healthy About Health 4 12/15/2014
Intro To My New Health Category About Health 4 12/14/2014
Best 3 Tools To Automate Your Tweets in Twitter Blogging 11 11/24/2014
How To Save Money With Network Marketing Network Marketing 7 11/17/2014
Are You A Baadddd Blogger? Blogging 12 11/5/2014
Five Reasons It’s Better To Have Your Own Business Business & Motivation 13 10/30/2014

What Changed and How To Get More Comments?

Ultimately what changed to cause such a jump in comments going from 4-14 comments to 39+ comments on each blog?

  1. I bought Adrienne’s course and started working on creating my own blogging community!
  2. I joined a number of blogging communities.
  3. I started interacting with my commenting bloggers and an extreme effort to visit every single commenter and leave a valuable and relevant comment.
  4. I deliberately decided to make sure I visited at least 15 blogs during the week and I think I’ve actually surpassed that mark!  I used to make it a point to go to 5 blogs a day and comment. If I was lucky, I’d get to 3 a day or 5 in a week.
  5. I upped my theme and made it different, more organized and I think user/reader friendly.

What you see above in the table is the ‘immediate’ impact it had on my blog and my traffic.  What would you do to get more comments?

It takes work, but it is worth the investment, both financially and time-wise!

So what do you think?  Have you run a test to see if there is an increase in your comments.  How have you evaluated how to get more comments?  Tell the truth – it’s a coming to Jesus Time!  Still wondering why you have no comments?

What will you do about that?  Drop me a line and let me know what your plans are.  Need help?  Let me know – look to the right and sign for the 30 minute free consult.

Have a great week!

Motivation and Inspiration For All

Motivation and Inspiration For All


  1. says

    Hey Barbara,

    What an awesome post and great example of what you’ve been doing and then sharing with us your own results.

    People have different opinions on blog commenting. As we all know as well that a good bit of the comments you get aren’t even your target audience so in their minds they’re thinking why bother.

    Dino Dogan wrote an interesting post about that last year letting us all know that they are your advocates. They are your biggest supporters and they’ll share with their friends about you if you’ve started to build up that relationship with them which we all know includes that trust factor.

    Blog comments are also social proof so that when a new visitor comes to your blog and looks down your homepage, they’ll find the number of comments on your posts impressive. We all view people who get a lot of attention on their sites or profiles as more knowledgeable. We want to know more about them, we want to learn more from them and we definitely want to make that connection.

    To me it’s all about community anyway because as I’ve shared many times in the past, these people have become my friends. They’re people I can count on too and they’re always there to support me.

    I think your numbers are impressive my dear and it’s obvious you’ve been putting in the work. I know this is just the beginning for you though and this is going to help build your business more too.

    Thank you for mentioning how much my course has helped you learn. It’s always appreciated and I’m excited about where you’re headed this year. New theme, new opt-in offers, new direction for your business and only great things to come still.

    Have a wonderful day and a great week Barbara, thanks again.

    Adrienne recently posted…Magical Monday: Blog Promotion, Loyal Audience, Your List, Triberr, SuccessMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Adrienne,

      I thought I responded to this post. Yes, I had to share my results. I followed your strategies and it definitely made a difference. People need to know that. Plus it helped my blog tremendously.

      I’ve heard you say over and over again about blog commenting and social proof and although I listened and new it, I just didn’t have the energy or time to ‘go out and get it’ but now I’m made that effort and will continue to do so. I know I look to social proof on other people’s job.

      I definitely appreciate your support as always. Without your product, I would not have gotten where it’s going now. I’m hoping for more improvements, more comments and more engagement all because of you. Will mention your product over and over again for sure. 😉

      I’m getting good resports about the new theme. Working on my product to get the new opt-in up and running. Heading in the right direction for sure, at least I think so. 🙂

      Thank you for all your help.
      Have a blessed week-end.

