Six Reasons Why People Don’t Leave Comments On Your Blog

Image by Stuart Miles
Image by Stuart Miles

How many of you are having trouble getting people to leave comments on their blog?

Before I became a blogger, I never noticed ‘comments’ although I searched the Internet regularly for information and went to many blogs.

Now that I’m a blogger myself and know the importance of comments, I try to return the favor to people who have visited my blog.

Comments tell your readers that you are engaged with others.  I know when I visit a post and there are no comments, in the back of my head I ask why?  

As people visit your blog and interact with you through comments, your relationship with your readers will grow, as well as, your website traffic and your reputation. 

There are some things that I noticed that I think are some of the reasons why people don’t leave comments.  If we can figure out ‘why’, then we can fix it and start obtaining those comments.

So here are 6 reasons why people may not be leaving comments on your blog.

1.  No call to action to ‘leave a comment’ or interact with the writer.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this from experienced bloggers.  It’s been in every course and every experienced blogger will tell you to ‘put in a call to action.’

Many people have told me that they just didn’t think about leaving a comment for various reasons like they didn’t feel that anyone would be interested in what they had to say, so they did nothing.

Tell the reader you’d like to hear from them.  It definitely makes a difference because they will at least pause and think about it before leaving your page.

2.  Your blog has no comments

Image by Renjith Krishnam
Image by Renjith Krishnam

I know people I talk to are hesitant to be the first one to leave a comment on what appears to be an unpopular or new blog.  We judge immediately that the value of the post or content is not valuable to people.  Maybe a bit harsh, but that’s what happens.  But hey, we all had to start somewhere even if the blog is new – leave a comment! 🙂

3.   You have to login to leave a comment.  This will  immediately stop me from leaving a comment for two reasons:

  • It’s  troublesome.  With the world of hackers and spammers running rampant on the Internet, for me it becomes a matter of security.  I do not want to leave my information ‘just at any old post,’ especially if I have not been engaged with the writer or know the writer yet.
  • It also becomes time consuming.  When I am syndicating, because of my busy schedule, I schedule a certain time frame to keep to my schedule.  If my goal that day is to syndicate 10 blogs, then anything  that slows me down is a deterrent.  Hence, I may not leave a comment. I know many others who feel the same way. 

4.  Your comment has to be approved by an Admin.

One thing that bothers me is that after I’ve read through a post and I type in my comment, it’s disappointing when it comes back and tells me it has to be approved by an admin.

I understand that it is because of security protecting against spammers and hackers.  But hackers and spammers  may find a way in anyway and if you have good security (yes even if you have to pay for it), spam should be caught and hackers should be stopped.

5.  Writers do not follow-up and answer comments back.  

One thing I was taught is to answer ‘every’ person who leaves  a comment on my blog.  I know one awesome blogger who gets over 100’s of comments regularly and she answers ‘every single person’ who leaves a comment on every one of her posts.  Needless to say, she and her blog are very popular!

Some bloggers don’t even know to go back and engage their readers or approve the posts, so your posts never shows up.  You now have lost a potential relationship  and this is what our blogs should be about in the first place.

6.  Your blog is boring or content is not valuable to the reader.

About 5 months ago, I read a post from a friend of mine that asked if ‘your blog was boring.’  Since I was receiving little to no comments, I immediately re-evaluated by blog and based on her input in her post,  determined that the answer was ‘Yes.’  My blog was boring! 🙁

Instead of being upset or disappointed, I took the opportunity to make a major change to my writing and my topics and almost immediately turned it around so that comments were being left, blogger interaction increased and so did visitor traffic.

Well, those are six reasons why people will not leave comments on your blog.

It’s important to know and make changes as necessary to get people to comment as it provides two way communication between you and your readers.  It provides social proof and is a prime way to development relationships with people with whom you want to interact.





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    Hi Barbara

    Now I am the first to comment today LOL. Oh I remember the days when I started blogging and virtually no one commented. It is like you are talking to yourself.

