3 Things To Do To Be A Better Blogger?

http://freedigitalphotos.com Photo by Stuart Miles
Photo by Stuart Miles

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs lately.  Some good, some bad, some medium, some poor.  I’ve got a question for you?

Do you want to be a better blogger?

Are you brave enough to have an honest and truthful evaluation of your blog? Are you  a good blogger? Are you ready for the truth?

I constantly evaluate my blog and my posts and work toward improvements or enhancements from my blog theme to my content to my style of writing and my posts.

1)  Evaluate Your Blog

I always ask myself a number of questions in my constant search for growth.   Things like ‘Am I writing to my niche?

We all need to make sure we know ‘who’ our niche really is.

If you’ve got a niche write to, make it interesting.  Make it pertinent.  Make it humorous.  Make it relevant to your business.

But how do you do that?  Easy and simple.

Ask someone to evaluate your blog and your content.

Are you ready for an honest opinion?  Do you want someone to evaluate your blog, theme, and more?

Things like ‘Do you have an opt-in?’  A Free product?  Are the colors right and not disturbing?  Does my blog reflect my personality?  Is my blog and my writing boring?

If you really want to determine if your blog is at its best, ask someone to evaluate it and tell the truth.

  • Is your writing providing great content, but not hitting your target market?
  • Is your writing providing great content, but the subject or the topic or your style of writing boring?
  • Are you doing the most you can do to build up your blog and create a great blogging community

2)  Get An Honest Opinion

A couple of years ago in my Mastermind Mind, I asked one of my mastermind members and great friend, if she would do a guest post for me.

http://freedigitalphotos.net Photo by Stuart Miles
Photo by Stuart Miles

Her reaction surprised me as she hmmm’ed and haaaa’ed and hesitated. I asked what was wrong and why she couldn’t give me an answer.

She told me, reluctantly, but because she cares about me ‘that my blog was boring.’ Now I could’ve taken it personally, but I didn’t.

I wanted to know immediately how I could make it better and I told her to be honest with me.

This was a little over 2 years ago. That day was an eye-opening for me.

I appreciated her honesty and I immediately started reviewing my posts and my overall blog to evaluate and determine next steps.

3)  Follow Next Steps

This information made me react by making changes to my blog which included:

  1. changing my theme to reflect more of my own personality
  2. changing my style of writing
  3. making it more personal
  4. making it more interesting
  5. evaluating and learning more about writing headlines
  6. determine good content

All of this helped my style of writing to change to become more interesting, or at least that’s what I’m told now. 🙂

The Evaluation

How did I evaluate my blog  if my style of writing was boring.

1) Welllll, I read it.

2) I compared it to other pertinent bloggers and discovered a few things.

There was no problem with the posts that I could  see, i.e., the content was good.

But my style of writing and some of the topics were truly boring.

What I did was just deliver the facts, mam, just the facts. Straight-laced, old English with no emotion or humor or pizazz!

No personality. Boy, was my friend was soooo right.  Boooorrring!

What Did I Learn?

What I learned was that great content, delivered in a personal, enlightening, funny, appreciative manner could make a difference on my blog and it did!

What More Did I Do?

I researched and read other prominent bloggers who had lots of comments and social interaction and studied their style of writing.

I noticed the style of writing and what I needed to do to make my style more like good writers out there in the blogosphere.

I looked and evaluated the calls to actions on various blogs deciphering how bloggers were getting people to actually comment and/or respond in a productive manner.

I looked at the comments they left to see what they were commenting on as content is always king and I determined what was possible for me to make similar changes.

I evaluated my blog theme and decided to re-style (changed my theme), re-categorize and re-write various posts to direct everything toward my niche (still working on this).

The Results

As you know I’m a big results persons. When I try something, change something, it’s good to see and describe the results.

Sometimes the results speak for themselves.

I received more of the following: and you will see the same:

  • More comments
  • Moe social interaction
  • More traffic and just more results in general

So if you or someone you trust evaluates your blog and is honest with you, you should want to make changes as well.

