Four Unique Ways To Write A Good Blog Post

Photo by Adamr
Photo by Adamr

As I was responding to a comment the other day, someone mentioned that they had to research their blog post before they started writing.

I’ve heard this many times and I’ve never thought to respond to it, but when I saw it today I realized that I don’t research my posts.

One of the things I keep reading from various authors is that bloggers should research topics thoroughly before writing a post, particular to newbies who are coming online.

Now, well that may be a good idea, but I find that I don’t do that.

I may look up something that may pertain to my post.  I may need some numerical data or statistics or a quote or info from another blog.   I will look for facts. I always want my facts to be straight and you will as well.

Or maybe you’re writing a post on a new product to describe how something works, etc.  You will need to do research, for sure.

But what I realize is that many people spend hours researching information and jotting down notes and documenting the facts prior to actually starting to write.   No wonder we don’t have enough time during the day to write!

It’s probably an excellent idea if you’re coming online to blog for the first time.  There is a learning curve.  I was told the same thing and I did do research before writing when I first came online.

One problem though with this.  My blog was b-ooor-ring !  Yep, sad but true!   Reading just the facts on a blog can be pretty boring, unless it’s a technical blog.

However, if you are branding yourself and trying to get people to your website and build relationships with them, you need to have a few more things in your post, even if you are an excellent writer with all the ‘T’s crossed and ‘I’s’ dotted.

Photo by digitart
Photo by digitart

Even if there are perfect sentences, perfect information, perfect content – your blog posts needs to be interesting and provide information to keep our reader entertained.

Since blogging is time consuming, you want to be more efficient in your blog writing. Spending hours of time on research for your blog post, may not be the best use of your time.

So here are 4 tips to help you write better, use your time more efficiently and have a better blog.

1.  Just The Facts Mam!

(old movie series….sorry I digress!  🙂   You do need the facts.  Make sure your information is correct, whatever your topic.  Just try to be efficient in the use of your time when researching the topic.

I don’t believe we have to spend hours of time researching whatever we plan to write especially when we have an interesting topic or we are passionate about the topic.

2.  Write From The Heart

I realized the most important thing for me is that I write from the heart.  I don’t really research.

Research is not so critical to  me unless I’m writing something technical or a ‘go to’ or a ‘how to do’ blog and even then, I put my personality into the post to give it character.

Give examples that you can relate to or that someone else can relate to.  Share personal info that you can incorporate into the story.  Show who you are no matter what you topic.

Even when I’m writing a ‘how to’,’ I put my heart and my personality into the post.  Makes you human.  Tell a story and like it to the topic.

Write about things you care about  and the writing will come easy.  If you have to force it, research it in depth, analyze it and document it before you start writing, sometimes those articles come out stuffy and boring (I know ‘cause my initial posts were like that!)

3.  Write With Personality

Photo by Rattigon
Photo by Rattigon

Give your blog a personality!   It can be related to your niche or to your personality itself.  What would you imagine to be the personality of your blog?   For instance, is it a place where people can just come for information or inspiration.

If you have an inspirational blog, your posts should motivatate and inspire.  Your blog post should inspire and be creative and intuitive giving encouragement and support for those who are interested in the topic.  If you have a technical blog, it should have technical info, but don’t forget to add your own style and personality into it.

Your blog post should be more than spouting the facts you’ve gathered from a book, the Internet or some other source.

4.  What’s In It For Me?

The point of all this was for me -, ‘lesson learned.’ It was too time consuming to continue doing extensive research to write a blog.

It took too long and I didn’t have time for that.  But at the same time, I needed to keep my audience engaged and active on my blog.  So I switched my approach.

Writing should come naturally flowing out when it’s a subject close to your heart.

Are You Up For A Challenge?

So what do you do?  Do you research for hours before you write?

I’d like to issue you a challenge? Just Try it!   Write a post using the tips above and see if it’s easier to write and if people like it.

Select a topic that you’re already interested in and just write about it.  Let it flow from the heart with personality and see what happens!

Let me know too.  I’d be curious how you feel afterwards and how your audience accepts it.

Good luck.  Looking forward to hearing your opinions on this too as well.



