Content Is King – Maybe?

IsContentKingAlthough it is the current buzz word in internet marketing, I find the terms ‘content marketing’ or ‘content is king’ to be somewhat ambiguous in that it doesn’t fully explain all that is involved.

As per  Wikipedia, content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers.

We all read blogs that talk about this but newbies to internet marketing  need to understand that ‘content is king’ is not all of the equation!  Why?  Because just ‘the content’ can’t get you to become a customer.

What gets me to become a customer includes a number of things.

Getting to Know The Blogger

When the writer interacts with me and helps me get to know who they are, then I am likely to buy from them in the future.  A relationship with the writer will show me if he or she will consistently provide pertinent information that affects or helps me, builds a trust level and  helps me see exactly who the writer is.

The blogger’s job is to engage me in conversation via comments, via email, phone, etc. and help me relate to him or her.

Providing content is part of the ‘getting-to-know-you-process.”  If I don’t know you, I will not randomly buy anything from you.

You know the old saying ‘Customers need to know you, like you and trust you’ before they buy anything from you.  That was one of the first things I learned in network marketing.  (I had a good teacher/mentor!)

So providing content that is relevant to the reader is a critical piece of online marketing. Following up and interacting with your visitors helps them get to know you better so they trust you.

Developing The  Relationship

How do you develop a relationship with your visitors?  Finding out what they need, want and expect, providing a listening ear when they need it and working with them to know who you are. To do that requires interaction and dialogue.  How?

  1. Social media is the most likely online place for interaction through Facebook, Twitter or the tons of others out there.  Make sure you are on some of the social media platforms and start your interacting.   Ready, set, go!  🙂
  2. I was taught FORM.  When you talk to them (either online or in person), discuss “family, occupation,  recreation, and the message.”

These items are the basic relationship builders between people.  Think about it – as you develop relationships or friendship outside business, aren’t these the first key items you talk about?

These topics provide an instant connection among conversationalists drawing people together on similarities in their lives, family, children, occupation, life goals, plans and recreation thereby cementing a connection.

Eventually, your message and what you do will come out.  It’s all natural and not “salesey!”  Subtlety is the key.  No one likes to be sold to even though that is our ultimate goal to online marketing.

The Key Is Trust

You trust me? by thelittleanimals

If someone goes shopping, people usually ‘trust’ the store they are in.  Macy’s has a trusted reputation and if a person goes there, they are already halfway there for a sale.

But in an online marketing, network marketing or direct sales world, we don’t have that assurance of trust. We don’t have the years of relationship building Macy’s has developed over the years.  People ‘trust’ Macy’s.

Getting to know your visitors requires more work because we are not face to face and our interactions are limited through time, distance and space. 

Is There An Equation To Follow?

Yes.  The equation should go something like Blog + Great Content + Relationship = Marketing Relationship = Customer = Sales

It’s a long equation – just like the process.  So many people come online thinking Blog + Customer = Sales, not realizing  you have to get the customer to your blog first, then build a relationship that may lead to a sale.  Although content marketing has a proven track record, it is hard work and takes time.

Let me repeat that! It takes time!  The first time I come across your blog it allows me to see if you have something along the lines of what I want. 

If the content is good and what I was looking for, I will likely come back.  That’s a good sign and maybe the beginning of something beautiful!

Getting The Business and Customer Loyalty

Following the equation above will ultimately reward us with a person’s business and loyalty.

So to rehash, here are the following tips to content is king and developing a relationship with your potential customers/clients:

  • Of course, create good content to get them to your website.
  • Spend time developing the relationship with people who come to your website.
  • Interact with them on social media platforms.
  • Use Aweber or an Autoresponders to get them additional information and more relationship building.
  • Remember not to ‘sell’, but focus on information and interactions.
  • Try practicing FORM to develop relationships.
  • Offer them valuable information that will help them confirm you as someone they can trust and someone they can come to when they need advice, a friend or information.

Content maybe king but without developing a relationship with your readers, all your work may not be of any good use.

What has been your experience?  Please share your story and let us know.









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  1. says

    Greetings Barbara,
    Thank you for an informative post!

    I agree with you about relationships. I learned early on in running my own computer business years ago that it may take you years to nurture and cultivate a relationship with a customer, but only seconds to lose that.

    I believe that communicating with love in ones heart leads to earned respect and fosters trust.