Remember, the evaluation should come from someone who will provide open honest feedback.

Sometimes the results will speak for itself and you will see more comments, more social proof, more interaction and more traffic all of these which determine that you are a good blogger.

So are you a good blogger? Are you ready for some honest feedback? What do you think you need to improve your blog?   Please share what you think.

Motivation and Inspiration For All

Motivation and Inspiration For All


  1. says

    Hi Barbara,

    Great post.

    I’ve gone through several evaluations of my blog and more recently, figured out what direction I want to take my blog. It took a lot of evaluating and I thin it’ll be fun.

    Everything you said in point #3 is what everyone should look into doing … or asking themselves once in a while. I went through this exact same thing and I changed my ENTIRE style of writing. It’s completely night and day from how I write now compared to how I wrote a year ago.

    And I commend you for doing what you did. Many people wouldn’t look at other people’s writing styles and look to make an improvement.

    Excellent post.

    – Andrew
    Andrew M. Warner recently posted…10 Things I Wish I Had Known When I First Started My BlogMy Profile

    • says

      HI Andrew,

      It’s important that we re-evaluate our blogs regularly. It can make a difference between success and failure, but in particular, how we write is what keeps a person coming back to our blog.

      I commend you for being honest with yourself and having an honest evaluation and determining what you needed to change. Great choices and I hope you will continue to build your blog and for it to be bigger and better.


  2. says

    HI Barbara
    You have raised some wonderful questions. These questions are really important for the survival of a blog. To me, blogging is all about learning new things every day. It is a dynamic process where we evolve by sharing and receiving things from readers

    I too believe in the power of feedbacks. In the beginning, I used odd font for my post. Though the font was stylish and cool, readers were not able to understand the points clearly. Then, some of my friends told me about the problem. One of my friend me told that the content is quite monotonous. I really love these kind of honest feedbacks

    Ya, commentator’s coment are really useful. I am learning new thing everyday. I really appreciate the honest reply from your mastermind friend. If you find any flaw in my site, please let me know. I will be more than happy.
    Yatin recently posted…Personal Development from keyboard- Are you kidding me?  My Profile

    • says

      Hi Yatin,

      Feedback is critical to success as we can always improve from font style changes to overall theme changes. Thank you for your input and much continued success to you.


  3. says

    Hi Barbara,

    I do remember that mastermind group lol. Since then you have pumped up your blog, not only with a great design, but amazing content.

    One knows what to expect when they visit you and that is a great thing. You have carved out your niche so well and are receiving more comments than ever before.

    Yes, I too had my blog evaluated. Both content and most of all when I did have to change it up. Who knew that a theme could slow down my blog? And that was a biggie. Also I changed the look and gave it more white space as you have here too. It sure makes a difference when reading.

    To more of your success!

    Donna Merrill recently posted…The Blogging EntrepreneurMy Profile

    • says

      Heeeey Donna.

      How are you? Yep, we had some good times and developed some lasting loving friendships. 🙂 We all know who we are. 😉 But yes for sure, honesty in our group helped make us all better bloggers. Thank you Donna for being a part of my growth and thank you that you believe I have carved out a niche for myself. 🙂 Still working on it though and now that the new baby has come, it’s harder still, but it’s still in the plan.

      Funny how when we both get independent reviews of our blog that we kinda did the same thing. Shows we were on the right track. Checked the blog, evaluated the posts, put in more white space to better reading. I’m loving it and glad I did it. Now for bigger and better improvements.

      I agree, to more success to us both! 🙂

      Talk soon,

  4. says

    Hi Barbara,

    Good reminders in this post 🙂

    Yes, it’s always good to keep changing, for the better. If something isn’t working for you, and you know that by a little tweak or change, you can make things better, why not go for those changes. It’s called being wise I’d say.

    I am glad you observed so much, made the right moves, and are enjoying the results now. For us, as both of us are into it, we are each others best critics too, so don’t really need a third pair of eyes…lol…but that’s one thing we are constantly working on to make the blog, the ABC (Aha!NOW Blog Community), and the posts better.