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    EXCELLENT, Barbara!!! You really hit the nail on the head. I don’t research either and I believe it is so key to write from our hearts and to be who we are. Once I learned that, writing my blogposts became much, much easier. When I look at my first posts, I cringe! I think we need to write like we talk – that is what draws people back. If we research and write data, well, they will go find that on the big data sites, not my blog. Thanks for great post. blessings, Amy

    • says

      Hi Amy,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m so happy to see that most of us like to write from our hearts. It took me a while to learn that and I’ve done the same thing. Looked back at some of my old posts and thought what was I thinking? LOL.

      But it’s a learning process. Thank God for people who will help us.
      Best of luck on your blog.
      Thanks for sharing,
      Barbara Charles recently posted…Top 5 Mistakes Bloggers Make On Their BlogsMy Profile

  2. says

    Hi Barbara, Oh yes, I have to be inspired before I write. I have to have learned something that I think others will benefit from or truly enjoy I try to be short and sweet with the facts and give more of my inspiration to the post. I’m not sure if I’m truly accomplished that yet but that is my goal. No one wants to read a boring blog post with only technical tips. I get turned off when I started to read those and the author’s name cannot even be found, like, who wrote it? Personality is a must!
    Lisa recently posted…5 Things I Learned This Week That Will Help You OnlineMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Lisa,

      I think you have accomplished it. I love visiting you blog…always interesting and something to learn. And I had to laugh when you said no author’s name…that is one of my pet peeve’s…like who wrote this stuff? LOL!A definite turn off.

      Thanks for stopping by. I know it’s the holiday. Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving and see you soon.
      God Bless,

  3. says

    Writing has definitely been difficult for me. It’s mostly because I tend to judge my writing while I’m in the midst of writing the article. This leads to lots of deleted sentences and words and rearranging of entire paragraphs.
    Your tips are definitely helpful in getting around that!

    A few tips I’ve come up with are:

    1. Sometimes I research prior to writing, but I limit my research time! I set a timer for 25 minutes and gather as much info as possible before moving to the next stage.

    2. I do a mind map where I brainstorm all ideas, stories, and possibilities surrounding a topic. I might not use them all, but it opens up my mind to different things.

    3. This is the most important — I try to write without judgement. I’ve been practicing this recently and it’s been helpful. I type using a TextEditor so I’m not worried about format. I also write without critiquing myself and my words flow much better!

    I’m definitely going to incorporate your ideas for my next post. Thanks for the inspiration!!
    Jennifer Kennedy recently posted…Be Picky! How Choosing Technology is Like Choosing a BoyfriendMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Jennifer,

      I know how you feel. I struggled so with writing and until I just kinda let go and let it flow, did things become easier. It would take me hours to write a post, even though I wasn’t researching and when I researched, forget it…took 2 days to write a post. I think I did the same thing as you…judging, deleting, re-arranging. It was too much and I wanted to give up.

      Finally, followed some advice of my friends and it became so much easier! Now it’s not perfect, but it’s easier.

      We should have collaborated on this post because your 3 tips definitely should be added to the list. Great advice limiting the research to a set time. That enables us to not get bogged down and waste time. Love that! I know many people use a mind map. I haven’t been able to do that well…but I’ll give it some thought too.

      I like the ‘write without judging’ too. Interesting concept. Hadn’t thought about it that way, but I can see how that could slow your writing down. I’ll give that some thought too because I find myself editing and re-editing because I want to get it perfect the way I would say it or see it. Uhmm…interesting.

      Thanks for the additional tips. I’ve found them useful and I’m sure others will too.
      Stay blessed and have a great Turkey Day!

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    Hey Barbara,

    I’ve never spent hours researching anything. Since you know me so well now you know that I mostly write about what I know, what I’ve done or what I’ve learned. Because of that I did take the time to actually learn what I’m sharing so to me that’s the time spent.

    I don’t do as many technical posts with a lot of statistics but if I do then yes, I’ll take the time to research that for sure but never hours upon hours. I know there are a lot of bloggers out there though with the sole purpose of writing “epic posts”. Yeah, I hate that word but they feel the more information they can provide in the post itself then the more attention it will get. That might be the case if that’s the direction you want to go.