    I was part of a syndication group very soon and things got better.

    I agree with all of your points except the approved by admin. I was taught that it is good practice to have someone’s first comment approved. Even though I have spam protection I get some comments still that I do not want on there. I had one today. I will be interested on what others say on this one.

    I also hate having to sign in to leave a comment. So usually I do not.

    Great info Barbara

    Sue Price recently posted…Being HappyMy Profile

    • says

      Hey Sue,
      Your time being ahead of us by 23+ hours is a benefit – you get to e first!!! I remember no one was commenting on my blog just like most of us when we first get started! And syndication groups help for sure. I’m glad I discovered them and they are the best. Wish I had time to do a lot more.

      Yes I agree that the first comment should be approved by the admin. I do that myself. I just wish I knew for sure if they were coming back to approve it? 🙂

      I’m glad that I’m getting agreement on why people don’t comment. It makes a better case for those who aren’t getting comments on their blogs yet. Hopefully, it will help others and they will get better results.
      Thanks Sue.
      Barbara Charles recently posted…Six Reasons Why People Don’t Leave Comments On Your BlogMy Profile

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    Hi Barbara.

    I agree with most of your list. I also don’t like to sign in. I mean, it’s a blog for crying out loud, not a membership site! I won’t sign in on principle.

    I’m fairly new to blogging. I’ve done a bit but didn’t really understand what it was for, then got sick of talking to myself so took a break. Now I’m posting more regularly and getting some comments which is lovely.

    Like Sue, I prefer to approve someone’s first comment. Once I know that they’re not a spammer, I’m happy for them to go straight on.

    Thanks for a great post

    • says

      Tru ‘dat Shan. It is a blog, not a membership site. What a pain that is? But I don’t sign in for security and having my info out there on the Internet. Even now on my new blog, I’m getting tons of spam and tons of junk mail from visiting other blog. I don’t even know where this junk mail comes from, but since I know it’s a new site and a new email address, I can directly relate it to my blog. Logging to a new site to leave a comment is a no-no for me.

      I do approve the first comment for people and that’s been working fine.
      Although I do love blogging, it is alot of working!
      Barbara Charles recently posted…How To Be A Successful BloggerMy Profile

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    Hey Barbara,

    I see a lot of me in what you shared. Back in my early days when no one visited my blog. Heck, I never left comments because no one asked me too! I know! You would think that it’s a given but newbies have no clue how this all works.

    Now I agree with the point of the commenting systems having to log into them. I have signed up with a few early on only because I had some good friends I wanted to support. But I will tell you that I hate Disque and Blogger for commenting. I just really do.

    Now the approving comments is one that I don’t mind and I’ll tell you why. My blog is actually set up so that you have to have two approved comments before it will automatically be approved. I want to catch those spammy suckers before they show up. I can blacklist them from every coming back and I never want them accidentally going through.

    Now unfortunately for some reason every single comment is going to moderation and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. It’s driving me insane but I don’t know what’s going on. I haven’t changed anything with my blog so for now there is nothing I can do about that. I personally think that those people who do keep them in moderation are just being careful. I don’t blame them at all, this is your property and it’s not to be abused.

    Great points here and I know you’re learned a lot about blogging so you are living proof of how this all works and how we can all turn things around. As you know, my blog was a ghost town for the first year and a half but I finally learned how to get noticed and it worked. It’s never too late to start.

    Thanks Barbara for sharing this with us. Great stuff here girl. You rock!

    Adrienne recently posted…Google Is At It AgainMy Profile

    • says

      Awwww Adrienne. You are always so supportive. I’ve learned quite a bit of what I know from you! I agree with the approving comments. I myself am set up to approve the first comment. I absolutely hate spam as I was, and am still getting alot of it, despite my filters, but they are going to the spam folder and I’m o.k. with that. And my blog was about the same – 1 1/2 yrs before I started getting traffic and comments! Guess it’s a learning thing if you keep at it!