  2. says

    Wow Barbara! You’ve been kicking some butt! It’s interesting to look at the topics of your most popular posts; Blogging, is that a surprise? People LOVE posts on blogging and social media! It’s crazy imo! Then I think it depends on what Communities you get involved with, which also target your readers. Just think if you actually added in all those comments you receive on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+! Woot! Looks like you’re definitely doing something right and that the amount of time you put in is paying off. Very admirable Barbara! Keep up the good work!


    • says

      Hi Brenda Lee,

      How are you doing? Thanks for the visit and thanks for the praise! I appreciate your support. Yep, blogging is definitely a active topic and I had to learn that the hard way LOL! Just my way of taking what I learned and sharing it with others. Never thought about how much there would be with the other social media added in, but you’re right – that would be awesome!

      Hope you’re doing well. I’ll be dropping in to you tomorrow. Late tonight – almost 12 a.m. here so I better get to bed so I can continue commenting and blogging LOL!

      Enjoy your evening.


  3. says

    Hi Barbara,

    Wow… I love how you shared those stats as proof of the pudding. Adrienne has always received so many comments. I always wanted to be the first commenter on her blog, but came up as number 3 once. She is the go to gal to learn how to create a blogging community.

    I am so glad you have rolled up your sleeves and started visiting more and more blogs. It’s the only way! Yes, there are groups and other things, but the time it takes to read a blog and comment, then share on social media is work and does take time. But to me, it is all worth it!

    If you want your blog to start rock’n and roll’n…you just have to do it. So happy for you!

    donna merrill recently posted…Should Bloggers Give Away Their Best Information?My Profile

    • says

      Hi Donna,

      Absolutely, the proof is in the pudding. Sometimes people don’t get it until they see the numbers. I’m following Adrienne’s lead in that she is awesome when it comes to getting comments. She is the Queen. I remember many people trying to be the first on her posts, but I’ve never been able to make it. She definitely is the one to learn from and I sincerely believe in her course to get you there. It did for me!

      Getting to so many blogs a day is hard work – even during the week its just plain hard as we work toward it. But it needed to be done so even now I’m at work sneaking getting some comments in LOL! And you’re right…it’s very worth it.

      I agree – let’s rock and roll! Working on it now.

      Hope you’re doing well. I know I miss talking to you ladies.


  4. says

    Hey Barbara,

    You have made a big jump when it comes to commenting! Judging from what you have been doing this year compared to last year it made a big difference. I definitely have to tip my hat off to you.

    I have actually done similar things as you. A couple of thing I have been doing which isn’t mentioned here is the I have been interlinking my blog posts, added the Pinterest plugin on my images, and I’ve started adding the ‘tweet this’ link to my posts this year.

    they all help tremendously compared to years past. I learned that to take advantage of marketing yourself any chance that you get. People will get to know, like, and trust you when you do this often.

    Thanks for sharing Barbara! Definitely keep up the good work!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…8 Copywriting Formulas To Engage Your Blog AudienceMy Profile

  5. says

    Hi Barbara,

    Interesting topic of discussion 🙂

    You know I’d always vouch for blog commenting as being the best way to interact and build relationships with fellow bloggers. I know it’s always worked for me, and it would work for every blogger, provided they are consistent and have the will to make those connections, which happens when you visit each others blogs and comment.

    Yes, reciprocation works a big deal in the blogosphere. After all, with the limited time we all have in hand and the number of blog visits we need to make (and they increase as your comments increase!), we’d be visiting those for sure who visit our blogs, isn’t it? I don’t even count the number of blogs I visit daily…lol…thanks to the ABC, and those bloggers who also need attention. 🙂

    Yes, the post where you got 80 comments, I think is where you also mentioned about the ABC, and you shared it with us at the Aha!NOW Blog Community too, which led lots of Ahaians to your blog (no I am not bragging – just saying!), so yes, such blog communities do help to bring in more comments, though we need to pay the visit back as they say if we want it to carry on.

