How To Find Leaders For Your Network Marketing Team

If you’ve been in network marketing your biggest issue is recruiting.

What most people who join an MLM don’t know is that it is not just about recruiting.

It’s about finding the right people, but particularly, a leader because ‘leaders’ are the ones who will help you build a successful team and move everyone to the top of the MLM food chain.

You see, you can do one of two things with a network marketing company.

A lot of people in the days of  Tupperware and even now with Pampered Chef, Avon, Mary Kay, etc. may only be interested in retailing and making ‘right now’ money for themselves.

That may be all that they’re interested in and that’s fine!

But some people may want more.  Most only have success in their network marketing companies if you build a team and you have to find the right people to help you succeed.

But what happens when you run out of your warm market?  Who are the right people for your network marketing team?

The right people are leaders and they will usually show themselves right up front if you know what to look for.  What does a leader look like and where do you find them?

Well, I’ll answer the easy question first.  You find them everywhere.  Leaders are everywhere.  The trick is knowing what to look for to identify them.

How Do You Identify a Leader?

I’ve never been one to go to malls and stores to recruit.  I hate being bothered that way so I wouldn’t want to do that to others.   Your warm market will fade away, always and warm market is usually family and friends and are not business minded.

In a business, you want a business minded leader.   Someone who knows something or wants to learn something about running their own business.  In my opinion, finding ‘leaders’ is the luck of the draw so don’t blame yourself and get discouraged.

If you talk to people on a regular basis, you can spot leaders almost immediately.

I remember back in the day when I worked at a top telecommunications company and my boss said to me one day ‘how is it you seem to know what to say to people to get them to work so effectively’?’

How do you consistently seem to know what people need, how to calm them down, how to determine their personality and how to handle them?

I knew that what I had was instinctive – only doing what came natural to me in regards to sensing what a person needed.  That helps me determine a leader.  What is the personality I’m dealing with?

Are they warm and friendly?  Are they a people person?  Are they phony or negative?  Do they have a sense of humur?  (I love people with a sense of humor.)

Do they get upset easily?  Do they have lots of friends?

Are they the center of attention in a gathering of people?  Are they the life of the party?

These are some of the questions you can use to evaluate a ‘potential leader’ on your team.

I started looking at people a different way to see if I could use some of my people skills I knew and used in corporate to identify what a leader looked like.

Ten Ways To Find The Right Leader For Your MLM

  1. A leader sees the ‘big picture’ for that MLM.   They are interested in the business plan, the compensation plan, the products and they care about people.  They want to know everything about everything.
  2. Leaders ask questions to get as much information as they possibly can to get started.
  3. A leader is like a sponge learning the details of everything faster than you can provide.  They suck up information and use it to get started working right away
  4. A leader will start recruiting when they still don’t know much about the company or the products.  They ‘wing it or ‘fake it til they make it.’   They have sense enough to say ‘I’ll get right back to you with that info’ even when they don’t have it at their fingertips.
  5. A leader is charismatic and draws people to them without much effort just because they are excited about the company and the products and that excitement literally seems to run down to their fingertips when they ‘touch’ someone, ‘talk’ to someone. People seem automatically mesmerized to listen.
  6. A leader is excited about their new venture and their excitement is contagious like a sickness. A good sickness though!  Everyone wants a piece of that flu.  🙂
  7. A leader entices you to follow them because their energy is alive, exciting and will keep you going even when you’re tired and want to give up.
  8. A leader understands the logistics of  the compensation plan and where it can take you and readily shares information with you.
  9. A leader requires that you build a team and they help you, share with you, pass on recruits to you to encourage you because your success is their success and it takes everyone to the top!
  10. A leader knows how to deal with personalities and encourages each one toward their goal.  They know how to soothe, how to ease a situation, how to get people to do what is needed and how to get people to work together.
  11. A leader will do whatever it takes to help the people get started, comforting them when needed, working side by side with them, and always available to help them no matter what until they can fly by themselves.
  12. And then a leaders job is just to support their own leaders with a listening ear or anything else they need.

