5 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp

http://freedigitalphotos.comWell I’m getting older. No, I’m not in denial. 🙂  I recognize it and some days I’m o.k. with it and other days, I’m just not. On those days, I try not to think about it and instead relish in the thoughts that I’m wiser and smarter than the younger generation. 😉

However, one of the reasons I can say this is that I keep mentally and physically active. In the years to come as we approach middle age, we definitely lose track of things and forget things more often.

It’s part of the aging process. Can’t be helped. It is what it is, right? But we can keep working to keep ourselves sharp.

Our minds, no matter the age, can begin to deteriorate if it is not used often. So keeping mentally active is imperative.

There are multiple methods in order to keep our mind sharp, most of which involves practicing mental exercises.

There are many, many ways. I, for one, am a dancer. I also choreograph as well. So I exercise my mind constantly by learning new dances and creating new dances, going to events and exercising my body, as well as my mind! Learning these dances keeps me mentally active and it is challenging, but I love it. 🙂

Another way to keep mentally active is by playing games. In our computer age, there are so many electronic games that keep us addictingly engaged. These games are on our iphones, iPads, Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Words With Friends, Scramble, etc. I personally don’t play those games, but I’m a big Bejeweled freak, as well as the whole Microsoft card game suit and of course, Bid Whist! WooHoo!

Other games include filling out crossword puzzles. Crossword puzzles are a great way to keep your mind sharp as they don’t require a lot of time but do require intense thought. Filling out crossword puzzles in the morning not only requires a lot of thought, but it also increases a variety of literary skills.

Sudoku is another popular puzzle often included in the morning paper. Much like crossword puzzles, they also require intense thought. Sudoku requires a player to fill out columns of numbers without having identical numbers touch. These puzzles often take a lengthy amount of time to complete and are incredibly strenuous on the mind, so make sure you’ve got some time.

Lastly, one of the most effective methods to keep your mind sharp is by reading. Reading not only increases vocabulary, but it often inspires creativity and imagination. Creativity and imagination are indicators that the mind is still sharp.

Reading texts, essays, and books are a great way to sharpen the mind. Imagination also requires a lot of thought. Not only must the reader understand what is happening, but they must recreate that event within their head. Reading is also an excellent way to learn about new topics.

By reading a plethora of books, the reader can gain knowledge on a variety of topics.

And while we’re talking about it, since most of us blog, is blogging is also an effective way to keep the mind sharp.  Blogging is not easy and involves a number of activities to know and learn and it will certainly keep your mind sharp trying to think of articles/posts each week to write about. 🙂

Having intellectual arguments with other people will also help to keep your mind sharp. Intellectual arguments and discussions often require the participants to come up with an argument, as well as reasoning and support.

This requires intense mental activity because not only are you required to defend your own argument, but you must consider your opponent’s argument and provide a response.

One thing I love is being in my Mastermind group with my lady friends!  We are all strong, intelligent women and the intellectual capacity is amazing.  You can’t help but learn from these ladies, plus it keeps your mind sharp in various discussions.

Debating is a great way to keep the mind sharp as it requires critical thinking and analysis skills. Critical thinking and analysis are both mental activities, which will help keep the mind in prime condition.

So I’ve shared with you a few of my tips to keep my mind sharp. My job also involves constant mental acuity on a daily basis. It’s always hopping and something is going on. It definitely helps us stay young!   See if you can make your job or your internet marketing more interesting and exciting.  It definitely helps the mind and the body stay sharp.

What do you do to keep your mind sharp?  Please share and let us know so we can add to our list and help keep our minds sharp.


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    Hi Barbara,

    Keeping our minds sharp is one exercise I can do well…better than any other muscle in my body he he.

    Since I’ve been blogging, I do find that reading so much each day of various topics, especially those that are technical and challenging for me keeps my brain going.

    I also like to attend the latest marketing webinars and learning curves out there on a constant basis. It makes my head hurt sometimes, but I know it is working!

    Marketing is another kind of puzzle whereby every time I put something out there I have to do the analytics. Math…the thing I never was good at all of a sudden has kept me going.