    I feel guilty at times because I rarely get time to reply to the comments on my own blog posts nowadays. Not that I can’t, but I have to make a choice – either I do my own blog comments or the ones at the ABC, besides the usual return visits to all those who come to my blog. So, it’s a tight schedule for me nowadays with the active forum to manage – but who said all of this was easy! And that’s where my weekends go…in comments!

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…14 Free Blogging Apps for Your Android Mobile PhoneMy Profile

  6. says

    Hey Barbara,
    Its the second time I visited on your blog. I would like to say thanks that you bring out such a great article for us. Having comments is a great signal for your blog engagement and if you have good engaging comments then it attract the advertisers mind toward you. So I don’t think there is anyone who does not want to get more comments.
    I am also the one who was not getting any comment on my posts but after joining the Aha Now community, i got many valuable comments. So I am strongly agree with you that if you participate in blogging communities than I am sure you will get more comments on your blog too.

    Will wait for your next post. Thanks again.
    Have a great day!!
    With Regards,
    Naveen Kumar

    • says

      Hi Naveen,

      Great you finally started getting comments when you joined Aha Now community. So happy for you, but that group is very supportive and wonderful so they work with us to provide social proof and comments.

      Thanks too for stopping by again.
      Have a good weekend.

  7. says

    Wow! This is solid proof that Adrienne’s got the gold revealed in her product. Yes, your blog is becoming more attractive and active Barbara. I think I mentioned this to you on Facebook some days or weeks back.

    I love what your doing here and please keep on. You will continue to grow 😉
    Entine Muki recently posted…Guest Posts wanted for $100 per post!My Profile

    • says

      Hi Entine,

      Thank you for being a supporter. That is so important when it comes to blogging and you know this. 🙂 And thanks for keeping in touch with me so regularly on FB. Love making new friends and interactions.
      Hope all is well. Talk to you soon.


  8. says

    Hey Barbara,

    That’s a tremendous result. Your efforts have paid off in terms of comments but what I would like to know is how much the comments have increased your traffic besides just the commenters if you know what I mean.

    I have tried going to other blogs in my niche (there aren’t many) and leaving comments but I rarely get any in return. I seek out posts in my niche through Google alerts and always leave comments where possible. It’s so annoying when I find a good post that I could comment on and they don’t allow comments! Adrienne once said, when I left a comment to on her blog about my lack of comments, that she didn’t think that health blogs got many comments. I have to say I did find it easier to get comments on my IM blog.

    I will take a look at Harleena’s Aha!NOW Blog Community. I did join Triberr some time ago but found the platform very difficult to navigate. I didn’t find many groups that I could join. Most groups seem geared up to IM blogs. What others do you suggest?

    I haven’t had a lot of time recently to visit many blogs as I’ve been busy re-writing my ebooks but once that’s complete I can get back to it.

    Wishing you continued success.
    Sandy Halliday recently posted…Charcoal Detox: 2015’s Weirdest Juice CrazeMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Sandy,

      Thanks. Well, I’m not sure I understand the question. Are you asking how much traffic has increased? I can show you the stats on that too but aren’t the two synonymous? More commentors means more traffic. Yes, there is additional traffic and I can show you that as well, but that was not the purpose of the post. The post specifically deals with commenters and providing social proof on your blog, as well as the importance of building relationships and how to do it to provide social proof. Can you be more specific in what you’re asking.

      You’re right when you mention that there are not many comments in the niche of health and wellness. Although I blog on ‘blogging and business’ I have a health and wellness niche/category as well as you can see. Comments there are definitely not as many as the blogging/internet marketing/business niche. That’s because people are coming online to learn how to ‘come online’ and make money.

      There is definitely truth in that there are not many people commenters on blogs in health that are new blog (and that means blogs that have been up a couple of years). But that is why it’s so important to build relationships with other bloggers. Even bloggers who come to read ‘blogging or business’ are going to other pages and reading my health category. Maybe not as much, but it’s again about building relationships.