    I think it’s really up to the individual and what they want to accomplish with their posts. Me, I’m all about teaching what I’ve learned and what works. All those stats…they’ll change next month anyway so what’s the point! LOL!!!

    Hey, great post and glad you brought this up. I have a feeling you’re not alone girl.

    Enjoy your week and Happy Thanksgiving.

    Adrienne recently posted…How To Write Content Your Readers CraveMy Profile

    • says

      Hey Adrienne,

      You know you scare me sometimes we are so much alike! LOL! Were we twins in another life! 😉 I hate doing research to write a post – that’s the bottom line. As you said unless I have to find statistics for something technical, otherwise I kinda go with the flow (or try to anyway)!

      You have a great style and your personality shines through in your writing. That’s one reason so many people come to your posts.

      It really is about the individual and their style and what they are comfortable with and you’re so right. Things and statistics change so quickly, what is the point!

      Anyway, enjoy your Thanksgiving. Tell mom hi! 🙂
      Talk to you next week,

  5. says

    Hi Barbara,

    I don’t do much research as much as I write from my heart. What usually happens is I get a question from someone or many people via email or a Facebook PM.

    That question starts my wheels spinning and I try to put it in a post. Yes, there are things I learn all the time and I like to use that too.

    Because I don’t write anything technical (well you know me…stop laughing.) I don’t do much research.

    However, the blogs I write are mostly about things I’ve learned and want to pass it on in my own voice and personality.

    Donna Merrill recently posted…Baby Boomer BloggersMy Profile

    • says

      LOL Donna – of course, you made me laugh! 🙂

      I can tell you write from the heart and that it comes from a deep place of love, wisdom, understanding and fun…but you always have the perfect advice to share with us.

      I’m finding a pattern here it seems. Some personality types actually don’t do much research. Those who have responded that don’t do research, if I think about it, it doesn’t surprise me. The ones who do research, seems natural to them too. Uhmmm. Interesting.

      You’re definitely one who I wouldn’t have tagged as doing research. You are such a free spirit and I love that about you and that you share all that you’ve learned and pass it on in your own voice and personality. Makes you a great person!

      Hope your first Turkey Day in your new home is blessed with love, peace, joy and happiness.
      Happy Turkey Day!

  6. says

    Hi Ms. Barbara
    How are you?
    I love this post simply because it’s written with such ease. (I can tell)

    For the most part I try not to spend too much time in researching topics I write about. Many of the topics I write about has to do with the life coaching industry.
    But I will say the toughest part is the headline.

    Excellent point on writing from our heart and allowing people to know us a little by being transparent.

    Thank you Ms Barbara. Have a great Thanksgiving!

    Gladys posted…Six Perpetual P’s in Personal Development
    Gladys recently posted…Six Perpetual P’s in Personal DevelopmentMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Gladys,

      Your posts are always from the heart and what I like about reading your blog. I know when I go there that I will get a story of enlightenment, encouragement and support, all from your own experiences and what you share with others about life and life coaching.

      You are very good at writing and your posts shows exactly what I mean about writing from the heart! I try to write more like you, my friend! 🙂

      Headlines are hard, but mosey on over to Adrienne’s blog. She recently wrote a post on how to write better headlines (or something like that!). Good stuff.

      Have a blessed Thanksgiving.
      I really do hope we can chat soon! 🙂
      Take care,

  7. says

    Hey Barbara,

    I’m with you on this! I don’t do a lot of research myself, but when I do research I don’t spend a lot of time on it! I figure if you do a lot, and put it on your post, it tends to take the personality out of your blog and becomes more of a technical blog. At least for me it does.

    You also have to figure that you’ll be writing for different personality types too. Especially those that are real technical and straight forward as well as those who are more outgoing and extroverted. Either way it goes, you want to do the best to provide the value that they want and entertaining! Following these tips will sure do the trick! Thanks for sharing Barbara!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…How Important Is It To Reply To Comments?My Profile

    • says

      Hey Sherman,

      Happy Thanksgiving! You said it perfectly what I was thinking. If it’s too technical it’s does take the personality out of the blog and unless it’s purely technical to provide a ‘how to’ then that’s great.

      I like that you mention that we write for different personality types. That too is important and should be added to the list of things that we need to take into account for writing. Good point!