    I do enjoy a game or two to relax my mind sometimes. It helps me focus in a way.

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      Hi Donna,

      Definitely reading which we do so much in the blogosphere keeps our minds sharp. Funny, how you mention match. I got better at math, and physics and all that stuff when I got older. Not sure why but it has definitely helped me in my comfort zone in terms of ‘analytics’ as you said. Math used to scare me too lol! I do relax by playing computer card games. Keeps the mind sharp but I don’t have to think about anything else either. Good for relaxation.

      Me, I guess I should start with the latest webinars too So much to do and so little time to do it in! Whatcha gonna do. It’s back to work.

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    Hi Barbara
    Great tips. Like you said with the dancing, it is challenging but since you love it so much, it is still so enjoyable. That is one of the keys…finding something you like to do. Not only will it make it easier to stick with it, the energy that comes from connecting with things that allow us to really get lost in the moment, express ourselves, etc..is great for keeping us healthy as well I think. I am a big reader, always have been since I was a little girl.
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      Hi Kelli
      You’re so right. We have to find our passion. Dancing keeps me young, uplifted and relaxed and allows us to focus on other things when our minds are clear. Funny. I was an avid reader too when I was young. We’ve out things in common. 🙂


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      Hi Kelli
      You’re so right. We have to find our passion. Dancing keeps me young, uplifted and relaxed and allows us to focus on other things when our minds are clear. Funny. I was an avid reader too when I was young. We’ve out things in common. 🙂


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    Good Morning Ms. Barbara

    I love this post because of the importance of keeping our brain active and sharpe.
    I think you listed all the ones i’am familiar with.

    On my IPad I have crossword puzzles and other” mind games.” I make sure I work my brain everyday to stay sharpe and open to continue to learn.

    There are many supplements to keep the memory sharp. I currently take Ginkoba. It is a brain supplement, just once a day.

    You are so right as we get older, things in our body and memory can change, but we can age gracefully and say we are getting wiser.

    Thank you
    Gladys recently posted…Get Fit and Energize for 2015My Profile

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      Hey Gladys

      I’ve heard about ginkgo. I probably need to take done of that. May pick up that this weekend. I know dancing and memorizing routines helps me for sure. Thanks for the tip. Appreciate.

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    Hey Gladys

    I’ve heard about ginkgo. I probably need to take done of that. May pick up that this weekend. I know dancing and memorizing routines helps me for sure. Thanks for the tip. Appreciate.

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    Hi Barbara

    Hope you are having a great weekend thus far. 🙂

    Great tips and I am sure you will agree too that age is just a number. 🙂 I have adopted the saying, “a man/woman is as young or as old as he/she feels” Speaking of getting older, I am celebrating my birthday on Monday 19th Jan.

    Now back to the topic. I think it is about finding something that you enjoy doing and to stick with it. Reading as you mentioned is a great way. Exercising is also great whether it is early in the morning or in the evening time.

    A good vitamin supplement such as the B and C vitamins helps with the nervous system and help to regenerate cells.

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us.

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      Hi Yvonne,

      Welcome to my blog. Thank you for visiting. 🙂 Surely glad to see you here. Thank you and the week-end has been great!

      I definitely agree that age is just a number! It is the truth that you are only as old as you feel. At 58 years young, I’ve been told many times I have a young spirit. I still feel 35 so it’s sometimes a shock to realize that I’m older. I think young, I feel young and I am young. Many people should say this and I truly believe that all the things I mention in my post, keep me young.

      I dance, I exercise, and each day I am mentally challenged so all of these things keep us young. Vitamin supplements as you mentioned also keep us young. Vitamin B and C definitely and especially if combined with antioxidants, help keep us young.

      As far as getting older, happy early birthday! Woo Hoo! God bless you on your fabulous Born Day!

      Blessings to you.