      You have to build a ‘community’ of health and wellness people who will come to your blog. Usually it takes a while to develop and it takes continuous rounds of yourself going to other blogs and leaving comments. Once or twice may not get the return you want. So if you leave a comment one or twice and get no results, then we have a tendency to give up. But that is not how it works. Shucks, many people I know don’t even give approval for the comments until a visitor has been there 10+ times. That shows that they are serious and a true follower (among other things).

      Health blogs do get comments. I visit them all the time. They may not get many, but I think it depends on the blog and the topic of the post. For instance I did a quick search on ‘health and wellness) and got over 1 million websites out there on health and wellness, many with comments. So it depends on ‘what’ your niche is in health and wellness. To be honest, it has to be something that everyone is interested in. Also, Adrienne Smith once told me my blog was boring. It was the most hurtful advice I received and the very, best advice in the world that she gave me and I love her to death for being honest with me. I immediately started trying to fix that and low and behold, commenters and traffic started coming.

      So all that said is ‘we need to evaluate our blogs.’ All niches, health and wellness, can get results and comments if we do the right things. We may have to try more SEO techniques. We may need to re-do our themes, our writing style…whatever it takes to get those comments. We may have to change our style of writing, making it less boring (as with my case). I started by trying to tell personal stories instead of just giving the facts. That helped. People started relating to me and leaving comments. There may be less comments in health and wellness niches, but if we build relationships people will come. Some people who come to my blogging posts also leave posts in my health and wellness posts as well. So it depends on the topics.

      If you’d like, we can talk about it more. I don’t get as many with the health and wellness, but they are coming and that’s great but it’s because I actively go out and search out people who will comment and who I build relationships with. As they start to explore more of the website, they find more and more things to comment on. Also, one reason I started the blogging group on FB wa to give people the opportunity to comment in health and wellness. 🙂

      Anyway, let me know if you want to chat and discuss. We can also talk about Triberr too and how that works. Would be glad too.

      Thanks for coming and commenting on all my posts! 🙂
      I so appreciate it.

  9. says

    Hi Barbara,

    Great results! My blog is still new and of course I am struggling to get engagement. But I hopped over to your other article, about getting traffic, and I noticed I have already implemented quiet a few of the tips you give there. So I tap myself on the shoulder and say ‘well done’ to myself 😉

    I went over to your Facebook group as well, but then realized it had to be about health and wellness. And my blog is not about that. I mostly write about Social Media Marketing and Advertising and throw in a mindset post every now and again. I have been working as a Life coach before, and I love integrating my experience in my present work.

    I was wondering if you know of any group that organizes blog commenting in my niche? In a proper way? Like you do? Or maybe, if I set one up, would you be interested in helping me out to get it started?

    Let me know…

    Great blog!

    Love, Live, Enjoy!


    • says

      Hi Linda,

      First thanks for coming to my blog. Welcome and I hope you’ve found some things interesting. Glad that you found that you’ve implemented some necessary items especially if you have a new blog.

      Although my group is for health and wellness, I also belong to another group and it’s fairly active. At least you can get started getting comments. Very similar rules apply. Put one post in and then go to 5 people’s other posts. The folks there will respond in kind and go to your blog and leave a comment. Part of the rules. That group is about blogging, social media, business, etc. so you’d be comfortable there. The link is Hope to see you there. If you have trouble getting in, inbox me and I’ll add you. 🙂 We’d welcome new people who want to participate and be active.

      In addition, if you’d like to set up one yourself, I can help you do that, however, there are quite a few out there. Problem is people drop their links and there’s no way to know if they read your blog and you usually don’t get a lot of comments that way. Ours is you have to come back and ‘put’ Done in the comments of the blogs your read so the reader knows you’ve done it. It’s pretty good when the people work at it together. Let me know and I’ll certainly help you in whatever way you’d like. Be glad to help. No problem.

      Have a blessed week and hope to talk to you soon.

  10. says

    Hi Barbara

    This is a wonderful case study. Seeing your stats show that learning to build a stronger relationship does help to improve engagement which is translated by comments. Adrienne is a super engager so I am not surprised that her product is awesome.

