How I Increased Visitors To My Blog By 30 Percent Photo by Hywards
Photo by Hywards

Do you want to know how I increased visitors to my blog?

This article is how understanding Google Analytics helped me and how I increased visitors to my blog by 30% in 5 months!

Blogging is hard work.  I know it and you know it if you’ve been blogging for any period of time.

As bloggers there are certain tools we all need to use in order to get a good reading on how well and how effective our blogging is.

One of those tools is Google Analytics and it is a tool that I have struggled to understand for a long time now.

No matter how many posts I’ve read to learn how to gather info on my blog in Google Analytics , I couldn’t seem to get it.

I’m not a charts, diagrams or schematics person and it just made my head hurt trying to ‘get it.’  I think charts and diagrams and numbers in general scare people as it did me so I really didn’t look at it carefully until the other day.

Sherman Smith, in particular, talks about Google Analytics quite often and how it has helped him so I decided a needed to take another look at it.

Well, I don’t know why but finally I understand it, but that important piece of information can help you strategize to increase reader’s on your blog.  Awesome!

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analysis tool that tracks and displays website traffic.  Simple explanation right.  But it looks quite complicated and that’s the tricky part for people.

There’s A LOT of information there, but for bloggers 3 pieces of critical information are visitors, pageviews and page visits.

The item most people want to see regarding their website is how many visitors a month come to your blog. Sherman Smith’s article (noted below)  talked about getting 1000 visitors a month and this immediately got my attention.

I wanted to see if I had that many or if I didn’t.  Seemed like a good number in terms of traffic so I re-read his article.

His article was awesome and motivated me to look closely at Google Anlaytics and find the answer:  How many visitors am I really getting each month?  Is it increasing as I continue to do my work in attracting people to my website?

Sherman Smith’s How To Generate 1000 Visitors A Month To Your Blog  can help you tremendously.  This article was important to me for two reasons:

  • It will  tell you how important it is to understand Google Analytics so that you can accurately measure the performance of your blog
  • It will tell you the actions he took to get 1000 visitors to his blog.

So I went to Google Analytics and checked my own status and was pleasantly surprised to see my numbers.  Since charts and squiggly lines sometimes confuse people, I’m taking that out.   Five months ago – here is December 2014.

Pages / Session
Avg. Session Duration
Bounce Rate
% New Sessions

So what does this mean?   Let’s focus on Sessions, Users and Pageviews.  Here’s what they mean:

  • Sessions (Visits) tells how many times the website was visited (this doesn’t count people who return).
  • Page views tells the total number of pages visitors have viewed/looked at your website.
  • Users (Visitors) counts the actual number of people that came to your site.

Now – 5 months later – May 1st 2015 to May 31st 2015

Pages / Session
Avg. Session Duration
Bounce Rate
% New Sessions

To find Repeat Visitors, Google states “Sessions: 1040 – 751 Users = 289 repeat visitors OR 27.8%

Repeat Visitors: 27.8% % (almost 30%) – that’s awesome!   Now many people may not think so, but in 5 months I think that is a good increase considering that I am not as consistent as I want or need to be – working a full time job, family, etc. – you know the drill.

Anyway, all this to say is that we can increase traffic to our websites with consistency and by providing information that is wanted and needed.

Sherman’s article gave various ways to help you increase your traffic.  Go there and take a read!  It will help you too.

How Hard Is It To Increase Traffic To Your Website?

Everyone talks about how hard it is to increase your visitors but Sherman’s post gives various ways to do just that and I actually implemented those and have seen what I think is a significant increase in a few months.

Although Sherman lists a number of things that will help you increase your visitors, I focused on 4 and had an almost 30% increase.

  • I focused on my headlines and copywriting to get grab a reader’s attention.
  • I connected and continue to do so, with bloggers who are consistent commenters and consistent writers.
  • I commented on 25 blogs a week.  That’s 5 a day.
  • I shared and mentioned other bloggers blogs! (like I did here!) 🙂
Now this may not seem like a big increase to many of you, but for me, I was surprised that I was almost at 1000 visitors per month already!
 It means that the work that I have input is working, slowly but surely and this is very important because 4 years ago I didn’t know what any of that meant and now I’ve got an understanding and now know how to work toward success.
 It means I’m working my way to that 1000 that Sherman mentioned in his article!  Thanks Sherman!
It is important to understand Google Analytics, no matter how confusing it is.  I think I was so overwhelmed with all the numbers, graphs and charts that it meant nothing to me and I was losing out on valuable information.
So start with the simple article to help you understand just the basics you need to see what your traffic is doing on your site.
We’ll tackle the other information later.  This is a start to see where you are and then implement Sherman’s information to improve.
Add blogging consistency to the mix and the visitors to your website will increase tremendously.  That next phase of my steps to get more traffic to your website.
So what have you been doing to increase the flow of traffic to your website and how are the results recorded.  Are you using Google Analytics and if not, what tools are you using?  Please share.

