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    I made this mistake when I started with Triberr; I joined all the Tribes that would have me. I recently switched to joining Tribes that are related to my niche and I’m a member of two Tribes that are entrepreneurial focused that do well with sharing.

    I also think that people fail at Triberr by not writing compelling titles. It’s not enough to have people share your content; others need to want to click. With as much information that is coming into our online experience ever second, why should I click on YOUR post when it’s so ambiguous? This is something that many people don’t realize.
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      Hi Kimberly,
      You’re absolutely right and believe it or not, that’s in my next post LOL! It’s all a part of the process. I couldn’t have said it better myself! 🙂 We’re on the same wavelength.

      Congrats on getting into the right tribes. We have to get into tribes where people are actually sharing. I’m in tribes but do 1.8M share my content – would be nice! 🙂 But most do and that’s great!

      Thanks for stopping by. Truly appreciate it and your input!

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      Hi Dino,
      Thanks again for stopping by. After my first posts on Triberr I got alot of feedback about how people were initially interested, but didn’t have much luck with it. I found that strange and started thinking why in the world would that be when me, a relative newbie to internet marketing, could figure it out?…

      So I thought it would make the perfect post to just provide my insight as to why someone wouldn’t be successful at it. Of course, they’re just my insights and you have confirmed my initial thought as to why people shy away. I have some other thoughts and will put pen to paper or keys to internet over the next week or two and see if this helps people. I guess you know I just absolutely love Triberr and how it has worked for me.

      Thank you for giving it to us! 🙂
      And thanks for your support!
      You’re awesome!

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    Hi Barb, I wished I had read this six months ago when I initially joined Triberr! I “sat” for months before finally figuring out how to find the right tribes. I’m probably a poster-blogger of “how not to start in Triberr.’ I think I am finally getting the hang of it, focusing in on tribes that are more along my niche. But what do you do when you are asked to join a tribe that isn’t your niche? How do you politely decline an invitation? I recently received an invite to a tribe who’s primary content I personally like, but it’s not something that I blog about.

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      Hi Carol,

      There seems to be renewed interest in Triberr and that’s a good thing because it works. Sorry I didn’t get to you soon enough! 🙂 Now that you’re working in your niche market you’ll get better and better traffic for sure. That’s a great thing!

      If someone has asked you to join their tribe and you personally like the primary content (even if it’s unrelated to your business), I see nothing wrong with supporting her by visiting her blog and leaving comments. This provides traffic to her blog, syndicating or leaving a comment gives her backlinks providing additional support, and finally she will probably do the same for you. If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours kinda thing!:) You don’t necessarily have to ‘approve’ or share *every* post, but if you like it, work with it. Pick and choose but you can also show your support.
      Remember tribes are for providing support to each other. If you like her content, I’d think about it.

      You could also politely decline by saying something like you “I appreciate the offer, but my focus is on blah…blah..blah ” You can put some flowerly words around if she has another such tribe, you would definitely take her up on her offer. Thank you very much.

      You could ignore the invite.

      Say “Thank you for the offer to join your tribe. I really appreciate it and I absolutely love your topics and your content, but at this time I’m focused on ….. I’ll check back in a few months.”

      Hope that helps! Good luck to you.
      I truly appreciate you coming by. Come back for the next series!

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    Hi Barbara,

    As sort of a newbie on Triberr, I hear you loud and clear. Joining a Tribe in our niche is imperative. I did join other Tribes with a special interest of mine and that worked fine too. As long as we are connecting and sharing good content on Triberr it works great. I’ve already met so many people in my niche that I am now in relationships with.
    Also, I have some “special interests” and have joined Tribes out of my specific niche. I have found that through those Tribes, I am making friends too. They have reached out to ask me questions about what I do.
    In short, I would have to say this Part one of your series is the first rule we must follow. And as Dino mentioned above, we must choose our Tribemates wisely. There are many in my niche on Triberr that I don’t resonate with, so I cannot put my first foot forward and start a relationship. Others totally rock and I will go onto their blogs and join other social networks with them.
    I’m having a blast!
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      Hi Donna. I’m with you. I’ve made so many connections lately it’s ridiculous how fast and how well it works if you get into the right niche or niches as you have. I feel like a whole new world opened up – look at you go girl – who’s afraid of technology! 🙂 So proud of you! I’m having fun too connecting with people all over the world! Awesome!

      Glad you’re having fun. Keep up the good work. I’m working on the other posts on ‘Why Triberr Won’t Work For You.’ Can’t wait to post since people seem to really need it.

      Glad you’re having fun.

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    I think figuring out what tribes to join was one thing that kind of kept me from doing much with triberr initially.