      Now you’re saying that all comments are going into moderation – that’s weird especially since I know you know your stuff. Very weird. Let us know how it’s been resolved, because I have no doubt that you will get it resolved!

      Thanks for the support girl. You’re always there for us. Keep us posted on your issue.
      Shout out to another Diamond Peep!
      Barbara Charles recently posted…Six Reasons Why People Don’t Leave Comments On Your BlogMy Profile

    • says

      I remember you telling us your story Adrienne and how you didn’t know you were supposed to comment. Sometimes we just don’t think of the simplest things. I love your story because it inspires me to get to the success you have.

      I’m still working on getting those comments things resolved. It’s a bit weird but I’ll keep you posted. I’m loving this syndication thing though! 🙂
      Barbara Charles recently posted…How To Be A Successful BloggerMy Profile

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    A good comment section reminds me of hanging out at the kitchen at a party. It is where all the action is and where you hear the best stories.

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    Bloggers, regular Internet users are used to leaving comments on blogs. The ‘average’ Internet user is not used to commenting on blogs, especially if they have never visited the one they are reading at that moment.
    There is a barrier that holds them back from giving ‘any comment’. A blog should be inviting to the reader.
    Jan Bierens recently posted…Twitter Tactics – My Way or The HighwayMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Jan,

      I agree. A blog *should* be interesting and inviting. Without that, a reader will move on rather quickly. Sometimes I find myself just scanning the blog especially if it doesn’t catch my attention in the first paragraph or so and I definitely don’t feel obligated to leave a comment if I don’t find anything to comment on…and that has happened as well.
      It’s interesting you note a barrier that holds them back. Uhmmm. Sounds like another blog! 🙂
      Barbara Charles recently posted…How To Be A Successful BloggerMy Profile

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    Hi Barbara,
    I’ve been struggling with having people leave comments on my blog and my social media. I guess I better start checking my comment. 😉 I could be falling in that boring bracket. 🙂
    Lisa recently posted…Dairy Free Clam ChowderMy Profile

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    Hi Barbara,

    Comments are so important! We do need that “call to action” to encourage readers to comment. A good call to action is to give them a little nudge – something like “What are your thoughts on this? I really would like to know.” As an example.

    Joining a syndication group is a must when you start blogging so it gets a little kick start! Eventually, over time your comment section will grow.

    But…What won’t I comment on? Hmmm Firstly it would be a post selling something. What the heck am I supposed to say about that if I don’t know what it is? I’ll comment on a known blogger when they are politely telling me about a product, but not a stranger.

    As for waiting for the comment to be approved – I’ve been on some of those sites and comment anyway. Sometimes it is for their security reasons. I use CommentLuv and never have a problem with that.

    As for people not answering their comments? Hmmm that’s a difficult one. I know some bloggers that just don’t do that, but when leaving a comment on their blog, I had people coming over to my blog. It all depends on who that person is. I’m flexible with that one.

    Great post!

    Donna Merrill recently posted…10 WaysTo Set Coaching BoundariesMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Donna,
      Thanks for your input. Yes I think syndication groups are definitely the way to go. I didn’t even know about them until just recently and then I had to find the right one. Not much was happening until then. So the recommendation is that everyone should get into a syndication group! ha! I also agree with you that I won’t leave a comment when someone is outright selling. Anyway, hope this helps others who might be wondering why they can’t get comments. It’s just some things to consider.
      Have a happy Holy Week and Happy Easter,
      Barbara Charles recently posted…Six Reasons Why People Don’t Leave Comments On Your BlogMy Profile

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    Hi Barbara,

    I have no problem what so ever to be the first who comment on any blog as long as the post is valuable and calls for a comment. First is good. More people see you!

    I do not like to have to login into anything to leave a comment. I have been on blogs that would give you pure hell just to leave a darn comment.

