Are Trolls Visiting Your Blog?

ID-100211293Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!  Yes, and Trolls!  Are trolls visiting your blog?   Well, let’s talk about if trolls are visiting your blog and why it may be important to you!

First, let’s define what a troll is.  No, not the ugly little creatures, typical to fairy tales and horror stories (most of you know I love fantasy and such!).

I’m also *not* talking about the trolls who actively engage people in online debates and harassment.

I’m talking about people who troll, read your blog, read your content on Facebook and who do not actively engage in conversation or commenting with you, yet they follow you and are interested in your content and your information.

Trolls are good because it means you’re getting traffic to your blog whether they engage in interaction with you are not.  Trolls visiting your blog are GOOD! Smile

You may not even know they are reading or visiting your blog as they typically are non-commenters. Approximately 41.3 percent of Internet users are “non-commenters,” according to one article I read, meaning they didn’t like engaging online at all, but will read your posts.

I came across this just last week when a friend of mine, Donna Merrill was contacted by someone who wanted to meet with her.  Donna reached out to me and asked if I knew the person because he said he visited my blog all the time to learn about Internet Marketing.

Well, I thought that was great, but I was unfamiliar with the name she gave me.  I checked my blog for commenters to see if I had interaction with him and I had none.  I checked my Facebook friends to see if he was a friend.  He was totally unfamiliar to me.

ID-10090954Anyway, long story short Donna spoke with him and found out he was interested in business and was basically looking for info and help in marketing and such and now they are talking as he is interested in her product, as well as, learning more about business!

So what’s the point of this story?

Welllll, we all receive traffic from people who we probably don’t know about.  If you look at Google Analytics, people coming to your blog are just a number and this number tells you nothing about the people who are visiting us and what they are looking for.  We can guestimate by the pages they’re viewing, but what do they really need and how can we help them without intimate contact?

Well, we can continue to do the following to develop and bond and trust between blogger and reader:

  • Provide excellent content to keep them coming back to your blog.
  • Create posts that are personable yet informative.  Personal posts, speaking directly to the reader, will bring a reader closer to you and help develop trust.
  • Don’t be surprised that many people are trolling/following you.  That’s what we want.
  • Answer all your comments on your posts.  You never know who is reading your posts and seeing how you interact with other people.  How you interact with others will also help develop trust with your other readers.
  • Stay consistent (something I need to work on).  Life sometimes gets in our way and we have to stop for a second, but try to keep your posts current to make sure everyone who visits will always come back!

So are trolls visiting your blog?  Trolling means someone is investing their time to visit your blog and read your content.  Trolling means traffic to your website!

Remember, people are watching us and developing trust and faith in you as they read your blog.

Continue to build that trust by keeping your blog an informative and friendly place to visit.  If people are trolling your blog, be very happy!




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    Great post Barbara! I like getting comments because I get to interact with my friends and readers, however, I do also pay very close attention to my traffic that comes to my page, how long they stayed, and what posts they read. Not everyone likes to comment or wants to put their Name out there on the web but just knowing that people are reading, is very satisfying!

    Thanks for sharing a bit of inspiration on this Monday morning!
    Brenda Lee recently posted…The Man Diary: Man Boner #1My Profile

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    Hi Barbara,

    That was a hoot wasn’t it? I’m sure glad you came up with this post. It only goes to show us that there are many people who are reading our blogs that we will never know. Sometimes they won’t comment because they don’t have a blog of their own, or are too shy.

    Sometimes they won’t leave a comment, and we will never know but they are following us and that’s a good thing. I remember asking you and you had no idea of who this person was. When I met him he was a wonderful person trying to learn more and admired what you wrote.

    I have had similar experiences. People would call me up and say they read my stuff all the time and want to join me in a venture. When I searched around, I found no connections.

    Moral of the story: we have to keep in mind that whatever we write, is out there. We may have more readership than we know. And that’s a good thing.

