Facebook Jail – Heaven or Hell

Facebook Jail – Heaven or Hell

ID-100134294I decided to write this post because I realized something today.  In the space of an hour or two I saw two sets of opinions regarding Facebook Jail.   Do you know what Facebook Jail is?

Usually, this is because someone has broken one of Facebook’s policies and they get ‘banned’ for a certain number of days.  There are various reasons for that.

But what struck me was the two different opinions  – two groups of people who have vastly different views on Facebook Jail.

Craig Smith of Digital Marketing Ramblings notes that as of April 24, 2014 the number of FB users is somewhere around 1.28 billion users.  That’s a lot of people ‘living’ in one space together!

The first group is mainly the ‘social’ group.  They come just to socialize in some way, de-stress, talk and relax.  That’s how FB started.  But it’s been known to most of us entrepreneurs, that business people have flocked to FB advertising, using business pages, and overall promoting their business to the masses of people on Facebook.

The second group is the entrepreneurs and business owners.  I read an article from November 2013 that stated “More than 25 million Facebook pages are now classified as small business pages following a change by the social network to include ecommerce pages in the category.”  That too is a lot of business people, many who are not business savvy in Internet Marketing.

As these are two vastly different groups of people, there are problems with how each group sees the purpose on FB and so their opinions differ on Facebook Jail.

The Social Club

Of the ‘social’ group, many of them don’t understand Facebook Jail.  They don’t get why there is a Facebook Jail.  After all, they’re only being social.  They only want to make new friends, talk, relax, play games, right?”  I’ve heard ‘isn’t it meant for socialization?”  They don’t’ understand why they have been prevented from sending friend requests and they can go into FB Jail (not being able to send out requests) for 7 to 30 days.

Facebook policies state “If your account is temporarily blocked from sending friend requests, it may be because friend requests you’ve sent have gone unanswered or been marked as unwelcome.”  Facebook suggests “people should send friend requests to people you have a real-life connection to, your friends, family, coworkers, or classmates.”  Duh!

Basically this group is mad as heck that FB controls who they talk to and how they talk to them.  They feel FB is impinging upon their rights and that FB should get a grip.

They don’t understand why they can’t send 50 friend requests out to people all at one time.

The Entrepreneurs

ID-10087969Of the 25 million+ Facebook business pages, we know the entrepreneurs are on FB in full force!  But entrepreneurs can also be divided into two groups.

There are those who are new to Internet Marketing and know nothing more than to spam (send unsolicited emails, friend requests and information) to *everyone!*

This group has not been ‘taught’ nor do they understand the right way to build relationships with people prior to trying to work their business on FB.

Then there are those of us who are entrepreneurs practicing ‘attraction marketing’ and understand how to interact with people on Facebook via building relationships.

We do not spam, we do not send out massive friend requests or post soliciting info on our personal pages.  Business is done on our Business Pages.

We don’t worry about Facebook Jail because it is about developing relationships with individuals independently – not going for mass production introductions hoping you can get a person to your business or make a sale.

Facebook Jail – Heaven or Hell?

The social club knows nothing about business either.  All they want to do is socialize, meet people and have fun so when they send out 50 requests and they get thrown in Facebook Jail, they don’t ‘get it.’  It’s for their own protection.   Facebook Jail is Hell to them.

The entrepreneurs, like myself, who understand why, praise FB for putting ‘some controls’ around spamming and such because it could fast get out of control and we could get fast overwhelmed with messages, friend requests from people we don’t know or care to know.   We might think of Facebook Jail as Heaven – keeping it under control.

I saw today that most of the social folks just say ‘ignore them’ and they will go away.  Not!  They may eventually go bother someone else, but me personally, I don’t want that interaction.  I also don’t want, which I get regularly, the following:

  • Men from Iraq, Iran, The Netherlands, various parts of Africa and other countries requesting to be my man
  • Spammers – “I don’t know you but I can help you make a million dollars in 2 months…!”
  • People asking for money to come to the U.S. because they are poor, under attack from government, etc., etc.
  • Business solicitation
  • And many, many more

I block these people and I report them.  This can automatically put a person in Facebook Jail if this person gets t0o many ‘reports.’

So What Do I Think?