    I finally just joined some that were at least around my niche. Some of the tribes are so general that there are people in my niche that are writing about things that are not of interest to me. I finally decided that I would just skip over all of the posts that were of no interest to me and it is working for me now.

    I have actually used triberr for some time off and on but am trying to use it on a regular basis now as I do understand its value.

    Good post and looking forward to the next 3.

    Dee Ann
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      Hi DeeAnn,
      Thanks and I’m glad this is helped. It’s something I noticed right away in what was being share and what was not specially because I was in certain niches. I think the hard part is actually taking the time to find and investigate tribes, then ask for an invite. It takes a bit of time for the owners to get back to you – not really – maybe one or two days, but it can seem like forever when you want to get started.

      Using Triberr consistently will get you the results you want for sure. I’ve seen it happen.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

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    This is an issue a lot of people have Barbara so I’m happy to hear you bringing this one to everyone’s attention.

    I know there are a lot of things that hold people back from moving forward in Triberr and a lot of people just start joining tribes to be a part of something never considering that they aren’t in their niche. I’ve got a guy on one of my larger tribes that writes about dentistry. I mean really! Poor thing, hardly anyone approves his posts. He’s definitely on the wrong tribe but it’s not mine and I didn’t invite him…

    Looking forward to your series and where you’re going from here. I know this will be every helpful for a lot of people. Great job Barbara.

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      Hi Adrienne,
      I got so many comments on people who didn’t keep going with Triberr because of various reasons. Seemed logical that I should write about it since I was having success with it and I might be able to help them. It really is a great tool.

      In this process I noticed a number of reasons why people might not be successful so I’m hoping it helps. I see plenty of people in my tribes who are doing the same as your dentists and I wonder if they will figure it out. Maybe you need to send him my post? 🙂 It’ll help him understand.

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m going to try to help as many people as I can.
      Have a good one.

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      Hi Sylviane.
      I know you’re very busy, busy and that’s a great thing. I think that if you can squeeze about 10-15 minutes a day in the .am. and maybe another in the evening, you will do really well. Your blogs are great, you already get traffic and you’ve got great content. With all that going on, getting in the right tribes, you will take off and increase ‘everything’ Half of your battle is already won! Most of us start with a new blog, learning about content and no following. You have all of that so you just need more exposure and that’s what Triberr will do for you.
      Hope this helps and you know if you have any questions, please let me know.
      Good luck,

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      Hi Lisa,

      There are lots of health and wellness tribes. If you have a problem finding what you need lets set up a Google Hangout and I’ll show you where to search. They are there – plenty of them. Let’s connect and get you started out right. PM me on Facebook! 🙂 Talk soon.

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    Hello Barbara
    Excting to see you are writing on such an important part of the social media world. You know I am at the beginning, but I am learning.
    One thing that stays with me as I read your article, is that we need to stay with within our niche.
    But I think also for those that still have not found their niche, they will be all over Triberr, searching and looking to see what looks good. But with your help, hopefully the search will stop and we’ll know what our niche is.
    I have a saying that I share when some one is trying to fit in the wrong nich. It goes like this: If you are round peck, you cannot fit in a square hole and vice versa. One we find our nich, we will FIT.
    Thank you once again

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      Hi Gladys,
      How you doing lady? I so enjoy our conversations! So glad to have hooked up with you! Yes finding your niche is critical to business and it’s taken me over a year to figure it out. What I thought my niche was actually not my niches and then I changed a couple of times. All a part of figuring out who you are when you’re in business and who your target market is. Your saying is definitely correct because you can’t put a round peg in a square hole!

      Don’t worry…you are doing to be there quickly. You already know your niche so you just have to search for the right tribes and along the way, you may find more that you are interested in for your own personal edification.

      Good luck and keep up the good work and you’re very welcome.
      God Bless,

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      Very true Gladys. I was one of those who ‘fell’ into my niche. My current niche was not what I intended, but is working well. There may be some looking around but people will figure it out pretty quickly if there content is not being shared. So I don’t think it’ll take alot of time. Hopefully this will be of some help.


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    Oh Barbara
    When I saw the title here I felt guilty almost 🙂 I have done nothing but join our tribe and you have done so much. I am going to prioritize getting my head around it and doing it. Your stats are great.

    I actually joined a couple of years ago when someone else invited me. I was pretty new online then and I just left it. Time to rectify that and I look forward to the rest of your series.

    Thanks for the reminder.

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      Hi Sue. Thanks. Yours is a story I’ve hear consistently. It was new and many people didn’t take it seriously mainly because it was new and just one more thing people had to learn to use. Those who did took off an flew with it. It has a renewed interest now and that’s a good thing. If you need any help, please let me know. It will definitely help get you additional traffic.