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    Hi Barbara Mam,
    Awesome post indeed.
    I am going to subscribe to your blog Mam.
    This post itself got published on January 13. I am reading this after 4 days!!
    Today I figured this out from Aha!Now forum.
    Yeah, our mind and memory deteriorate with time. I am a teen. But often I feel like no memory power than before.
    You are doing great Mam, more than any younger here.
    When I began to read the paragraph about cross word puzzle, sudoku pop into my head. I could find it on the next para.
    Mam, I learn some poetic lines by heart and try to recollect it after a few days. This technique is worked for me.
    OMG!! Are you a dancer. You are really rocking.
    Looking forward for another superb posts.
    Rahul Krishnan recently posted…Why and How to be Active Offline also??My Profile

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      Hi Rahul,

      I appreciate your visits and you subscribing to my blog. It will keep you updated on various things for sure. You are so young so you have a long time to keep your mind sharp. 🙂 Funny how sudoku is so common and is used for just that – keeping our minds sharp. Certainly reciting poetry is definitely a way to help your memory as learning choreographed dances keep my mind sharp. I love dancing BTW.

      I’ll be looking forward to your posts as well too.
      Be well,

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    Hi Barbara,

    We definitely are all getting older and as we do we will probably start to feel it in many ways and one of those ways if mentally. I like your points here on how to stay mentally sharp.

    Being physically fit is definitely one of them. When I am not blogging about Frugal Living, my day job is in the Medical Field. I see many patients who fall short in this area and it leads to so many other health related issues.

    I am glad you made this one of your points because being physical does require some thinking and that helps us a lot mentally as well.

    Playing any types of games and especially those that require some thinking as well as hand and eye coordination, truly stimulates the mind and this is very effective for short term and long term memory.

    Reading is great also. We have no excuse to read these days because there are so many avenues in which to do so. It definitely stimulates the mind through learning new things and expanding our thoughts and imagination.

    Blogging is an awesome way as well. There is a lot that goes into blogging as you very well know. Not only that, you also get to meet other like minded people online and have very stimulating conversations.

    Love your thoughts here! I personally read a lot and especially so at work in the medical field. Blogging helps me tremendously as well. Thanks for sharing.

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      Hi Nathaniel,

      You’re right. I know you understand about being mentally and physically fit being in the medical profession. Anything that keeps our minds active and anything that keeps us physically fit will help us throughout. My favorite is reading and definitely blogging (I didn’t think of it that way), keeps our minds actively engaged regularly depending on how much we blog. Personally, I dance and learn choreographed dances so it engages the mind fully.

      Keeping fit mentally is helps us be able to blog well and consistently.

      Thanks for visiting.

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    Hi Barbara,
    Ya know, I used to read a lot more books, but since I have been participating in blog commenting groups, that’s where I spend most of my time reading. I have always loved to read, even as a kid.

    As you know, I also love to cook, so I think I keep my mind busy and alert because I’m always trying to come up with healthy recipes for people.

    And there’s the blogging topics. I sometimes struggle with what I want to write about or what recipe I can come up with for the week. That’s a really big thought process for me.

    I love the fact that you’re a dancer and choreographer. I think that is the coolest. Have you ever thought about putting a video series together to teach the basics? That may be a cool product.

    Have a great week. Lisa
    Lisa Magoulas recently posted…Orange “Chicken” CauliflowerMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Lisa,

      I used to read a lot more books too. Used to be an avid reader and I guess I still am, however, it has switched, same as you to reading blog posts and commenting. One thing about it is that it is challenging and definitely keep your mind engaged. I would imagine that thinking up recipes can be quite challenging as well. I know (and you probably don’t know this) am constantly looking for recipes, healthy ones at that so I appreciate what you do. 🙂 It’s very trying looking for the best nutritional recipes. And don’t worr. You are not the only one looking for new topics. It’s incredibly hard, no matter what the topic.

      As far as dancing. I used to teach choreographed line dances. I got tired of teaching so now I just dance. Most of the other instructors do do videos. They’re all over Youtube. When I started teaching we didn’t have the social media stuff like it is now so youtube and FB have them all over so no one will pay for what is basically free. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send you links to some of the beginner dances. It’s a ton of fun.

      Talk soon and have a good week.

      • says

        Hey Barbara,
        Thanks for the confidence that I’m not alone at coming up with new information for blog posts. I appreciate that, and I know you can appreciate the challenge in coming up with new content all the time.