    Thanks for illustrating this Barbara!

    donna merrill recently posted…4 Essential Steps Of Affiliate BloggingMy Profile

    • says

      Hey Donna,

      Actually you were the one who gave me the idea for this post, so thank you! 🙂 You inspired me when you told me about this gentleman and I realized that this probably happens quite often…more than we know. And the truth is, we do have more readers than we know. This situation proved it and allowed us to educate others to the fact as well. Blogging is awesome isn’t it!

      My pleasure in illustrating…it was a lesson for me.
      Talk soon,

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    Yep, I get plenty of trolls and although I would really love for them to leave comments on my posts Barbara and interact there, an email is just as good if that’s the route they prefer to take.

    I do get a lot of emails from people who are on my list and they read my posts but like some people they aren’t comfortable with commenting. I use to be like that so I can understand. If I can help them though through other methods I’m perfectly fine with that.

    So although people might come our blogs and think “well they don’t have enough comments so they must not be important” this post just proves that’s not always the case. We can’t change who people are but we can make it comfortable for them to reach out to us in any way they feel the most comfortable doing.

    Ah, we all love these kinds of trolls so bring them on.

    Thanks for the post girl and have a great week. Hope to see you later in the week.

    Adrienne recently posted…You Lose Traffic And Credibility When You Ignore These Easy StepsMy Profile

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      Hi Adrienne,

      I understand completely. I was just like that. I read a lot but wasn’t comfortable commenting. I definitely agree that we have to make them comfortable enough to continue to visit because you never know when they will reach out to you for something. As you said, you get lots of emails and I think that is so cool.

      I’m working on it now and at least I know people are coming to the blog and reading. That’s awesome. I always did like trolls lol!

      Will definitely see you this week. Can’t wait to chat.
      Talk soon,

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    Hi Barbara,
    Are trolls visiting your blog? How do you know you don’t have some mythical cave dwellers reading this post? 😉

    According to the traffic I receive, I get a lot of unique visitors to my website, and I think it’s good for people to discover who you are and what you’re about. That’s the value in sharing.

    Kind Regards,
    William Butler recently posted…13 Essential Vitamins For Personal SuccessMy Profile

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    Hey Barbara,

    I had quite a few trolls in my years of blogging. Some people will just call me out of the blue and I wouldn’t have the slightest idea of who they are.. They were usually interested in starting a blog or one of the affiliate programs I promoted. When this happens to anyone, it shows how great your content is and how well you interact with people as you mentioned. Thanks for sharing!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…What Do Sitemaps Have To Do With Generating Traffic?My Profile

    • says

      Absolutely Sherman. It’s a thrill to know that people are actually reading our blogs, even if they say nothing. I love that there are trolls patrolling our blogs! It means we’re doing something right/write! 😉

      Stay blessed and have a good week.

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    Thankfully I have a lot of trolls coming to my blog! I simply don’t have the time to comment on a hundred blogs hoping they will return the favor and comment on mine; that’s never been my criteria for success, thankfully.

    I hear from someone occasionally who has made a recipe and loved it and will say, ‘I’ve been following your blog for years but just had to let you know….’ and I’m delighted. Those faithful followers are what I want and who I do this for; even if I don’t have a clue who they are!

    • says

      Hi Barbara,

      And therein is the secret. To get them coming to our posts over and over again, even if they say nothing. That means we are providing great content and information to them and that is the ultimate goal isn’t it. Love it and thanks for sharing. It gives others encouragement and let us know the truth about good blogging and what it means to have trolls visiting us. 🙂

      Take care,

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    Hi Barbara,

    I think that’s the first time ever I read a post on this topic. So great idea here.

    Of course, we get actually more people reading our blogs who do not comment than those who do. This is the story of my list, basically. Most people on my list who read my blogs have never, ever commented.