    I had never heard of the FORM acronym before, but I sure like it! (I enjoy creating mirrored meaning acronyms.)

    All the best to you for a great weekend and week ahead!
    William Butler recently posted…Autumn Is My Favorite Time Of YearMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Bill,

      I learned about FORM years ago and I always thought it made a world of sense. As noted it is important in developing relationships to learn about the people we are communicating with. All of these things are important to know about the people we meet as it brings us closer together with them ensuring trust and respect, as you stated so eloquently above.

      Thank you.
      Barbara Charles recently posted…The Effectiveness of Advertising Frequency?My Profile

  2. says

    Hi Barbara, yes it’s one thing to create content but to interact with people via that content is another thing all together. It seems when people get “big” lots of comments and views and sales they stop the commenting process thinking that they no longer need it. I find it helps to know what areas you need to write more content about and develop more relationships with readers. It sure will give some folks more food for thought Barbara!
    Lisa recently posted…Bing Webmaster Tools – How They Differ From Google’s ToolsMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Lisa,

      This is the 2nd time I’ve heard someone say this, i.e., people get big and stop commenting. That seems weird to me but I know it to be true. I guess at that point, maybe people have built their business and feel that it’s no longer necessary.

      But to me, we should always be developing our relationships and building our business and that requires consistently commenting. It’s just good business to continue to build and work toward our goals.

      I’m hoping that we all understand how important it is to constantly build to have constant business. At least that’s what I think.

      Thanks for your comments.
      Barbara Charles recently posted…The Effectiveness of Advertising Frequency?My Profile

  3. says

    Hi Barbara,
    Enjoyed this post and I agree about the importance of engagement based marketing. Today, where social media based marketing is so dominant, entrepreneurs do need to remember these lessons. Today’s marketing is based on a two way communication between consumer and the brand. Without that, the loyalty is hard to establish.

    Speaking of content marketing, I take “content is king” from the perspective of content which is created. A content which isn’t created for the purpose of adding value to the reader, isn’t going to fetch any return on the investment of time and money by the blogger no matter how great they are at relationships and engagement. People aren’t simply going to engage with an entrepreneur whose content isn’t worth their time.
    So, the content is still the king because relationship building and engagement really depends on the foundation of the content a blogger is creating. I take content as a foundation on which all other aspects of marketing depends. What do you say about that?

    Kumar Gauraw recently posted…World Heart Day – 5 Commitments For A Healthy HeartMy Profile

  4. says

    I’ve always hated that term “Content is King” Barbara .

    So the bottom line is that without the content the conversation usually doesn’t even start so it’s the opener. It’s what gets people interested in what you share. The comments can help further the conversation but actually speaking with the person is how you can take it even further. I’ve gotten to know people and trust them just through interacting on their blogs but also via email without ever having picked up the phone or doing a Google Hangout. It just takes longer for me to get to know them but it’s definitely possible.

    I think taking it that step further with the phone call, Google Hangout or Skype call lets you know that person is there for you and a lot more available. Especially if you’re building a network marketing team because that’s so important.

    To me blogging is what can get the ball rolling but the interaction with the reader or prospects whether it’s on your blog or social media has to continue. A hello here or there’s not going to cut it.

    Great advice Barbara and you should know girl! 😉

    Have a good weekend.

    Adrienne recently posted…Thankful Thursday: Blog Traffic, Tools, Reviews, History & CommentsMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Adrienne,

      Everything you say is true. You’ve so eloquently stated the truth in that the conversation between people will not even start up if you don’t have content to start the conversation and that it’s the content that gets people interested in the first place. I absolutely also agree that using Google Plus and Skype makes interactions so much more easy now that we have face to face communication over the globe. As we just discussed in our hangout last night, face to face interaction helps us get to know one another. It’s so much easier and better.

      Blogging is the introduction for the relationships we are developing and if we provide enough info to keep a person curious and interested enough to get to know us better, we are on our way to trust and so much more. I love that we can know and communicate with people from all over the world.

      Thanks for stating everything so clearly.

  5. says

    Hi Barbara!

    This reminds me of Mary Smith’s saying “Content is King, but Engagement is Queen, and She rules the house” Very true statement that we all must keep in mind.

    Of course we need good content, but even through our comments on our blog we can build relationships. We have to engage with others in order to gain that trust like you gave in the example above of Macy’s. We start from our blogs, then go into all the social media platforms to get to know one another. We can resonate with people from their experience as well as their sense of humor on Facebook for example.