    Joining blog communities does help bloggers get more comments and taking the time to comment on other blogs does have its benefits as your blog so brilliant reveals.

    Thanks for sharing and do have a wonderful week and lest I forget, your theme is super cool.
    ikechi recently posted…What Do You Do When No One Appreciates Your Work?My Profile

  11. says

    Blogging alone is not good and bloggin with community is actually a way to get success. I really appreciate your way and congratulate you for this success. There is no doubt that the more good relationship we can build with other bloggers and our readers the more it be beneficial for us.

    Blogging communities and groups help to gain more traffic, comments, leads and it all lead a blogger to his/her success.

    Your article is quite interesting and I like to read more in coming days.

    • says

      Hi Gaurav,

      Absolutely, true. Thank you for commenting and visiting. Love that you agree and understand how to get more traffic and comments. Continued good luck to you.


  12. says

    Seeing this Topic one ABC Community really gives attention of reading it. Landing here and reading through what you have shared was amazing. Comments are very essential for blogs to know how your readers feel about your blog posts and what they needed more, inshort building engagement between you and your readers.
    Am happy for you and thanks for sharing with us.

    • says

      Hi Hiidee,

      Welcome. Yes comments are necessary for engagement. Something that Adrienne teaches regular. It helps our blog, drives traffic, builds relationships which all leads to the goal of helping our blogs.
      Glad you thought it was helpful.

      Have a great weekend and continued success on your own blog.


  13. says

    Hi Barbara,

    Very insightful post, I must say. I love numbers and was glad to know that you have taken your blog to the next level and have substantially increased the comments and reader interaction.

    Building relationships with fellow bloggers goes a long way and I make it a point to reply to my readers comments, visit their blogs and add value to their posts through my comments as well. This has really helped me in building a good rapport with a few individuals. Blog communities have also helped me a lot with this.

    I recently came across Adrienne’s blog and came to know pretty quickly that I was missing on some very interesting information and great interaction.

    Slowly but surely I am getting good number of comments and I certainly intend to interact with you and other great bloggers very frequently. This was a great post and you have a great week ahead!
    Arpit Roy recently posted…3 Best Selfie Smartphones of 2015My Profile

    • says

      Hi Arpit,

      Great! Absolutely the way to go. Thanks for stopping by. If you continue to visit others, they will continue to visit you! It’s a very simple easy plan to get there, but we do have to interact with the right commenters. Commenters who will actually response and go back to your blog. But one thing is that our blog must be of interest to the commenter. It’s hard to comment on something that you are not interested in or has no impact on you. So make sure that you are leaving comments for people in your niche to encourage them to return the favor. Good luck.

  14. says

    Hi Barbara,

    Thank you for these doable ways.
    Something that comes from experience is something that is powerful to drive people. I feel like that when reading your article. 🙂

    Well, I also did the same thing with you. I get the examples in commenting when seeing some great bloggers like Harleena, Adrienne, Donna and others.

    I also reply to any incoming comments on my blog. No one is spared from the replies..hehe

    Thanks for sharing this case study, Barbara.
    It’s insightful, indeed!

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…12 Killer Tips to Increase Website TrafficMy Profile

      • says

        Barbara, I want a little advice from you.
        I am using wordpress comments in my blog. When someone comments, there is no message like “your comment under moderation”. When some readers are posting their comments, they are not getting whether their comment was registered or not. How to reflect that message?
        When I reply to someone’s comment, the receiver don’t get any notification. Is it possible for the receiver to get the reply notification?
        Yatin recently posted…Calmasutra: 69 ways to live happy and stress-free lifeMy Profile

        • says

          Hi Yatin.