      Hoping to help others get better at blogging. It’s sure what I needed when I started.

      Enjoy your week-end!
      Gobble, gobble!

  8. says

    Hi Barbara,

    Well, I would say, do what works best for you. I do blog more on what I’ve learned by experience and over time than on research, but I can at least think of one blogger I know who was at zero comment by mid 2012 and has now over 100 comments per post. And she is saying to do a lot of research in order to write her posts.

    So, in all honesty, I would say that research seems to work. Even though sometimes I really don’t know anymore what people like or do not like to read 🙂

    So, my guess is as long as you do what you feel more comfortable with, you should be OK.

    Have a great Holiday week!
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted…5 Mistakes You’re Making That Send Your Emails To Trash InstantlyMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Sylviane,

      Good advice for sure. Whatever works for a person is what they should do, no doubt. If people have the time to research and write. Great! That works for them. However, most of us work and I can’t imagine long hours at work and then trying to research on a blog and try to keep up with my writing.

      But I like your advice. Do what feels comfortable and works for you and it will all work out. Either way, with or without research, the goal is to write with passion, incorporate your personality into the post and enjoy what we do.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and have a great week-end. See you next week! 🙂


  9. says

    Hi Barbara

    I have never researched anything much before I write. I write on topics I am inspired to write about. The only exceptions would be the occasional product review I have done and then I do check my facts.

    It is difficult enough to get everything done without spending hours on research. I also prefer to read posts that you know come from someone’s heart.

    I also agree with your point on bringing your personality to your writing. I like to feel like I know someone when I read their posts.

    A great post Barbara

    Sue Price recently posted…How to Get What You WantMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Sue.

      That’s exactly how I feel. I find it really easy to write about what I’m feeling and I find it difficult if I have to think of something to write about when I’m uninspired. Blogging can be tough that way. I definitely cannot spend hours researching. It just takes up too much time. I struggle with my post when I’m not inspired.

      Researching does comes naturally to some and that’s a good thing if you have the time.

      Thanks for stopping by and enjoy Thanksgiving.


  10. says

    Hi Barbara,

    Great tips for sure. When I first started blogging it was very professional. It lacked personality for sure. I followed the advice of some awesome bloggers who said to write as if we’re talking to our friends. When I made that and other adjustments I became comfortable with blogging and made writing content more easily.

    I do take some time to do research. My niche is telecommuting jobs and home-based business ideas so I have to make sure the jobs are legitimate. For my other blog, it’s blogging about my experience with raising teens and being a work from home mom among other topics so it’s easy to write what I’m passionate about.

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us. Have a happy Thanksgiving!
    Corina Ramos recently posted…You Can Catch Me At Tackling Our Debt TodayMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Corina,

      You are very welcome. Beginning to blog has its ups and downs and if we don’t have a support system, it can be really hard. It’s good you had bloggers you could talk to and get advice. I was two years into blogging before I connected. I didn’t even know where to start.

      Yes, research is good depending on your niche. Your niche means you have to find out what’s out there and tell others about it. Many blogs require research. I’m sure your other blog about raising teens does not require as much research. It definitely depends on the topic and the niche.

      Anyway, have a great Turkey Day. Enjoy. See you soon,

  11. says

    Hi Barbara,
    I trust you are well and enjoyed Thanksgiving despite the plug-in error.

    When I see your first point, I immediately think of the analytical minds out there who want only the facts and no fluff. So, an important consideration in writing is knowing the various personality styles and how they view your content.

    I resonate with your second point the most, because that’s where we share our life experience, what has worked for us that others may vicariously learn from, what hasn’t worked so well. Which brings to mind another important point… None of us have been designed or called to be on the sidelines of life.
    When we put our heart into living intentionally every moment, there is no end to how we can serve others.

    I think that when you write from your heart, the personality of your blog is established. While it’s important to consider the tone you’re setting, I also think that it’s something that you shouldn’t struggle and strive to achieve. It should be organic.

    Kind Regards,
    William Butler recently posted…31 Great Quotes of Thanksgiving and AppreciationMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Bill,

      Thanksgiving was great…despite the plugin error. 🙂 Thanks for caring. it was a big shock when it went down and I didn’t know what to do…but breathe and wait til I could get some help. It worked out fine though.