    We changed our themes 2-3 times already, and might do it again, with time. Of course, the way one writes differs, but you keep experimenting to see what works, add more of variety in your posts, and make it wholesome for your readers, and they’d always come in for more. Tried, tested, and I know it works 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice weekend 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…12 Work-Life Balance Tips For Work-From-Home ProfessionalsMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Harleena,

      I to have changed my theme a number of times as well. And I can imagine that at some time in the figure that may be another option as well. As life changes, as the blogosphere changes, as the world changes we will need to make adjustments again and again.

      Time, technology, people change and we will have to adjust to these things as we go. I’m sure we’ll both make additional changes as we continue in our blogging journey.

      Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

      God bless and have a good week-end.

  5. says

    Hey Barbara,
    This post is an eye opener !

    You know I realized before the end of last year that I needed the opinions of others to get my blog better in terms of its design and post quality.

    My current design has gone through changes and proposals from friends and readers. While the way it is now looks good, I still think there is something better for it.

    I will need something very unique and imposing. While that can’t come without some monetary support, I think it’s worth every thing I can put in.

    Yes I’m ready for constructive criticisms and proposals 😉 I may be good but there is still a better stage. Just like you did, I will not take any observation personal because if you did, there won’t have been these wonderful changes on your blog.

    So thanks for the beautiful post I’m reading this weekend

    do have a wonderful weekend dear friend
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Adsense Alternatives ~ How to Monetize Without Google!My Profile

    • says

      Hi Ernstine,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting! And it was good talking to you today as well.

      I did a drive by on your blog and I think it’s just fine. You’re hitting your target niche, your blog has plenty of white space, it’s not over-crowed with un-necessary widgets, you speak to the writer and your posts are always spot on with great information and an easy style of writing.

      I agree with your friends that your blog looks good. You mention unique and imposing. I always go for unique, but once I think my theme was too unique and I changed to a more light, organized appealing one. I think your blog is unique and I think it does well for you. 🙂

      Again, thanks for stopping by and hope we’ll talk again soon.
      Have a blessed week-end.

  6. says

    Hey Barbara,

    I enjoyed the post and I must say, that this is something I’m always trying to work on. As others mentioned above, I’ve changed the theme a few times. Changed the fonts, the widgets, the spacing, and pretty much everything else at one time or another. Still making changes now. Because perfection may not be possible, but the pursuit of it can be wonderful.

    It’s amazing too, looking back at previous posts. Even one from a few weeks ago, I read it and I scratch my head. It’s like being in college and looking back at a paper I did in middle school. Sure, the content is all there and it’s good, but the writing style just isn’t quite right.

    Anyways, I enjoyed your post and happily take it as a reminder that my work is never done and my blog can always be better.


    • says

      Hi Mark,

      You reminded me of when I started 4 years ago LOL! Yep, your analogy is about right – reading from college level and looking back at middle school writing. That’s about hwere I was too. Great example.

      Yes, keep on working on it and working toward improvement. As long as we keep improving we will continue to do better.
      Have a blessed one,

  7. says

    Hey Barbara,

    I remember that mastermind meeting too. I know a lot of people get their feelings hurt when they learn what others think of their blogs because I believe we are each very proud of what we’ve put together. But you were a real trooper to listen and learn. You were open to trying new things and because of that, you’re doing fabulously.

    I’ve done the same thing, the way I use to write would bore even me. I was told that’s what you do though so I did. Once I changed things up though I saw a vast improvement myself.

    I still have more changes to make as you know. I’m just going through the process of trying to decide exactly the direction I want to go and the services I want to offer. I’m slowly getting there and there will be changes coming my way as well.

    We’ll never know unless we ask right! So glad you were open to that and I hope others will be as well.

    Have a wonderful weekend my dear.