          Yes, I use Premium Comment Luv that allows users/commenters to receive notification that. Premium CommentLuv comes with many different plugins. One of them includes “Replyme will allow you to send an email to the comment author when they get a reply to their comment. You can set who gets the replies and which replies are sent. It does all you are requesting.” Also there are checkboxes for a commenter to choose that allows them to get a message when another comment has been answered. They’ll get an email. All in the setup of Premium CommentLuv. I purchased it just recently and it works wonderfully. Love it. It does everything you’re talking about. It is not that expensive. About $67 US and has multiple great plugins within it to enhance your blog. Very worth the price. You can get it here if interested: or click on the CommentLuv icon in my side bar if interested.

          Hope that helps. Good luck.

    • says

      Hey Dennis,

      Nice to see you again here. 🙂 Thanks and I was hoping it was clearer for everyone. Sometimes themes just don’t work and we need to adjust.
      Glad you found the results cool. 🙂 And of course I want to always share as it helps others and that is our goal, right?
      Have a great week-end.

  15. says

    Hey Barbara
    Adrienne sure knows her stuff. I admire your persistence in working your strategies. Commenting is a really great way to make connections and expose yourself to new readers. A well-thought out comment that really contributes to the discussion is a great way to make people take notice. Not only do I aim to do that on other people’s blogs, but in responding to comments on mine. I always like to engage my readers and respond in a way that shows I read every word they said. My first coaching client told me that the reason she wanted to work with me is because of the thoughtful, compassionate responses I gave to commenters….so yeah commenting can be powerful!
    kelli recently posted…Law of Attraction: What to Do When You’re Ready to Throw in the TowelMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Kelli,

      Yes, Adrienne is all that! 😉 And my sister-friend. Love her dearly!

      I really didn’t take this ‘commenting’ thing seriously in the beginning. Didn’t mean that much. Then when I learned what it was all about, I felt I didn’t have the time, but when I got serious about this, THEN it all made sense, especially since I watched others build these blogging communities. It’s actually very awesome.

      And you’re right…the comment itself should mean something to the person. And as you’ve proven, it shows when someone responds to your comments sincerely. I love that.
      I’m learning how powerful (as you note) commenting can be. (Still short on time, but I’m determined to keep it up) and build a bigger community. Hope the same for you.

      Have a great week-end Kelli.
      God bless,

  16. says

    Hi Barbara

    Very lovely post with lot of wonderful tips and suggestions to get more comments on our blog.
    It reminds me one of my posts “100 seductive ways to get more comments on your blog” which I share sometime ago and still it has highest number of comments at my blog that shows it is one of biggest problem of many bloggers to get more comments at their blog.

    You referred a product as one of the best solution to get more comments. Adrienne’s product offers the complete solution to build a blog community and then create an impact of blogging fraternity of a same niche wonderfully interacting and sharing their problems with each other.

    The way you are getting more and more comments in 2015 did show how you minutely studied various aspects of the subject and fully applied the relevant ideas at your blog. Getting 80 comments on a blog is just amazing.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this very useful post quite helpful to get more and more readers engagement
    Mi Muba recently posted…How to avoid cyber bullying and keep blogging successfully?My Profile

    • says

      Hi Mi,

      Hope you are well. Thank you so much for the comments. Yes, Adrienne’s product did work. If a blogger is having trouble, they need to click on the link in the sidebar and get started. The proof is in my results.

      Excellent if they truly want those comments! If feels good doesn’t it when you gt the right results with your products or your blog, uh?

      Have a great week-end. Talk to you next week.


  17. says

    Hi Barbara,

    Well done!

    Adrienne is a commenting boss. Or, a networking maven. Smart move to buy her course because learning from the best is an easier way to mimic their success. I learned much from here too. I see it as sowing and reaping. Comments, traffic and sales flow to bloggers who generate comments, traffic and sales for other bloggers. The recipe is perfect, powerful and timeless, and by branching out into new networks daily, commenting, making impacts and sharing folk’s content I seem to attract more and more comments.

    Right now I’m a little over 4,000 comments in about 7 months. Moving forward nicely.

    Keep up the great work Barbara and stay warm! Just got off the phone with my dad – he’s in Plainfield – and they are having another cold one he says.