So before I say the next thing, I want to say that I don’t think Facebook is perfect and there are many things that FB does that drives me crazy!

Some seems a bit controlling and manipulating.  But, I think Facebook Jail protects all of us from the unsolicited spammers and untrained-in-internet-marketing-business-entrepreneurs – that’s a bottom line.

Facebook Jail is a control to keep things in line and with more than 1.28 billion users from all over the world all in one place interacting with each other, there has got to be some kind of monitoring and controls in place.  Else, it would be anarchy!

I’ve never heard of any of the entrepreneurs I deal with complain about Facebook Jail because many of us rarely go there.  We know the deal.  We understand attraction marketing and develop relationships with people prior to doing business with anyone.

So is FB doing what it’s supposed to do?  Yes, in terms of this, in my opinion.  Although I don’t agree with everything they do, I do understand Jail is meant to protect people.  Without these controls (just like any other business or social environment), things could get out of hand.  So for anyone reading this, here are some:

Tips To Keep Yourself Out of Facebook Jail

  1. The best protection is to read the policies and understand them.
  2. Don’t spam or send out unsolicited emails or requests for anything
  3. Don’t send out mass mail, inbox, posts, or requests
  4. Don’t send out too many friend requests at one time
  5. Don’t send out inappropriate content, videos, movies
  6. Avoid posting graphic violence and threats, bullying or harassing anyone

Over To You

So what do you think?  I’m curious as to the opinions of others as I have no way of gauging if I’m being insensitive to those who are not in business and just want to socialize.  Share your honest opinion.  Maybe it will help us all understand.







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  1. says

    Hi Barbara.

    How are you?

    Coming to your blog from the blog of Adrienne Smith.

    That is some amazing stats that you have regarding FB…how did you manage to get so much info?

    Thanks for sharing.

    Take care.

    Best wishes and regards.
    Veena 🙂

  2. says

    Hey Barbara,

    I’ve never heard the term “Facebook jail” but I know that people can get banned for doing certain things. I get friend requests all the time and for the most part I don’t respond to any of them, even people I know because they didn’t send me a message telling me why we should connect on my personal page instead of my business page.

    I’m sure that people only on Facebook for fun just don’t understand these rules but obviously they don’t understand what spammers are either. They probably think those are real people who really want to be their friends. I think if you’re online like we are it’s much more obvious.

    Facebook isn’t perfect and we’re not always happy with their rules but it’s not up to us right!

    I’m sure this will turn some heads. Thanks for sharing and bringing this up, I’ll be sure to share this post too.

    Adrienne recently posted…A BIG Twitter Mistake: Are You Doing This?My Profile

    • says

      Hi Adrienne,

      I hear this term all the time. It’s funny because only the ones who go to ‘FB jail’ complain about it LOL! I’m like you. I don’t respond to requests unless I know them or have associated friends. As you know since my line dance associates are so big, I get a lot of requests but they’re pretty easy to spot. So are the spammers.

      You’re right. A request for friendship should come with a note on how I know you, otherwise, I don’t know you…you know what I mean!

      It’s true there is so much confusion around Facebook rules, but the people who come to socialize are not aware until they get hit. Nor or the new spammers, although they find out soon enough. Unfortunately, they think ‘everyone’ wants to be there friend. Not!

      Thanks for sharing. It’s very interesting to see if others realize there is a Facebook jail!

      Take care and have a good one.

  3. says

    Hi Barbara,

    I too will block and report those who can go to Facebook Jail. It just happened to me before I came to your post. It was on my business page of all places. Some guy with a mask started putting one of my posts down. Now, I don’t mind if someone disagrees, but do it in an ethical way.

    As you probably know, I run contests every week on my FB Page. It is all part of a marketing plan. Anyway, this guy dissed it so bad and was so angry…I blocked and reported him. Also mentioned on my FB page that this is a place of business, not a place for spammers.

    As for FB friend requests – that’s been going on for such a long time because of the misuse of bots trying to friend everything. It raises a red flag to Facebook. I won’t request more than 4 or 5 people when I join a group. I do it every other day to stay safe.

    I had to laugh at those people you mentioned above trying to be my man! The trick they are using lately is telling us how wonderful we are and to friend them or even email them. NOT!