Motivation and Inspiration For All

Motivation and Inspiration For All


  1. says

    Thanks Barbara Ma’am,

    Thanks for sharing that brilliant plan with us. It will surely help us to increase visitors on blog.

    You’ve inspired me to do comment 25-30 blog per week. It will be a real challenge,

    Thank you!
    Have a nice week ahead!

  2. says

    Great article, Barbara!!

    I’ve been super busy over the past few weeks — but next week, one of my biggest things is to build my email list. So, this came in handy! I’m definitely going to increase my blog commenting. I used to do that a lot, but fell off. Now, I need to get back on it! Ha.

    Thanks so much for sharing your numbers and what has worked for you!

    Hope you’re doing well.
    Jennifer Kennedy recently posted…10 Tips Everyone Designing Worksheets Should UseMy Profile

  3. says

    Hi Barbara,

    This is great advice. I don’t look much at my Google Analytics statistics, but I have been thinking about doing a monthly review. This way I can compare that what I’m currently doing actually works. Your metrics is exactly what I’ve been thinking about using and bounce rate as well.

    Your 4 marketing tips is also very interesting. I haven’t focused much on headlines, but what I have experienced is that headlines is one of the most important part of getting traffic from social media especially. When I publish my posts on Facebook and Twitter with a generic headline, not many people visit. But as soon as the headline is a bit mysterious or extra interesting, I get a lot more traffic.
    Jens-Petter Berget recently posted…Never grow upMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Jens-Petter,
      Thank you for stopping by again. Really appreciate that. Yes, it took me a while to get into Google Analytics and I’m still deciphering much of it but the items I talked aboutare really the most important. I also look at bounce rate but I wanted people to understand more about traffic and visitors this time. Hope it was helpful. Not only have others talked about headlines, but I find it interested and I have gotten more creative to get people to read the post. There is certainly an art to creating interesting titles that others will want to read. 🙂 Yes, headlines should be mysterious but also provocative – that seems to get them in. 🙂

      Anyway, have a great week.

  4. says

    Hello Mrs. Charles (BCC), if a person does not get any “Useful” information from you; they are not trying to. Starting on (Father’s Day 2015), I plan on donating 100% of my time, to my (Blog/Website)! – BTW, Thank You, for your insight into the world of Blogging. I have learned so much, and the learning never stops.

  5. says

    Hi Barbara,

    When it comes to Google Analytics it is a challenge for me. I do try, but I get so confused lol. I know how to measure my marketing stats, which is more important at this time. That was sure a learning curve for me.

    I need to set up Google Analytics and keep track on that too. Thanks for that “push.”

    As for my blog, I do it consistently and have increased my readers that have very good back links. I do comment on many blogs during the week and share it on social media. Hope that counts for Google lol.

    Thanks for sharing these stats my friend.

    Donna Merrill recently posted…5 Wise BloggersMy Profile

  6. says

    Hi Barbara,

    I use it every day, several times during the day… I love being able to analyze what content people are consuming over time, how long they stay on the site, what pages they are landing on and where they are coming from. Also, I like to know the locations people are coming from.

    I LOVE it!!!!

    Once a month I do an analysis to see how the site performed relative to the previous 3 months.

    It is well worth my time.

    As you know, business is all about metrics and the more we can measure the better we can prepare and position ourselves based on what’s working and what’s not working.

    I hope you have an awesome weekend Barbara!

    ~ Don Purdum
    Don Purdum recently posted…How Networking and One Blog Article Can Put You in a Fortune 500 Company’s BlogMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Don,

      I actually am also using Google Analytics more that I understand what I’m seeing. I find it extremely helpful. It’s awesome. I think I’ll take your advice and check once a month to see what has improved (positive thinking here). That’s a great idea as I put it on my schedule I can keep track regularly.

