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A little over a year ago when I decided to re-do my blog,  someone recommended Host Duplex and as she was setting up the original blog, I went with the recommendation.

In the year that I’ve used Host Duplex I can’t rave enough about them! They are one of the best hosting sites ever! I am a big person on Customer Service for any organization, business or store. It’s my pet peeve because the world has forgotten that the provider is there for the customer, right?

So when I run into a tool, a service or a business that is good technically and has incredible customer service, I give them full props! My referrals don’t come lightly! If I’m recommending a company,  trust me, I love it and they are true *experts* at what they do because I am extremely hard to please. Sad, but true! 🙂

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My experience with Host Duplex is that anytime day or night I call, someone answers the phone. No going through a thousand prompts or automated recordings directing you to push 1 for this and 2 for that. You will get a live person!

They are helpful, thoughtful, can pretty much guarantee whatever you’re calling about is going to be fixed and right away! They will either walk you through it or tell you how to do it, efficiently, effectively and perfectly. I’m in love people!

So if you want a hosting service that you can rely on for your blog, or you know someone who has to set up a blog, give these guys a shot. You wont’ be disappointed, I promise you!

I talked to Sam Jadali and here’s what he said about why you should use Host Duplex over other hosting companies.

Barbara: What’s up with your customer service? You guys seem to always be there and answer the phone all the time! 

Sam: We’re crazy about service. We’re here 24/7 and we answer the phone in under a minute. 🙂 Support Tickets are almost always answered in under 10 minutes and and we try to resolve the issue ASAP, not just a response.

Barbara: Yes I love that about this company? So next question.  You know everyone is crazy concerned with security and spam and hackers! Ugh? Tell me about that?

Sam: Naturally, an equally critical concern is always security, both of the data itself and the servers that host it. We are crazy fanatical about security, including installing hardware firewalls, and Web Application Firewalls to sniff out all the packets in which hackers may be sending to break into systems.

On the software side of the occasion, our automated monitoring system keeps a constant watch for exploits, vulnerabilities, and any suspicious behavior, keeping our live staff alert around the clock.

Our management service, should a client choose to make use of it, also installs and configures the client’s firewalls, while at the same time optimizing server performance, running updates, and performing weekly checks across all systems. (Clients always have the option of installing and configuring their own firewalls, of course.)

ID-100143310Barbara:  That’s great!  I certainly know you’re secure and you’ve helped me out with questions and concerns about how to cut down on my  spam.  But what about your networks?

Sam:  Each server has two power supplies, each with its own feed, battery backup, and diesel generator capable of running each machine for hours.

Beyond even that, our datacenter has a contract with a local fuel provider to bring in extra diesel fuel immediately should any major outage ever occur. Not to be outdone, we have our own large stock of parts stored at our facility, ready to remedy any hardware issues at a moment’s notice.

Barbara: I hear alot about redundancy?  What is redundancy and what does it mean to our service and our websites?

Sam: Redundancy is having a secondary computer system or network device that will take over when the primary server fails. We are all about crazy redundancy. We have several layers of redundancy. Your sites are always protected.

Barbara: And finally tell us about your hardware so we’ll know we are with the best!

Sam: If you look at our competitors, customers may quickly realize how much they oversell. Some of these companies will put thousands of users on a single server. We only use high-end Dell PowerEdge servers with no more than 200-300 per shared server.

We only employ Dell PowerEdge servers because they’ve proven themselves as the industry leader in today’s server market.

Barbara:  Critical question and one that everyone will want to know.  How much does it costs?  I know I pay $10/mo which I think is ridiculously inexpensive.

Sam:  Packages start at a minimum $10/mo but a 2 year plan will cost $5/mo. There is also a Business Advantage with increased gigabytes and storage all for under $10/mo.

Barbara: Well thanks for all the info. I think you guys are awesome. Thanks for your time and your service. 

Sam:  You bet.  Anytime. We are hear to serve!

hostduplex-2Well, that was my interview with Sam Jadali, owner and entrepreneur for Host Duplex! I have found them reliable with perfect personal customer service.

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If you need them, please give them a try or send a message or leave me a 
comment or go to Host Duplex for more info.



  1. says

    Before you mentioned them Barbara I’d never heard of them before.

    I know for a lot of people when they are venturing into the unknown for the first time that’s why it’s great to have those relationships with people who are where you want to be. When I knew I was going to have a self hosted blog I looked to someone I had a good relationship online with and I went with the hosting service she recommended and I don’t regret that decision either.

    I’m really big on customer service myself and although the one I use is good I still at times get people on the phone that will tell me one thing and that’s not it and I’ll call back and be told something entirely different. Gosh, that really happens a lot with almost everything I’m doing to be honest with you. But I’m not leaving my service because of that. I definitely trust them and they’ve done a great job for me up to now.

    So for those looking for a good hosting service and they trust your opinion then I say what are you waiting for. Go for it! You just can’t beat that right!

    Adrienne recently posted…Change Your Thoughts By Playing The Prosperity GameMy Profile

  2. says

    Hi Barbara,

    This is a great post for those who would rather choose a hosting company based on a referral rather than venture into something they know nothing about.

    I can say the same things as far as Hostgator treated me so far. You can call them 24/7 and their representatives are also so helpful. Since I’m not particularly technically inclined I have to say that they have taken me out of my booboo lots of times over the last 6 years. And every time I call them my problem is resolved. No matter what.

    It’s funny, because I’ve heard some people complained about them too, but I would lie if I’d say that they’ve not been good to me.

    Thank you for this great review.
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted…How To Make Sure That French People Won’t Be Rude To YouMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Sylviane,
      Yes I’ve heard alot about Host Gator in the last year. It is one of the popular ones. But many people are like me in that they want a referral so when I was referred to Host Dupex I went with them. So glad I did. No matter the company, the customer service they provide is what is important and critical to your business. No shaky business and immediate and helpful customer support is the way to go.

      We just have to let people know thee are great hosting companies out there.
      Take care,

  3. says

    Hi Barbara,
    Well, I never heard of them until now. I thank you for introducing them! When something is great, we need to share it. Looks like that customer service is great!
    When I first had my blog put up, it was by someone that had just started and we had a good connection with one another. There were no “support tickets” which I liked. This guy didn’t know what hit him. He had to quit his job to run his business. And no matter what, he was always there.
    Each time I emailed him to do something, he would do it well within a day. I loved it.
    Unfortunately, he has grown to different pastures…I just found that out recently.
    Well, the point here is that when we get a great
    This hosting site looks great and I will spread the word because we all need a good service, especially one like this that has great support.
    Donna Merrill recently posted…Why I’m Reviewing The Empower Network AgainMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Donna. Yep I’m sure there are a ton of great services out there but many people have no clue where to look. I know I didn’t. Thank God I knew one person who knew about this one. I hope this helps someone who may not have the connections you or I have now.
      Hope you have a fabulous week my friend.

  4. says

    Barbara, I too am big on going with companies that truly believe in customer service. I too hadn’t heard about this company but I am glad that you have shared this post with us.

    When I was beginning my journey into the realm of WordPress I went the recommendations of a few women in our Diamond Superstars mastermind and I haven’t been more happy as well.

    It is always good to have a great relationship with a company when looking for site hosting. I will spread the word about Host Duplex as well.
    Michael A Buccilli recently posted…Different Demographic, Better ResultsMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Michael. Sometimes the little known companies are equal to or better than the regular known. I just fell in love with the service and the people and can even get to the boss in a minute. So I just wanted to let everyone know there is a great service out there.

      Thanks for sharing the word.
      Hope you are doing well.
      God Bless,

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