Leaders stand by each other and strong leaders can build a wall that teaches,  protects, enlightens and guides everyone to the top.

So now you’re thinking, it’s so hard to find these leaders, right?   Well, in reality, it is not easy, but it’s not that hard either.

ID-100129052Become A People Person and Be A Leader.

Personalities and people are not that difficult to decipher.

I consider myself a leader. I have built two successful teams of people in my MLM, Ardyss International, and one team was international halfway around the world in Papua New Guinea (near Australia) and how I built a team there.

On both of those teams, leaders were easy to identify and they literally stepped right up and started working!   They knew a lot of people.  Made friends with everyone and wanted to make money. 🙂

My international team stepped up with 6 leaders right away.  Hungry women who wanted success and to make a better life for themselves and they immediately went to work.

They were not that hard to find because they were all of that above.

That’s what’s exciting!  A leader’s energy will drive you to be more successful too.  A leader’s energy will excite and light a fire under you and your team mates.

Once you’ve found one, treasure them – help them grow as a leader in life and in the network marketing company.

Final Thoughts?!

So I’ve given you the 10 things to look for in a leader.  If you are in an MLM and have always wanted to build a team to success, read the list above and then look around you.

Find your leaders; people who want the same thing and success will be a given.  They are right there!  I guarantee it!

Are you in a network marketing company?  Are you searching for your leaders so your team can grow to success?

Have you thought about international recruiting?   Touch base with me or leave a comment below if you’d like to discuss how you can help identify your leaders and build your team.

How do you go about finding your leaders?  Let us know and share your own ideas and stories.
God bless,

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  1. says

    Hi Barbara,

    Great list of what a leader is that you have here.

    A leader is someone that learns first and then take action quickly, and I feel, like you, that leaders are easy to recognize.

    Over the years that I was in network marketing and affiliate marketing, I met both leaders and non-leaders and unfortunately these type of ventures are not good for non-leaders. They usually end up giving up within months.

    I’m sure leadership can be learned to some degree, but I feel that’s really already in the person (or not) for the most part.

    Nice to be back here and have a great weekend!
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted…When Is It Time to Give Your Blog A Makeover?My Profile

  2. says

    Hi Barbara,

    What a fantastic post! Knowing which personality types there are in leaders are important to recruit when running an MLM business. You don’t want that dead weight on your hands that only becomes problematic.

    The traits you mentioned are spot on! A leader takes control of a situation, is wiling to learn, and most importantly has some kind of charisma that people just love!

    donna merrill recently posted…Take The Next StepMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Donna,

      Thanks for the props Donna. Yes, most people are not leaders so it’s important to recognize the ones who step up and mold them, praise them, help them to gain success. Knowing those traits makes it easy and you don’t have to weed through all those people to find them.

      Critical if you want to build a team fast and well.

      Charisma is the key as well. They are noticed easily by people and that will continue throughout their time in network marketing. A great pus.
      Thanks for stopping by and showing me I’m on the right track.

      Have a good one,

    • says

      Hi Donna,

      Thanks so much. I’ve learned the hard way that if we can identify the needed personality and identify that person as a leader, we will have a successful run in our MLM. Chrisma certainly goes a long way. I surely don’t want dead weight.


  3. says

    Hi Barbara,

    For every particular network there are many leader but the main thing is how to find them for your own network?

    If you are going to find any particular person to lead you then there should be many qualities in that person.

    I always think about having the perfect guidance. The main thing I want to have in a leader is that perfection should be considered at first.

    A leader should know about the market so they he/she can show you the way for your business.

    A like the list you have shown to us.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Have a great weekend.:)

    Ravi Chahar recently posted…How To Change WordPress Category Slug And Edit Names?My Profile

    • says

      Hi Ravi,

      Thanks for responding. Not sure that I want to search for perfection in a leader. By definition, we would all fail. I look for people who want to be successful…who have drive…who are trainable and teachable. They do not have to be perfect.

      A leader in personality and in life will always adjust to the market. It depends on what their niche market is. If they are in their right niches, they will survive.


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