    Now, I know many blogs that won’t ever approve your comment automatically and that’s for two reasons.
    1) I guess they prefer it that way, even though it’s a bit strange that they wouldn’t trust people who have come and come again. But I do know a few bloggers like that.
    2) They have a blog that has a mind of its own, like my own personal development blog, where the darn think WON”T approve comments even if I set it to do so a dozen and half time 🙂 So I gave up!

    Frankly, for me it’s easier to allow comments to go through for someone that has left at least three comments, but not always possible, unfortunately.

    Now, if the blog is really boring, unfortunately, no one is going to be willing to leave a comment.

    Great post, Barbara 🙂
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted…Beware Of Hubpages And How They Stabbed Me In The BackMy Profile

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    Hello Ms. Barbara
    Very interesting since I am still on the learning curve lane. LOL. I am learning from you that if someone leaves a comment, then I need to reply back to them. I did not know that.
    Now on the part of approving.. I think my blog has to be approved by me… but you know I have no clue how that is there, but after reading some of the post, it must be for security reasons.
    Thank you for a great post. I am still a newbie… but on the fast track lane

    Gladys recently posted Create a blueprint for life…you still have time
    Gladys recently posted…Create a blueprint for life…You still have timeMy Profile

    • says

      Yes Gladys you are on the fast track and learning quickly! You’re getting it and that’s what’s important. I know that some people don’t answer their comments. I’m saying that it’s about building relationships and answering their comments builds relationships. That’s our business as entrepreneurs. It works! You’ll see. 🙂 Hope you are well dear lady.
      Talk to you soon,
      Barbara Charles recently posted…Six Reasons Why People Don’t Leave Comments On Your BlogMy Profile

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    Barbara, I find it so ironic that no one comments on a new blog because they are no comments 🙂 I try to leave them if it’s a good written post. I remember being there in the beginning with no commentors and feeling lonely in the blogosphere.
    Some comment systems are hard with log-ins and I avoid those most of the time. Who has time to do another log -in?
    I don’t mind if they must approve comments, I understand the spam issues. I do love comment-luv the best, it’s the easiest to leave comments with.
    Lisa recently posted…Link Shy After The Latest Google Panda WorkingsMy Profile

    • says

      Hey Lisa,
      I agree with you 100%. It was very lonely out there when no comments were being given and it’s still hard to build up a good following. I thank you for leaving a comment since you leave comments for good written posts! 🙂 I absolutely hate having to login to comment – it just won’t happen and that’s sad for the people who are still lonely in the blogosphere (as you put it). One small change and it can change their loneliness out there! Comment luv rocks! We should pass the word so everyone can get with the program and we won’t have to worry about pain spam!
      Thanks for stopping by lady! 🙂
      Happy Easter,
      Barbara Charles recently posted…Six Reasons Why People Don’t Leave Comments On Your BlogMy Profile

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    Hi Barbara
    You have listed some good points, I love being the first to comment, it means that it will get read by mnay others 🙂
    I hate it too when you have to sign in, it makes me reluctant to leave a comment, I am not sure why people have that on their blog, to prevent spammers I suppose! I have mine set up so that a first comment must be approved by me then after that they automatically get approved, it has worked well so far with not too many spammers getting through.
    Thanks for sharing
    Pauline recently posted…Greek Festivals and Independance DayMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Pauline,
      Mine is set up the same way. I approve the first time someone comments and then thereafter they are free to post, however, I do watch it because some spammers can get in leaving a good comment the first time so I do try to read them and make sure they are o.k.

      I’m just utterly amazed that people still have that sign-in thingy for leaving a comment. That is just so irksome! Their comments could truly be increased if they got rid of that!
      Thanks for your input,
      Barbara Charles recently posted…Six Reasons Why People Don’t Leave Comments On Your BlogMy Profile

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    Comments are extremely important to a blog which makes knowing what makes people want to and not want to leave a comment important.

    I think the call to action is extremely important. Without the call to action people who are not bloggers do not know that you want comments. I have had some people leave a comment just because I gave a call to action.