    Adrienne recently posted…3 Ways To Learn What WordPress Theme Is Being UsedMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Adrienne,

      LOL! That was about 2 years ago right and although I didn’t mention names, I knew our group members would remember that. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with my friends! 🙂 Honesty will always help us grow and many of us should be open to it if we are going to improve in our blogging world.

      I know you are doing some critical analysis now and are working toward changes. I think we will always be making changes as technology and world changes around us. We are working in a world of technology right?

      I had to laugh when you said you were told that you did not write well. I can’t even imagine that! Truly! You are one of the best writers I know. Distinct, clear, articulate, interesting, and so much more. All a part of why I think you have the audience you have.

      But I do understand always going for improvement. Yes, life stuff gets in the way but as we keep moving forward, we will get it to the point we want. I know you’re working on it now too.

      And yep, we’ll never know until we ask. 🙂

      Have a great time this week-end and enjoy.

      Talk very soon.

  8. says


    Very informative post. It’s very helpful post for newbie. When they start blogging they don’t know everything perfectly. Thanks so much share this post with us.

  9. says

    Hi Barbara,

    I too have been visiting a number of new blogs and have experience the same spectrum. There have been times when it’s been so bad that I couldn’t even continue on the site.

    It’s very good that you didn’t not take your friends critism to heart. When you’re trying something new and you don’t know much about it, if you don’t do as well it doesn’t mean you’re horrible just that you have much to learn.

    I’ve been there. I think my first post compared to now are like day and night. Looking back now I know my stuff was probably boring and lifeless. But you have to acknowledge that there’s room for improvement to get better.

    You’re post is really eye opening. I’m soooo sharing this because many bloggers need to read it 🙂

    Lea Bullen recently posted…Comfort Zone? How Being Uneasy Will Make You HappierMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Lea,

      How you are well. Actually, I did take my friends constructive criticism to heart. If was necessary to do that to improve. Although some people may have taken it negatively, there is on growth through reconstruction. You’re absolutely right that there was much for me to learn and I jumped right on it.

      I think all of us who look back see where we came from and see how we’ve improved over time. If we are committed, we can’t help but improve.

      I’d appreciate any shares with people who aren’t aware. It will help them for sure to understand what needs to be done and gain understanding.

      You have a great week, my friend. God bless.


  10. says

    Hi Barbara,

    Awesome post!
    Perhaps, this article is an eye opener for other bloggers too. 🙂

    It was nice to know that you have a lot of progress after receiving some great feedback from your friends. Knowing the story of your struggle in blogging makes us feel more motivated as well. Thanks for that! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this, Barbara.
    I will start to share it right now. Do have a wonderful weekend!

    Nanda Rahmanius recently posted…Get Paid to Write for Break StudiosMy Profile

  11. says

    Hi Barbara

    I am a fan of feedback and I can relate this post to when I started blogging. I had to constantly evaluate my post to see if my post was engaging.

    Wow! It is great that you did not feel bad when you had such feedback. As you know there is a saying that truth is bitter so I commend you for taking such criticism and turning it to your benefit. This is something bloggers should learn so well.

    I guess there cannot be improvement without feedback and I will cherish honest feedback to flattery praise.

    I have been making incremental changes to my blog. Thanks for sharing.
    ikechi recently posted…What Step Up Revolution Teaches Us About Making A DifferenceMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Ikechi,

      Yes it’s very difficult to take criticism, even constructive criticism can be detrimental to relationships. And although I evaluate my own blog, only others can tell me if it’s engaging. No I did not feel when I was given constructive feedback. It was from a friend and a mastermind group member who only had my best interest at heart. Any blogger who gets constructive feedback should take this view.

      There is improvement in feedback – always.

      Keep making changes that you feel are effective to your blog.
      Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you soon.

  12. says

    Hi Barbara,

    One of the good posts that I’ve seen this week is yours. Improvement and its realization-to-adop are both necessary elements of getting better and better with life and business.

    I always say, One thing I won’t stop is ‘learning how to blog’ … Because that’s the key for me.

    I have to be better and better.