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    Hi Barbara,

    I think it’s great you are doing a series on Triberr. As you know I recently joined and honestly, I’m seeing great results. I’ve been working on being consistent and it’s paying off. I think your first resolution is very important. If you choose tribes that match your niche, content will be more interesting and appreciated by all members in the tribe. Of course that leads to more shares and comments.

    I know that the upcoming resolutions in your series will be very helpful for everyone who is interested in looking for an effective way to syndicate. Thanks Barbara!

    Raena Lynn
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      Hi Raena,
      I think all of us that started at the same time in Triberr are doing very well because we all jumped right in and started learning how to use the tool effectively. It’s also not being afraid of it and working and using the tool. Many people get frustrated too easily and stop. We all have a certain goal and are determined to get there so Triberr has provided a direct route to that success. Consistency is the key.
      I hope the tips I provide will help others as well
      Thanks. Talk to you soon.

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    Hello Barbara,

    I am truly glad that you have chosen to write this series. Though we have started using Triberr roughly at the same time, you have truly taken flight. I am learning the advantage of subscribing to tribes with the niches that want to partake in and it is working for me. My WP blog being new it is working slowly but I can see that as I become more acquainted with Triberr that it will be an integral part of my tools that I use.
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      Hi Michael,
      I think the reason it has jumped off for me is that I participate on a regular basic. My blog is still considerably new considering the ladies in our group and in terms of getting traffic. This is what has helped me gain the traffic. Also as you work with people on Triberr we have to participate by going to their blogs and sharing their content. Ten minutes a day doing this will make it go faster for you. Good luck with the new blog and blogging. You’ll get there too!

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    Hi Barbara, Great point! Yes, if your tribe isn’t a good fit for you, then you won’t be using Triberr effectively.

    The problem comes when you join a perfectly appropriate tribe but others join whose content you don’t feel is a good fit for you to share. Thank goodness Triberr introduced blocking so you can filter out those whose content isn’t a good fit and/or those who don’t share your content.
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      Hi Carolyn,

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes that is a problem when a person’s content isn’t quite a fit in your tribe. I’m sure many people didn’t know about blocking. Thanks for sharing that for them.

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    Hi Barbara,

    Adrienne Smith shared you post and I’m so glad I read it. Being new to Triberr, this gave me a great start to become more familiar with it and I can’t wait for part two 🙂

    I did a quick search and their are several tribes in my niche but they’re not active. I’d love to get the hang of this so I can start my own tribe 🙂

    I know this series is going to be very helpful! Nice to meet you. 🙂
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      Hi Corina,
      Nice to meet you too. Triberr is a great tool and it will help you for sure. What is your niche? Sometimes you have to add a couple of words to your niche keyword to get other niches. You might also have to search for ‘synonyms’ for your niche keyword and you’ll get other results.

      For instance if you are in health and wellness, you might need to search for just ‘health’ or ‘wellness’ separately. You might search for ‘fitness’ or ‘getting healthy’ or some such words. You will get different results. Try mixing it up to find appropriate niches.

      If you need any help. You can reach out to me at

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    I joined Triberr a few weeks ago and my traffic has increased nicely. While I did create a Tribe based on my niche (we already have 17 good members) my thoughts differ from you in regard to what tribes to be on.

    If I only follow tribes that blog about the same topics as me I will quickly get bored and we will all be pretty much writing about the same stuff anyways.

    I would rather learn from other niches and make visiting each others blogs more enjoyable. For example, I joined a Travel Tribe and it has been great to connect and share with all of those tribe members too.
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      Hi Sicorra,
      Well, if your blog is well established and a person is already monetizing their blog, then going to other niches to learn from them and enrich your life is a great idea. There is nothing wrong with going to other Tribes like a Travel tribe and connecting with others and gathering information on Travel if that is your thing.

      However, when people are first starting or trying to get traffic to their blog, their goal is usually to monetize their blog, i.e., get contacts and leads that will eventually lead to business and getting paid.

      Also, the purpose of the tribe is to work with like-minded people who’s goal is to get traffic to their sights by exchanging information, links and comments for social proof, not just to read a blog and learn. That’s just a small part of it.

      Yes you are usually dealing with people who are like you and their content may be the same content that is being written, but every person’s experience is different and you will usually learn something new. However, the idea of working with other members of like mind (in your niche) is that they already have the ‘right’ mindset, i.e, business minded and will probably be looking for something you or someone else has. Blogging only gets their attention if you have great content. Great content leads to great relationships with people. Great relationships leads to monetization of your blog.

      I find I do not get bored reading the same thing, because no two people can write ‘the same thing’ The topic may be the same, and elements may be the same, but their experience with it and their perspective is new therefore you will always learn.

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