    I personally do not comment on blogs where you have to sign in, in order to leave a comment. I see no reason for signing up for a blog to leave my comment. It takes time that I do not have in order to sign in every time. If I had to sign into every blog that I comment on I would not get very many comments made. I think it is important to make leaving a comment as easy as possible for your readers. You are asking them to use their time to comment on your post. Make it easy for them. The same goes for sharing your post. Make it as easy as possible. I will share a post if the owner has it set up so I can do it easily from their post. Other wise I just move on.

    Having my comment approved does not bother me. My blog is set up so the first one or two comments from someone have to be approved. After that the comment does not have to be approved. I like approving the first few comments as I always check the persons blog that is making the comment. I do not like comments that are associated with sales pages or are spammy. If I approve the first few comments then I can filter these out.

    Great list of ways to make your blog more appealing to comments.

    Dee Ann
    Dee Ann Rice recently posted…Do Your Images Look Their Best?My Profile

    • says

      Hi DeeAnn,

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂 Call to action. So many people do not put a call to action and some people just don’t think to leave a comment. If you tell them what to do, most people will do it. I personally do ‘approve’ the first comment of a person. After that it will approve automatically, but I do hate it when I leave a comment and then it comes back and tells me it has to be approved. I just don’t know if I’ve wasted my time or not. Some people don’t come back and approve it. Wasted comment, wasted time. And You know how valuable our time is.

      Anyway thanks. I hope it helps people get more comments on their blogs now that they know some of the things why people won’t comment.

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    If I take the time to read a post, I’ll usually leave a comment. Sometimes I’m a hit and run and say to myself that I’ll go back and finish reading something and bam just like that I forget! Even the stuff I REALLY WANTED TO READ!

    • says

      Hi Cindy,
      Been there….done that! 🙂 I mean ‘hit and run’ intending to go back. Most times I remember, but I try not to do that because of the danger of not returning if I get caught up in something else. So I’ve started bookmarking those posts I really want to read and usually I do go back it. When I go back I then leave a comment. Bookmarking works! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Barbara Charles recently posted…How To Be A Successful BloggerMy Profile

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    Hi Barbara

    Great points on the post. I do make the first comment needs to be approved. After that they go through. I try to reply to all comments within hours of them being wrote, but depending on the time of day they show up, it might not happen for 12 hours. I had a pending comment come through the other day and thought this looks like a really good comment, but darn it sounded familiar. It was copied by a previous comment on the same post, ugh, what a low life. That is the first blacklisted person I have put blocking on.

    Good point to mention is that sometimes good honest comments end up in spam. That has happened to a few of us. I notice that they talk about commenting and found they didn’t put mine up, so I contacted them to see if maybe it ended up in spam. Once it gets fixed it usually doesn’t happen again.

    Mary Stephenson recently posted…The Healing Power of ForgivenessMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Mary,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I also approve the first comment. Does keep the spam down.

      Yes you’re right. I’ve just noticed that some of the comments I’m getting are going to spam. Not many, but a few. I do check the spam folder for that reason.
      Wow, people can’t just write ‘something?’ Now they’re taking other people’s info! Weird! But not surprising. I’ve added a few people to that blacklist!
      Anything to get through I guess.

      I appreciate you leaving a comment. Thank you very much.
      Enjoy your week-end!