      I agree that we need to pay attention to the various personality types but I think that will be too hard for most bloggers and it could be an almost impossible task to determine how to write for every one. There’s a lot of personalities out there! 😉 What I think we need to do is stick to our niche because that is who we really want to attract and if we have info for them, they will stay and get what they need.

      More so important, is the writing from the heart as you noted, as we share our on personal experiences, most people will resonate with that and I love that you note that the personality of your blog is established and that it should be organic. Love how you put that.

      Thanks for putting it so plainly and well. You always seem to find the right words. :
      Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well.
      God bless,
      Barbara Charles recently posted…Four Unique Ways To Write A Good Blog PostMy Profile

  12. says

    Hello Barbara,

    As for me, writing comes naturally to me when I boot up my laptop or pick up my pen…there is nothing like writer’s block in my world.

    However, I’ve noticed one thing though: my greatest posts/ writings were ones that flowed straight from my heart and offered the reader real value beyond expectation. My conclusion is: write from your heart with a view of offering real value. You cannot go wrong!

    Do have a great day!


    • says

      Hi Akaahan,

      It’s wonderful that you have no difficulty writing. Most of us have topics, but writing does not always flow easily. A major problem for most bloggers. Some may have to do research, others may just wing it and write what they feel. Writing from the heart, by far, gets us the best results.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion. Keep doing what you’re doing (writing from the heart) and you will do well.
      Barbara Charles recently posted…Four Unique Ways To Write A Good Blog PostMy Profile

  13. says

    Hi Barbara,
    Here I am after the Thanksgiving break and after you fixed the problem caused by that plugin the other day.
    Just as Bill said, I resonate with the second point more (and actually, most sincere bloggers do) because it’s the writing from heart that brings out the best and creates the personality. That’s exactly what makes the blog posts come alive to add value to the readers.

    I usually don’t have difficulty writing or researching my topics. The only trouble I sometimes have is, I feel lazy in typing and sometimes, my fingers get tired of typing 🙂 Other than that, I am pretty good with coming up with topics and ideas start flowing as I start writing.

    Thank you for this awesome post. Have a successful week!
    Kumar Gauraw recently posted…Leadership Lessons From The Life Of The Legendary Little MasterMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Kumar,

      Yes, Adrienne helped me get that nasty plugin thingie fixed! What a pain! Anyway, all is well now and thank God it was Thanksgiving. Many people were on hiatus! Lucky me! 🙂

      I admire people like you who don’t have any problems writing. Even though I feel I write from the heart, sometimes the topic is hard to write on because I write to the audience. Don’t want to offend anyone, want to give them pertinent information, etc. Just hard to get my thoughts down sometimes.

      And yes, I think we all have that getting tired of typing syndrome! 😉 I sure do too!
      Stay blessed,
      Barbara Charles recently posted…Top 5 Mistakes Bloggers Make On Their BlogsMy Profile

  14. says

    Hello Barbara,

    I haven’t been big on doing tons of research. Most of the topics that I do come up with come from an experience or something I’ve learned. So, if it’s an experience, I can write freely about it and share how it can help someone with whatever it is that they are struggling with.

    I agree with what you said about technical blogs being dry and boring. I feel that a blog should embrace your personality and allow people to connect with you. After all, this is what blogging is about. Sharing ideas and helping others.

    I really enjoyed the article! Have a great week Barbara!
    Nate Leung recently posted…Biggest Reasons Why Some Entrepreneurs Never Succeed In Their BusinessMy Profile

    • says

      Hey Nate,
      How are you doing? Glad to see you back! 🙂

      I’m with you. I do not do research except to find tidbits of info that may confirm or deny something that I’ve said. Writing freely is the way to go. What comes out – well hopefully will keep them coming back if it’s sincere and truthful. I think it’s a great way to write and I do so myself (or at least attempt to do so)

      And you’re right…I actually learn so much from the comments that people leave and that in itself it a plus when blogging.

      Glad you enjoyed the article. Thank you for coming by! I appreciate it.

      Enjoy your week as well,
      Talk to you later,
      Barbara Charles recently posted…Top 5 Mistakes Bloggers Make On Their BlogsMy Profile

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