Adrienne Smith’s Build A Blog Community

Build A Blog Community

Hey folks.  A couple of weeks ago, my friend Adrienne Smith launched her first product and I’ve been so excited for her, I wanted to write about it right away, but you know how things go. It’s near the holiday and things are a bit rushed and hectic right now. But I wanted to drop […]

Middle Age Health and Staying Healthy

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 Middle Age Health and Staying Healthy This section is dedicated to staying healthy and it will be a little different than your typical ‘health’ related blogs on the web. Why? Because one day I woke up and discovered I’m middle-aged! Man, do I hate admitting that! I don’t even allow my grandchildren to call me […]

Intro To My New Health Category
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I’ve been offline a couple of weeks trying to make a determination about my blog.  About a year ago, I made a major change, which I love, but I didn’t quite know how to do everything I wanted to do on one blog. I created additional blogs with new domains for all of my interests.  The challenge […]

Best 3 Tools To Automate Your Tweets in Twitter

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About four years ago, someone reached out to me telling me they could grow my Twitter account.  As I wanted to do just that, I listened to what he had to say, then paid him a sum of $600 and sure enough I started getting followers. Now you may say that’s crazy and there’s lots […]

How To Save Money With Network Marketing
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Network marketers got it wrong yall!  Someone who is interested in a network marketing company is interested in making money, right? If they don’t know anything about business, they do know, at the simplest level, that retailing or recruiting is supposed to get them money. The problem is that the same old strategies that network […]

Are You A Baadddd Blogger?

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I’m A Baadddd Blogger!  In my culture, using the word bad can be good!  What you say? Yes, sometime we can say something like ‘that’s a Baaaddd Dress, meaning that the dress is really nice. I know, go figure….may sound crazy to some of you but it’s true! And when I say I’m a Badddd blogger, I […]

Five Reasons It’s Better To Have Your Own Business


I’m one of those entrepreneurs who works hard online in my own business, but also works a full time, everyday job also. My job is a necessary evil,  necessary to survive each day until my own business is self-sufficient.  Needless to say, I’m a very busy woman. Like everyone else, life is about getting from […]

Are You Sick of Social Media?

Social media used to be fun!  Maybe it still is for many people, but since social media is now being used as much for business as social interaction, it has for me, personally, become a chore. What do I mean?  Well, in the last couple of years,  social media has become the norm to reach […]

How To Lower Your Alexa Rating In 30 Days

Most of the time when evaluating your traffic to your website, it’s about getting ‘more’ traffic; getting high numbers.  The higher your numbers, the more traffic you are getting!  This is mainly everyone’s goal. So you could imagine my surprise and my consternation when I couldn’t figure out how come Alexa ‘high’ numbers meant you were […]