    When it comes to business, I don’t mind paying to play there. If one knows how to market within Facebook Guidelines, it is pretty profitable these days. Who knows when they will change the rules.

    But for me, Facebook Jail is heaven!

    donna merrill recently posted…Building Character For Online SuccessMy Profile

    • says

      LOL Donna! I agree. Facebook Jail is heaven. It keeps FB at some level of socialization and for those who want to do business and do it right, it keeps all the crazy spammers and solicitors away from us doing business the right way.

      I too get those crazy people trying to be my man and email them! Are they crazy?! Uh, yes!

      I do the same as you too. I never do more than 4 or 5 requests for friends. I agree that is about the norm and is safe. I couldn’t want to test any more than that.

      Sylviane and I were talking just tonight on even inboxes are monitored on FB for various reasons.

      Anyway, I’m glad there are some controls. Sometimes I think they should do more – some of the videos are outrageous and inappropriate and although they do get reported, I’m sure, I don’t think they should even be allowed to be posted.

      Anyway, thanks for your opinion and I’m glad you feel the same way I do. Didn’t know how well this article would be received.

      Miss ya. Hope we can chat soon.

  4. says

    Hello Barbara Charles,

    Yes.. Facebook is certainly jail. The modern people are bound to this jail. But Facebook has both bad & good effects. We need to take good one & avoid bad one.

    Facebook helped lots of people to earn but again helped to destroy themselves

    Anyway Happy Facebooking 🙂

  5. says

    Hi Barbara,
    I’ve always known of jail as a place to put people to control their behavior.
    I had not heard of Facebook jail, but having it explained the way you did, it makes sense that people who violate their policies face the penalty. Good thing it’s temporary, but one would think that Facebook keeps track of how many times someone had been thrown in jail and could easily make it permanent.

    Funny you mention getting requests from men all over the place. I get the same kind of mail from women from all over wanting me to email to their private address. Can’t they at least read my profile that tells them I’m married?

    Have a great week !
    William Butler recently posted…Release These 17 Things And Finally Be HappyMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Bill,

      You’ve got the perfect description of jail – FB also controls the behavior of people. I’ve heard them call it Facebook jail for a long time now. In particular, I’ve been in groups where people get banned on a regular basis for breaking the rules, adding tons of people at one time (too many friend requests is usually the culprit) and if the people don’t respond, the requests keep adding up so a person could literally be in there for a while! Then there are the spammers, or the people we report. I don’t think they even get notifications either from what I hear.

      Anyway, yes I imagine that men get the requests from women too, but guess what – I get them from women too! LOL! I agree, it doesn’t matter what you status is Married or not! I think there ultimate goal is to get money or something else. I literally get 5 a day of those requests. Anyway, I just delete them now. Not worth the time and effort to even report them as spam because as soon as you do, another takes their place.

      Anyway, I thought it was interesting. Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate it.
      You have to great week too!

  6. says


    That term “Facebook jail” about says it all!LOL!

    I literally burst out laughing when I read it! Because some of those clueless spammers
    just can’t control themselves otherwise!

    You made some excellent points! I’m so glad I decided to read your post! Thanks for
    sharing it!

    Maybe Fb needs to raise the bail requirements on all those sent to FB jail in the future!LOL

    Because it would sure make the rest of us, lives so much more stress free!
    Mark recently posted…Twitter Advertising: Three Simple Things You Can Do Right Now To Out Tweet Your Competition!Part TwoMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Mark,

      Glad you liked the article! 🙂 Yeah, I always get a kick out of a spammer (some who have personally spammed me), complain about FB jail. Yet, they don’t get it. Others, however, are just plain innocent in that they just want to socialize and don’t understand why ’cause they probably don’t deal with spammers or they just ignore them.

      I’ve heard it call FB jail many times. Ask someone who’s been there lol! Some of them get banned for up to 30 days and still don’t know why so they continue to ‘go’ to jail. Poor things. 🙁

      I agree, it makes our lives stress free. Now, if only everyone would gt a clue.
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Appreciate it. Have a good week.