    The main thing is, we do need to get to know one another. OK…now I’m singing “Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…..” he he he

    Donna Merrill recently posted…EMDR TherapyMy Profile

    • says

      ROLF! Donna you are too funny! But that song is sooooo appropriate! 🙂 Getting to know you starts with our content. After all, what else do we have online. It’s not like we can see each other’s faces (although we do have the ability to do that now with Google Hangout and Skype and such), but initially, it starts with the content in our blogs and working slowly, but steadily toward ‘getting to know you.’ Ha – now I’m gonna have that song stuck in my head all day! 🙂

      I like Mary Smith’s saying ‘Engagement is Queen’ for sure. 🙂
      Thanks my friend for your experience, your comments and as always, your wit! 🙂
      Lov ya,

  6. says

    Hello Ms. Barbara
    Is content King? Well I think it’s the beginning in getting started, but as I am learning,this is not any different then building relationships outside of the blogging world.
    As a minister with a company of believers, before I can impact them spiritually, I win their trust and love.

    Again, content sure does get things started.

    Barbara,as always your post is interesting and informative.

    Thank you
    Gladys posted..Five Internal Tools To Help You Forgive
    Gladys recently posted…Five Internal Tools To Help You ForgiveMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Gladys,

      Thanks so much. Of course, content is king. Has to be. Content is what gets a person to our website because they are interested in what we have to say. That is the beginning of a long, beautiful relationship and as they start to trust us, they continue to come back over and over again. The beginning of a beautiful relationship. 🙂

      Thanks so much. Talk soon,

  7. says

    Hi Barbara,

    Pleasure to meet you here at your blog and btw great content.

    I think trust is the KEY. If our readers don’t trust us it more likely they won’t come back for more. That’s for sure.

    As far as content is concerned I’m more to say YES, content is king. Without an amazing content that relates to our readers there is no communication, no relationship. After all we have to give them reason to come back and if they don’t find the content interesting enough…well it’s then one way street.

    Thanks Barbara for sharing this post, I enjoyed it.

    Dragan Palla recently posted…Why Blogging Lets You Stay Ahead of the CurveMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Dragan,

      Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate you visit. Content is key that is for sure. I read a response the other day to a post I’d done and it was evident to me that the reader did not understand what I was trying to say in the post.

      That is a direct reflection upon me and my content. It means to me that I need to clarify and write another post. Hopefully the reader will come back and see it. But that’s how important content is and it is up to us to make a change if we recognize that that the content was not received well or understood.

      Content is important to keep them coming back.
      Again, thanks for vising. Hope you come back as well.


  8. says

    Thanks Barbara for writing such a useful post. I loved the equation you have provided in the post. This is exactly correct. People buy only from you when they know you and trust you. That trust building is your work as to how you build relationship with them by using different ideas.

    Not in the online world, I believe relationship is biggest factor for any business sucsess.

    This is my first visit to your blog and had a pleasant stay here. Hope to see you soon on my blog too. 🙂
    Atish Ranjan recently posted…How to Make Money through Blogging?My Profile

    • says

      Hi Atish,

      Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. Nice to meet you. 🙂

      Yes building relationships will keep people coming back to your blog, as much as providing great content. Trust is critical to business, but I think people undermine it. Once it’s learned thought, it will clearly make a difference.


  9. says


    I love your equation for making a sale online. That makes it so clear. There is a lot of steps between writing content and making a sale. I don’t think I have ever seen it put quite like that.

    Many people say “content is King” but as you stated that is only the start. Without good content it is true you will not get anyone to even try to sell to. Great content is only the beginning though. If you stop there you will not make it online.

    I love your comparison to Macys. Macys worked very hard for years to get the reputation they have now. We also have to work hard in order to get a reputation.

    Great post and very good advice.

    Dee Ann
    Dee Ann Rice recently posted…WordPress Text EditorMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Dee Ann,

      Nice to see you here again! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked the points I made. It’s confirmation that I am on the right page. By using the equation, hopefully, this will help others to understand that there is more to getting people to the website and then automatically making a sale. It’s just not that easy! I wish! 🙂

      Appreciate the support and understanding. Hope you are well and have a great day.

      Barbara Charles recently posted…Who Do You Follow on Twitter?My Profile

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