  15. says

    First, just to get this out of the way, you have great eyes! 🙂

    Second, whereas lots of people have an issue with #2 I don’t. I will comment on a blog with no other comments if it strikes me to do so. I understand how others sometimes feel but that’s their issue isn’t it? One of my blogs has been going for 8 years now, and it has up and down periods for comments; right now it’s on the down. Oh well…
    Mitch Mitchell recently posted…The Secret To Success Is…My Profile

    • says

      Hi Mitch,
      Thanks for the compliment! 😉

      I think people are learning to go ahead and comment, even if there aren’t any comments on the post. I know I’m getting over it. I know how it feels when people are not commenting on your blog so if I’m the first one, then I’m the first one. Sharing the love so to speak.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! 🙂
      Have a great Easter

    • says

      Hi Jason,
      Very true. I also hesitate to comment on a blog I don’t know, but if the content is good, I will. After all, that is the purpose of the blog, right! 🙂 Yes and everyone tries to avoid spam like the plague. Good story on getting married by the way…best wishes to you! 🙂

  16. says

    Hey Barbara, after reading this I just chuckled to myself because I agree with every point you made here. I’m guilty of some points and I had to make a change for the better. Now number 4 I really don’t mind, as long as they approve of it, but the rest is right on point. Thanks for sharing!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Why Do We Think The Way We Do?My Profile

    • says

      Hey Sherman,
      How are you? Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate that!
      I think most people kinda agree with why we don’t leave comments on a blog. We’re all guilty of more than one or two! 🙂 Human nature…we want it easy, quick and convenient. If it’s not, we just step away. Hopefully, it will help others to be able to get comments on their blog. It’s lonely out there in blogosphere! :0
      Have a great week-end!

  17. says

    If a blog doesn’t have comments, that doesn’t really bother me if the post itself makes me want to comment. But for me an ugly website tends to make me run. I like when people put some thought into their blog design or make it easy for me to find information on their site. I am not stickler for grammar, because not everyone is perfect, but I like when people just speak their mind and stay true to what their blog is really all about. If the blogger doesn’t care about their blog or maintain it, I won’t come back at all.
    Sonia recently posted…My New Look and New DirectionMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Sonia.
      Yes, I remember my first couple of blogs. I didn’t particularly like the design, but then I always had someone doing it for me. And although they were good, I accepted them because I didn’t know how to do this stuff myself. So finally, I decided it’s time for me to learn myself, but I still needed someone to do the initial setup for me. So I picked out my template and design (something I really liked) and went with it, although I had to change the setup, colors, etc a bit to make it my own.

      I’ve seen some pretty uncomplimentary blogs – either too much information, too busy to read, too much stuff and clutter which makes it hard to find what you’re looking for. Many people will defend their blogs looking that way, but to me – I’m with you. I am, unfortunately, a stickler for grammar however, because that’s what I do – write. I try to overlook it in the world of blogging though unless I see a ton of mispellings. That drives me crazy.

      I try to leave comments for anyone who I have visited for the most part, but those things I mentioned will stop me dead in my tracks. And from the feedback I’ve received, many people feel the same way.
      Anyway, thanks for stopping by.
      See you soon in the blogoshere!

  18. says


    I found that my biggest reason for no comments is that my post was boring so i never write like that again.

    I will not comment if I have to jump through hoops and log in and then fill out some crazy letters I can’t understand anyway. Forget it.

    The reasons you have above are great reasons and knowing what is wrong and trying to fix it really helps. Blogging and commenting is a strange beast sometimes, you just never know what you are going to get from post to post. I have had very low traffic to a post with wonderful responses and some of my heavily trafficked posts get no comments.


    • says

      Hi Allie,

      It’s funny that you say your post was boring. Meee tooooo! At least at one time. And I found out it was boring from reading and article that Adrienne Smith read and I was mortified when I realized it was boring. So no comments. It made so much sense. I had to change my style of writing and just write from the heart. Made a world of difference!
      And boy am I with you when you say jumping through hoops to login Ugh! Absolutely hate doing that!

      But you’re right…there are many reasons for no comments and some could just be really simple. Like I know I today I didn’t comment on a blog because all the links in the post were broken. How do you post and not make sure the links are working. Now all your referrals are a wash.

      Anyway, my point was it could be anything that influences a person not to comment…a broken link, a mispelled word, anything. Who knows.

      I appreciate you coming by though and sharing your thoughts. Thank you so much. Have a great week!