    • says

      Hi Ryan,

      Wow! Over 4000 in 7 months! Awesome! I wanna be like you when I grow up LOL! Really, absolutely fantastic! I really need to do a count like! 🙂
      Well, yes Adrienne is the queen commenter. I have been blessed to call her one of my true friends as well. Amazing course and true as a networking maven! I wanna be just like her. 🙂
      Anyway, you ain’t so bad yourself. I think Adrienne sent me over to your blog as well and I’ve learned quite a bit about style and how to do ‘stuff’ from you. Love your blog and your stories.

      But seriously I wish someone had told me this years ago. I think this is the problem with growing our blogs. Newbies or even not so newbies don’t really understand that this is a necessary requirement of coming on line and growing our blogs and driving traffic. As you noted it is a perfect recipe and simple. Like making a martini! 😉 Only a few requirements are necessary to get the right results and in blogging, the recipe is commenting.

      Well, Ryan, you’ve now given me a goal lol! 4000 comments (or thereabouts) in 7 months! Hmmmm, let’s see how I do! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to more of your great posts! Enjoy them tremendously.

      Have a great week-end!

  18. says

    Hi Barbara – First time visitor to your site (obviously first time commenter as well).

    Isn’t Adrienne great?! I’ve learned an absolute ton from her. I used to creep on other blogs all the time, never leaving a comment. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting any engagement on my site.

    Then something clicked a few months ago. I honestly think it was from the first comment I left on Adrienne’s blog along with her response. From there, I started making my rounds to a few other blogs also leaving comments. Than the weirdest thing happened. These bloggers started leaving comments on my site.

    So I have my primary network of bloggers I interact with, sort of my community, and engagement on my blog has skyrocketed in the last few months. Greatest thing ever. All because of blog commenting.

    Now I only wish I had the time to discover other blogs (like I’m doing here), and introduce myself by leaving a comment. One of these day’s I’ll figure it out.

    Great post Barbara, and a pleasure to meet you and your blog.


    • says

      Hi Craig,

      Welcome and thank you for visiting. Listen…I struggled for 4 years before I discovered, quite by accident, that if we develop relationships with other bloggers, they will come and visit and the more your visit and interact with them, the more visitors you will get. It’s a beautiful cycle! 🙂

      You will continue to meet other bloggers just by visiting various blogs. Keep up the good work and we’ll all come and visit. I think you’ve figured it out. 🙂 Just keep it up.

      Hope you have a great and blessed week-end.


  19. says

    Hi Barbara,

    Wow, 80 comments from a few last year is great! Congrats, you achieved your goal!!!

    I took Adrienne’s course also and have seen a substancial increase in my comments. Now I’m just trying to figure out how to stay on top of them all 🙂

    Comments are a great way to find and connect with other like minded bloggers, in addition to getting feedback on your work. I’ve really enjoyed some of the conversations I’ve had with people who’ve commented on my blog, including you!

    So happy for you Barbara! You did great!!

    Lea Bullen recently posted…7 Vicious Beliefs You Need to Abandon to Get on the Road to SuccessMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Lea,

      Thanks for the congrats. It was hard work and I understand how it’s hard to keep up after you get to that point. Congrats on your increase in comments as well. I know Adrienne answers every single one of her comments and that keeps up her engagement. I know how you feel trying to stay on top of it and I praise Adrienne that she can do so. 🙂

      Yes and it is nice to meet people and discuss various things. I so enjoy building relationships and meeting people in the blogosphere. You guys are great and I know we’ll continue to build a fab relationship! Thank you for coming to my blog.

      Have a blessed week!

  20. says

    Hi Barbara, I found the best way to get more comments is to comment more on more blogs and add new ones each week. It is a lot of work and takes time but it does work. I was all ready to start Adriennes course and got in accident. I can’t wait to dig into it as she’s a master at comments. Thanks for sharing your numbers and experience with us Barbara!

    • says

      Hi Lisa,

      Hope you are well after your accident and that everything is fine and that you are better.