  7. says

    Hi Barbara

    Great post and clarification. I hear it all the time lately. I get the men thing too and like Bill not sure why they cannot see I am married. I even had a guy from Poland on the weekend send me a message and wanted to know if we could be friends. He then went on with the whole looking for a soul mate type things. I politely told him I was married. He then asked me why I was on fb then!!! I told him it is not a dating site and maybe that is what he should join. He then told me he was not that desperate. LOL

    I also heard someone got told they could not like or comment on posts for so many days. I cannot figure that one.

    Thanks for a great post.

    Sue Price recently posted…Reinventing Yourself: Life After 50My Profile

    • says

      Hi Sue,

      Yes, the married or in a relationship status does nothing for some of these people. They honestly believe FB is for dating. I’ve told a few people the same thing. I don’t know what there problem is or they think dating sites have a bad rap, but they will get banned if they keep up that behavior and thrown in FB jail. I certainly turn them in if they keep harassing me.

      FB can be a wonderous place but the people can make it tough on those of us who are working or those who just want to socialize.

      I’ve never heard of them getting FB Jail regarding not liking or commenting on posts. They must have done something pretty bad then uh? Go figure.

      You’re welcome and I hope you’re doing well.
      Talk soon,

  8. says

    Hey Barbara,

    I do have to say, that although I hated it at the time, but facebook jail helped guide me to become a better internet marketer than before.

    Before Facebook laid out all the rules and regulations and regards to spam and friend requests, I was taking advantage of what I called now “The facebook wild wild west”. You could do practically anything and everything early in 2010.

    Then all of a sudden, things changed. Things got stricter. I couldn’t do the same things as before. When I did, I was put into their jail for a couple of days. But this is what had to be done to me in order for me to get that “Aha” moment! So I thank facebook for this disciplinary !
    sherman smith recently posted…Using an SEO Checklist To Generate TrafficMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Sherman,

      Wow. That’s heavy duty! But you turned a bad experience into a postive one and learned from it. You’re right, FB has changed since 2010. Although I was on FB, I didnt use it for business, only occassional interaction. I guess as it grew, it had to put rules in place so that’s a good thing. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. For you, you got it. But many others don’t. Hopefully, they too will see the light and appreciate how it can help them be better entrepreneurs.

      You’re awesome for sharing that. Thanks.

  9. says

    Hi Barbara,

    I’m so annoyed by those people who think that Facebook is a dating platform and send me stupid messages like “I like your smile.” and other stupidities. I certainly don’t mind Facebook banning those people.

    One thing that I don’t know how to do is getting rid of them. Is there a delete button so we can say good by to those annoyances? 🙂

    Thank you for explaining Facebook jail to us.
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted…Step By Step To Write Your Press ReleaseMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Sylviane,

      I’m with you. It’s very frustrating. I have no idea where people get that FB is a dating site. Weird. I agree their stupidities are soooo annoying and I think they deserve to be banned!

      Delete button! Hahahaha! Good idea! 🙂

      Barbara Charles recently posted…Facebook Jail – Heaven or HellMy Profile

  10. says

    Hi Barbara, I’m glad they have the policies in place. I get tired of spammers always trying new ways to get into our businesses and personal stuff. I’ve gotten a lot of requests from bloggers I only met once on the blog and I usually don’t accept those requests unless I’ve gotten to know them over time. It reminds me a little of Twitter jail but FB jail sounds like it is easier to get out of 🙂
    Thanks for explaining how it works Barbara. Have a great day!
    Lisa recently posted…Denied – A Follow Up Post on a Google Panda Update PenaltyMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Lisa,

      Me too. If they didn’t have these things in place, FB would be over run with spammers and potential daters (hahahaha!).

      I’m with you. I typically don’t respond to anyone requesting friendship until I know them or know they’ve been sent to me from someone I know personally. I didn’t know about Twitter jail, but maybe FB should have some stiffer rules to ‘get out of jail.’ Maybe some of the craziness would stop. 😉

      Thanks for stopping by,
      Barbara Charles recently posted…Facebook Jail – Heaven or HellMy Profile

  11. says


    I never heard about Facebook Jail before. After read your post I get a bit idea about Facebook Jail. I do have to say, that although I hated it at the time, but facebook jail helped guide me to become a better internet marketer than before. Thanks for sharing Barbara 🙂

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