        I love the fact that you cook so healthy. It’s exciting to come up with new recipes for sure. But it is good to follow others to get ideas.

        So cool about your dancing. I’ll have to google lessons one of these days. I would love if you shared links. That would be so cool. Thank you. 🙂

        Have an awesome week. Lisa
        Lisa Magoulas recently posted…Purchasing and Storing FoodMy Profile

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          Hi Lisa,

          Yes I try to eat healthy. A couple of years ago, I had high blood pressure and was pre-diabetic. My doctor threatened me with medication and I immediately made some life style changes. About 17 years ago I had to lose about 30 lbs and that also started me on a low carb kick that I have pretty much followed since. Dancing also keeps me healthy. I will see if there are some instructional videos at the beginner level. It’s great exercise!

          I’ll see what I can find for you.
          Talk later,

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    Hi Barbara!

    Very nice and motivational post.

    I think you covered it nicely. Even my parents are doing cross word puzzles and sudoku. Maybe that’s one of the reasons are really fit in a (really) older age. In addition I am playing the piano, sing in a choir and do homework with my kids 🙂

    • says

      Hi Ilka,

      Thanks for the input. Luminosity is also good. Lots of puzzles that help with brain function (or so they say). All other activities involved mental work is great to keep our minds in shape.

      Thanks so much for your input.

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    Hi Barbara

    Wow what a well thought-out post. You covered a wide variety of suggestions – physical, creative, intellectual, relational and more. Thank you very much!

    I dance in my kitchen when no one is watching (hopefully not my neighbours), I like different games especially old fashioned Scrabble, and debates as well. Blogging has opened a whole new learning process for me because it requires more than just writing; cooking, photographing, editing, etc etc. Being connected with other bloggers also keeps me informed regarding goals, content, and the constant desire to learn. Thanx again!!

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      Hi Jill,

      Thanks for the support and welcome to my blog! Glad to have you here. Yes, we need many different items to help us keep our mind sharp, including the physical. My dancing is choreographed so you have to use your memory/your mind to remember things in a coordinated fashion. Very good at keeping the mind sharp.

      I also agree that blogging definitely helps as there is always so much to learn and it keeps us on our toes even thinking about new topics every week. Definitely challenges the mind. Learning from other bloggers as well. So much new info on being on the internet and blogging that we can’t help but keep our mind engaged.

      Keeping our mind engaged also keeps us young. That’s what I like the most 🙂
      Take care and have a good week-end.

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    Hey Barbara, This is a particular concern of mine as my father had pre-senile dementia although it was thought to be due to head injuries when he was an ice hockey player. I was so concerned about it that when we went to the USA for a visit once I got tested for the APOE4 gene, the main one that is linked with Alzheimer’s. It was not available at the time in the UK and I was always penalized for that family history on any insurance plan I wanted to take out. Fortunately I don’t have the gene and by being able to say that on the insurance forms did reduce the premium.

    Diet though does have a huge impact on how our brains function especially sugar.
    According to recent published research sugar and other carbohydrates can disrupt your brain function even if you’re not diabetic or have any signs of dementia.

    I am a great believer in doing everything I can to keep my brain sharp including taking nutritional supplements.
    Sandy Halliday recently posted…Can I Add Raw Maca Powder To Detox Smoothies?My Profile

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      Hi Sandy,

      Funny you should mention the APOE4 gene as I was just thinking of my mother who had the 3 out of the 4 markers that leads to early onset Alzeheimer’s. I’ve been thinking of going to a neurologist to get tested just to be prepared in the long run as it’s definitely linked to heredity.

      I didn’t know about the sugar impact and will definitely look into that.
      Thanks so much for that information.

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    Hi Barbara
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.
    Ya, dance is the lovely way to sharpen our mind. As you choreograph also, you have to devise new steps also. And this involves a lot of work.
    I also play games on my mobile. But, I stay away from candy crush games. I love those games which involve some thinking. For e-g Duet
    I love to read books and post of different bloggers. In this process, I gain a lot of things from every person.
    I think we must include meditation in our daily lives. It will definitely boost our mental power.
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