    I’ve seen bloggers struggling with their blogs, eventually they give up, one of the problems I see is, they don’t want to improve, they don’t want to see their lacking-side…

    I always take opposition positively, I believe opposition is a free-critical analysis which you might not be able to buy :)!

    • says

      Hi Hassan,

      True many people will never improve if they don’t take constructive criticism and work to improve their blogs. But it is hard to tell someone that there blog is not up to par to being effective. It takes patience and work to bring a person around even though they struggle to build their blog. I know I was resistance on my first blog. My current blog is my forth. Many things I was resistant too but finally came around when I decided to ‘learn’ and be effective.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  13. says

    Hey Barbara,

    You know what? I got the same answer from someone within my mastermind meeting when I first started blogging. I knew then I wasn’t that great at writing and I was always open for suggestion. Well this person didn’t give me suggestion, and this was the beginning of my research on how I can become better.

    But yes, sometimes the truth hurts, but it can also help us out. When it comes to blogging, not only do you want to share the facts, but you want to add the personality behind it. This is how great blogs really connect with people and the return rate never really falters.

    So what’s the best way to really grab your audiences’ attention? Well for me it’s writing in a more conversational mode tied with sharing some of my own personal experiences whether it’s through using analogies or the actual experience of growing a blog and home business. When people read it, they laugh and can easily relate to it. On top of this they’ll learn something in the process. This is definitely a great combination!

    Thanks for sharing your experience Barbara! I hope you have a great weekend!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…Why You’re Not Actually Finding Success In Attraction Marketing?My Profile

    • says

      Hi Sherman,

      Thanks for the input. You and I are very similar in many ways. You are exactly right about writing “in a more conversational mode tied with sharing some of my own personal experiences whether it’s through using analogies or the actual experience of growing a blog and home business.” That is exactly what I determined as I learned to blog and after I was given advice to ‘be myself.’ No better way to attract people than letting them see who you are inside and how they can relate to you or your personal experiences. And it’s better when they actually have something to learn.

      Thanks for confirming that this is the best way. Had a great week. Hope you had a good Easter. Sorry we haven’t been able to hook up yet and talk. I’ll try to reschedule.

      Have a great week my friend.

  14. says

    Hey Barbara
    These are some great tips. Our blogs are like our babies and we can have a hard time looking at things objectively. Getting feedback from others can certainly be helpful and if any of the suggestions someone makes resonates, then it is a good idea to consider that. If not, then it is a good idea to discard that piece of advice.

    I guess it would depend on the topic, but for people in your niche and most niches, adding personality can never really steer you wrong.
    kelli recently posted…Law of Attraction: How Do You Make Things Right When Everything Seems to Be Wrong?My Profile

    • says

      Hi Kelli,

      Thanks so much. Hope you’re well and had a great Easter.

      Yes our blogs are our babies and I love that you mention it is hard to look at them objectively. And those of us who read them have to be sensitive to how we discuss or criticize. We have to handle it with sensitivity because people are sensitive to it. Hopefully, if we can give suggestions as you state that resonates with them then we can help others.

      In addition though, I think adding your personality to your blog will always help people see the real you no matter the writing or the blog. It’ll keep us coming back for more if people determine that we are in truth a great personality with information that they need. What do you think?


  15. says

    The first of all, I would say congrats for your right change and learning.

    This is the reason why I love blogging. It is the ways learning and sharing other of education to improve better experience or life change.

    I am really glade to read your post and know that got a big change of success. You know..? Your change is the right direction for better business performance.

    Actually, I got the same experience of blogging learnt. You know..? I am a none native English writer, I always did the mistakes with writing. I learnt from other bloggers and my commentators.

    I spent the time for improving my blogging skills, and I don’t think that I did the complete change but I feel like it is better now.

    Thanks for sharing your own story here..! 🙂
    Kimsea Sok recently posted…How to Start Best Small Business With BloggingMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Kimsea,

      Thanks for your congratulations. Yes it was a great change for me. Change is always good and it’s a great way to grow. Great job in improving your blogging skills.


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