      Thanks for stopping by again Don. Hope you had a great week (as you can see I’m a little behind on my comments), but wishing you well.


  7. says

    Hey Barbara,

    Wow! I’m happy that you were able to get 1000 visitors/month and was able to figure out Google Analytics to do so!

    For many of us it’s about what we focus on. When we first look at GA we tend to focus on the graphs and numbers more so than anything. This can leave us much bewildered and give us the reason to ignore GA although we consciencely know it would be of great use.

    This is why it’s important to stick with the basics like you did. Once you do and only focus on the things that really matter then GA will start to become more comprehensible.

    Once you figure out a routine from the basic information from GA then before you know it you’ll start getting the results you want. Going back to basics can be very powerful!

    Thanks for the share Barbara and thanks for the mention! I really appreciate it! Have a great weekend!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…My Top 6 Blog Posts For May and June: Short Videos, Google Analytics, Monetize Blog, Guest Post Traffic, Research Next Blog Post, Long Tail KeywordsMy Profile

  8. says

    Hi Barbara

    This is so much progress. I remember one of your post where you shared your strategy for increasing traffic and comments in your Blog. So I am thrilled to see that you have increased your traffic.

    You show that with hardwork, consistency and the right strategy, one can increase traffic to his blog.

    I have read Shermin’s post and I agree that his tips were easy to implement and so helpful.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

  9. says

    Hi Barbara,

    Really great share here and showing your stats from Google Analytics is sometimes what it takes. Although they are never 100% accurate they are about as good as it gets in order to continue to gauge how much traffic you’re getting and how long those people are staying on your site.

    I know that Sherman really dove into learning more about Google Analytics and I’m just glad that he’s shared a lot of that with his readers. I think it’s one of the best resources we have to see what’s really going on with our audience.

    Thanks for putting this together and congratulations on that increase in traffic. It just goes to show what can happen when you stick with it.

    Thanks a heap and keep up the great work.

    Adrienne recently posted…Your Coming Dilemma in Online MarketingMy Profile

  10. says

    Hi Barbara,
    Congratulation for increasing of your visitor. You applied awesome tactics to increase your visitor faster. Yes it is very important to understand google analytics. It is little confusing but once understand it help a lot.

    Connected with blogger and make grabby headline is an awesome trick to drive more visitor.

    Many thanks for your great tips to drive more visitor.
    Kind Regards
    Yasin Rishad

  11. says

    What a truly awesome post Barbara!

    You really took the confusing techie stuff out and cut to the chase!LOL! Thank you!

    And I am so relived to know that GA even originally confused a respected
    pro such as your self too!LOL!

    I too really enjoyed that excellent post by Sherman as well! He really does know
    ‘how to” make it plain as well!

    In fact, like you, when I read Sherman’s excellent post I also found and discovered some much
    needed clarity!

    He (like you) totally simplified the techie!And that’s not easy to do!LOL!Like it or
    not Barbara, you just added a new potential nice income stream to your mix!LOL!

    Because you’ve definitely got a gift for making it plain to the masses!You’ve got me so
    fired up, I’m gonna re-read Sherman’s awesome post!Thanks!LOL!
    Mark recently posted…Tips To Increase Sales:Why Savvy Entrepreneurs Know And Understand There’s Big Profits In Skills!Part TwoMy Profile

  12. says

    Hey Barbara,

    Google analytics is the best tool available for checking website traffic stats. From real time traffic, to referral sources to keywords – Google analytics have it all.

    Good to know that you have started to understand the analytics, am sure it will help a lot. There’s plenty more to Google analytics though, like checking Goals and conversions – with time, am sure you will start to use those metrics too.

    Your bounce rate seems to be 37% with about 3 minutes avarage visit time – that is great!

    Uttoran Sen,

  13. says

    Hi Barbara,

    Glad to know Sherman tips work well for you. It is a great progress. 🙂

    Honestly, I do not quite understand with Google analytics too. It was filled with tables and numbers. 😆 But, sometimes I look at it to see how the performance of my blog.

    Until now I have not been to maximize the use of Google Analytics. I do promotions as usual, made a round up post and promote it on social media. I also read and commented on many blogs each day. It makes me like I’m learning every day. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your great progress, Barbara.
    Your progress also makes me getting excited too. Keep up the good work!

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…9 Must-Read Articles When Your Passion on Blogging DownMy Profile

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