  19. says

    Great post! I check my blog daily and it is frustrating that I get a lot of views but not a lot of comments. Maybe it’s time to take it in a new direction or be a bit more diverse in what I’m posting. Reading this definitely gave me something to think about.
    Thanks for the great advice!

    • says

      If you are serious about getting comments, please give me a shout-out. There are various tools and groups that can help you get comments. One is Triberr at Check out some of my articles on Triberr and understand what it does. If you have any questions, please let me know.

  20. says

    Hi Barbara!

    Excellent post. I found your site from over at Mitch’s blog. Your site looks very nice.

    Anyways, you’ve got a solid list there. I, too, hate having to login to comment. I don’t like Disqus at all. I know why some people use it, but I still can’t stand it.

    I don’t mind being the first, or only one, to comment on a post. I’ve been around enough to know that commenting is proper etiquette when I’ve read a valuable post, so I make every effort to leave some feedback when I can.

    It’s funny you mention call-to-action, though. Did you intentionally leave your call-to-action to leave a comment out to see if somebody would catch it, or did you forget? Just curious. 🙂 On a different note, I’m not sure how important that one really is. I’ve seen it recommended all over the place and I include one, too, but still get posts that don’t get much traction. Meanwhile this post here has close to 50 comments and you left your call-to-action out.

    Thanks for sharing! I do like the list, and it’s posts like these that newbies need to find en masse to learn the right way to do things online.

    I hope you have an outstanding rest of the week!


    • says

      Hi Barry,
      Thank you. The fact that you caught that I didn’t do a call to action is tooooo funny! And I could say, oh yeah…I wanted to see if anyone would catch it 🙂 but I’m nothing but honest. I didn’t catch it and only one person caught it – You – I think that’s hysterical! We have to be able to laugh at ourselves right?!

      As to the call to action…I’ve mentored a couple of people who were not getting any comments and once they changed that (among a few other things), they started getting comments. So we could test it and find out which one works better. Uhmmmm. Now I’m curious.

      Thanks again. I’m hoping to help people like me when I started. I was a real newbie and there is so much to learn. Just trying to help others.
      I appreciate you stopping by.

      Have a great week.

  21. says

    Hi Barbara,

    Your post is a great wake up call to bloggers who are not getting the engagement they need through comments. One of my pet peeves when commenting is having to go through a sign up process. It takes too much time and I usually don’t want to return if I have to do it for every visit.

    I don’t have a problem with a comment needing to be approved or moderated by the admin. My perception is that the admin cares about what is posted on his/her blog so for me, it gives the blog more credibility.

    One thing I want to address is something that does bother me. Several blogs give you an option to confirm you are NOT a spammer…no problem…..or prove you are human…no problem. However when there is an option to sign up for future comments from a particular blog post and I do not check the box….I’m not happy when I discover “other comments” being delivered to my email when I indicated by not checking the box that I do not want to receive them. I have not returned to a couple of blogs because of that issue. Maybe it is petty, but I don’t like getting mail I didn’t request. As far as I’m concerned it is no different than receiving spam. I would encourage anyone with a blog that provides an option to receive or not receive future comments to be sure and make sure it is functioning properly.

    Returning comments is a high priority and I do my best to respond to everyone. Also, your blog is NOT BORING! It Rocks!

    Raena Lynn
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  22. says

    Now this is a great post. It offers quality information and many things to consider about comments.

    1. About the “login first” thing. I gave up this requirement, too. It is better to just let people make comments. When your blog gets hundreds of comments a day you can introduce this requirement for your own protection.

    2. I don’t agree with letting the comments absolutely free. I think it is better to check them and approve them. Usually a lot of them are from spammers or just mean people.

    3. What’s really important is to create your own strategy or system for managing comments. Your life will then become easier.
    This blog post is a very pleasant surprise in the ocean of junk posts you find on the internet. You can see that the author talks from her experience. This is indeed what I want and need. Looking forward for more about blog commenting.
    Thank you
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