      Yes I agree and I’ve established a set of regulars that I visit and then try to do at least 3 new ones each time. It is very time consuming but well worth it as you can see my the increase in comments. Grab Adrienne’s course when you get a chance. It’s well worth and let me know what you think. Definitely curious to see how well it works for others.

      Take care and get well soon.

  21. says

    Hi Barbara,

    Wow, that’s really amazing Barbara. Great Job and I honestly tip my hat to you for all the hard work you did and the proof is right here.

    Yes, blog commenting increase the comments on our blogs. I have tried this myself but I admit I haven’t been consistent with it. I put daily on my to-do-list to visit 5 blogs but I end up with 2 or 3 . It is time consuming but it is absolutely worth it and I will carve the time for it.

    Seeing your stats now I am jealous and I will work hard on it and try my best to visit 5 blogs every day with at least one new every day.

    Thanks Barbara for sharing your awesome results. That’s really an encouragement. Hard work does pay off. Wish you even more success. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous recently posted…Unleashing The Power Of Encouragement!!!My Profile

    • says

      Hi Neamat,

      I’m pleased with my results and it makes me actually work harder if that’s at all possible. The more I saw the more I wanted to comment more. It’s weird. I too started out visiting just 5 a day, but that was only getting me minimal results. I had to reach out and get involved in some of the blogging communities, reading some of the many ebooks to help me, working with Adrienne’s course. It is definitely worth it and if our goal is to get more comments then even an additional 15 minutes a day will help increase your comments and visitors.

      Let me know your results. Would love to hear from you.

      Have a great week-end.


    • says

      Hi Sylviane,

      Thanks for stopping by. I know you’ve been very busy with your blogging and commenting as well. Hope you’re doing well and big things are happening for you. 🙂
      Thanks for the encouragement. Soon, I’ll have some surprising and some good news for everyone.
      Look to the future. Stay blessed, be well and I’ll talk to you soon.


  22. says


    Those are outstanding results. Adrienne is such an awesome teacher. I have to admit, I have good intentions, but some blog posts are just so long, I can’t seem to get to as many as I would like.

    There are some folks who have been doing pod casts and videos anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. Even though I love the content and find it really helpful, it’s just very time consuming.

    I guess I just have to block off an hour each day and do what I can.

    Congratulations on such an awesome job. Lisa
    Lisa Magoulas recently posted…9 Tips to get you through cold and flu seasonMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Lisa,

      I understand. It does take a long time. And I have yet to cross into the video and podcast realm. Fear I guess that I learn something new and it doesn’t work they way I want it to or is successful. And to top it off it is very time consuming.

      But I’m pleased with my results. Thank you. It just takes work and time but scheduling and working things into a routine is the key for all that.

      Anyway good luck.

      Talk soon.

      Barbara Charles recently posted…What To Do About Blogging When You’re Going On Vacation?My Profile

  23. says

    Hi Barbara,

    What a winder post, this is the best information for new bloggers like me and your blog is also an inspiration for people like me who is just stepping the foot in blogging. Glad that i found out your blog .
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.


  24. says

    Hey Barbara,

    I’ve followed step #3 religiously ever for years. That one step alone got me heaps of comments. I also visited as many blogs as possible leaving the best comment I could as a form of marketing my brand.

    These days I have scaled back heaps and my comments have decreased as a result. But that’s Ok as it gives me time to do other stuff. I still reply to every comment left on my blog though. That’s just good manners as far as I’m concerned.
    Peter recently posted…Best Sports Betting DealsMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Peter,

      Yes increasing or decreasing our interaction with other bloggers and leaving comments can highly affect our traffic and our comments. And good manners is a great thing and allows others to come back to your blog.

      Have a great week,

  25. says

    What a great post by Barbara Charles .

    Simple tips to get more comments ..

    Blog comments are real parameter of your blogging success …

    How much comments your blogs have and who is commenting there are something that makes your blog a brand …

    Leaving comments on other blogs and replying comments on your blog are the secrets to get more comments ..

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