    When I write my posts, to tell you the truth, I’m actually speaking more to those people I do not know out there than the few who actually comment. So, yes, trolls are good 🙂
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted…How To Create Your Own Cool Customized Photos For Your BlogMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Sylviane,

      Thanks. 🙂 It was a revelation to me that people are actually reading our posts without ever leaving a comment or interacting. News to me so I had to share. I figure a lot of people don’t know this. But I can see your point to in that we have to write to those who are not commenting as well. I know I never used to comment on any blog. Got my information and then kept on going. But I would also go back, just never interact. Funny how weird this seems but it’s a fact.

      This has definitely caused me to change my perception and how I will write from now on. My audience has now become more expansive and I need to adjust to that.

      Trolls are definitely good as it gave me more insight and inspiration to write more to a wider audience!
      Have a blessed week.

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    Wow! such a real post Barbara 😉

    I had a comment last week from someone who said she’s been reading my blog for long but just decided to leave a comment on that particular post. I was excited to know that they are people who don’t just come from search engines and then leave. The hang on every time there is a new item on your blog.

    Yes, from the stats in GA, we understand a lot of people are just reading silently. That’s still very important as you mentioned and it’s important too to keep them trolling. One day, they will burst out 😉

    Do have a wonderful week
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Affiliate Marketing Training Videos – Market Research and KeywordsMy Profile

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      Hi Enstine,

      That’s the important thing for sure. I was pleasantly surprised when Donna told me someone was visiting. Although comments are important, it’s the only way we know if someone has visited, I truly understand the desire to just get the information I need and move on.

      I just wish there were more ways to know that others are reading. We may be able to help them better if we knew. But I was thrilled and hope that others are getting the necessary information they need.

      Barbara Charles recently posted…Are Trolls Visiting Your Blog?My Profile

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    Hey Barbara,

    I’ve suppose I’ve got a fair few Trolls visiting me because my views always surpass my comments. It never, ever would have occurred to me that they were called trolls though. Is that for real or just something you came up with for the post?

    I always reply to every comment left on my blogs. To me it would be rude not to. Sort of like inviting a guest into my home and then ignoring them while they were talking too me.
    Peter recently posted…World Cup And Responsible GamblingMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Peter,

      Trolls or trolling is a real internet expression. Although trolling is usually used very negatively as with someone causes negativity and dissension, trolls or people can also troll your blog. Follow you, read your blog, etc., without someone knowing. They may not leave comments or interact, but they come often to your blog and that is a good thing.

      Responding to your comments is always a positive thing. Good for you. Good luck with your blog.

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    Hi Barbara,

    I am glad you first explained what “Trolls” means because when I first read the title, I was asking what does she mean by trolls here.

    Great Post indeed and yes it is my first time seeing someone write about such a topic. But it is encouraging to know that there are trolls who visit our blogs. I can tell that there are trolls visiting my blog and just lurking without commenting and I am ok with that. Trolls are welcome any time as long as they are getting the help they need even if it is in a mute mode. lol

    Thanks for a great and inspiring post Barbara. Have a great rest of the week.

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous recently posted…6 Strategies To Establish Your Leadership CredibilityMy Profile

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    Hi Neamat,

    Exactly! People who visit our websites are always welcome and as you stated, I’m happy they are getting the information they need and eventually, they will reach out when the time is right! 🙂

    Have a blessed upcoming week.
    Barbara Charles recently posted…Are Trolls Visiting Your Blog?My Profile

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    Hi Barbara,

    I think it’s first time I am visiting here and truly it’s good to read this post.
    As you have mentioned that there is a greater percentage of the people who don’t comment at any blog. They just visit any blog and get the information they are required.
    We all want trolls, I totally agree with you. The main motive is to get the traffic to our blog.

    We should be happy to get these kind of people. But you know getting real people at our blog is always a good thing. We feel happy to communicate with the people in our comment section. Making human relationships matters a lot.

    Thanks for such a great post. 🙂
    Have a great weekend.

    Ravi Chahar recently posted…How To Do SEO Data Transfer When You Change Your Theme?My Profile

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