How I Increased Visitors To My Blog By 30 Percent Photo by Hywards
Photo by Hywards

Do you want to know how I increased visitors to my blog?

This article is how understanding Google Analytics helped me and how I increased visitors to my blog by 30% in 5 months!

Blogging is hard work.  I know it and you know it if you’ve been blogging for any period of time.

As bloggers there are certain tools we all need to use in order to get a good reading on how well and how effective our blogging is.

One of those tools is Google Analytics and it is a tool that I have struggled to understand for a long time now.

No matter how many posts I’ve read to learn how to gather info on my blog in Google Analytics , I couldn’t seem to get it.

I’m not a charts, diagrams or schematics person and it just made my head hurt trying to ‘get it.’  I think charts and diagrams and numbers in general scare people as it did me so I really didn’t look at it carefully until the other day.

Sherman Smith, in particular, talks about Google Analytics quite often and how it has helped him so I decided a needed to take another look at it.

Well, I don’t know why but finally I understand it, but that important piece of information can help you strategize to increase reader’s on your blog.  Awesome!

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analysis tool that tracks and displays website traffic.  Simple explanation right.  But it looks quite complicated and that’s the tricky part for people.

There’s A LOT of information there, but for bloggers 3 pieces of critical information are visitors, pageviews and page visits.

The item most people want to see regarding their website is how many visitors a month come to your blog. Sherman Smith’s article (noted below)  talked about getting 1000 visitors a month and this immediately got my attention.

I wanted to see if I had that many or if I didn’t.  Seemed like a good number in terms of traffic so I re-read his article.

His article was awesome and motivated me to look closely at Google Anlaytics and find the answer:  How many visitors am I really getting each month?  Is it increasing as I continue to do my work in attracting people to my website?

Sherman Smith’s How To Generate 1000 Visitors A Month To Your Blog  can help you tremendously.  This article was important to me for two reasons:

  • It will  tell you how important it is to understand Google Analytics so that you can accurately measure the performance of your blog
  • It will tell you the actions he took to get 1000 visitors to his blog.

So I went to Google Analytics and checked my own status and was pleasantly surprised to see my numbers.  Since charts and squiggly lines sometimes confuse people, I’m taking that out.   Five months ago – here is December 2014.

Pages / Session
Avg. Session Duration
Bounce Rate
% New Sessions

So what does this mean?   Let’s focus on Sessions, Users and Pageviews.  Here’s what they mean:

  • Sessions (Visits) tells how many times the website was visited (this doesn’t count people who return).
  • Page views tells the total number of pages visitors have viewed/looked at your website.
  • Users (Visitors) counts the actual number of people that came to your site.

Now – 5 months later – May 1st 2015 to May 31st 2015

Pages / Session
Avg. Session Duration
Bounce Rate
% New Sessions

To find Repeat Visitors, Google states “Sessions: 1040 – 751 Users = 289 repeat visitors OR 27.8%

Repeat Visitors: 27.8% % (almost 30%) – that’s awesome!   Now many people may not think so, but in 5 months I think that is a good increase considering that I am not as consistent as I want or need to be – working a full time job, family, etc. – you know the drill.

Anyway, all this to say is that we can increase traffic to our websites with consistency and by providing information that is wanted and needed.

Sherman’s article gave various ways to help you increase your traffic.  Go there and take a read!  It will help you too.

How Hard Is It To Increase Traffic To Your Website?

Everyone talks about how hard it is to increase your visitors but Sherman’s post gives various ways to do just that and I actually implemented those and have seen what I think is a significant increase in a few months.

Although Sherman lists a number of things that will help you increase your visitors, I focused on 4 and had an almost 30% increase.

  • I focused on my headlines and copywriting to get grab a reader’s attention.
  • I connected and continue to do so, with bloggers who are consistent commenters and consistent writers.
  • I commented on 25 blogs a week.  That’s 5 a day.
  • I shared and mentioned other bloggers blogs! (like I did here!) 🙂
Now this may not seem like a big increase to many of you, but for me, I was surprised that I was almost at 1000 visitors per month already!
 It means that the work that I have input is working, slowly but surely and this is very important because 4 years ago I didn’t know what any of that meant and now I’ve got an understanding and now know how to work toward success.
 It means I’m working my way to that 1000 that Sherman mentioned in his article!  Thanks Sherman!
It is important to understand Google Analytics, no matter how confusing it is.  I think I was so overwhelmed with all the numbers, graphs and charts that it meant nothing to me and I was losing out on valuable information.
So start with the simple article to help you understand just the basics you need to see what your traffic is doing on your site.
We’ll tackle the other information later.  This is a start to see where you are and then implement Sherman’s information to improve.
Add blogging consistency to the mix and the visitors to your website will increase tremendously.  That next phase of my steps to get more traffic to your website.
So what have you been doing to increase the flow of traffic to your website and how are the results recorded.  Are you using Google Analytics and if not, what tools are you using?  Please share.

Motivation and Inspiration For All

Motivation and Inspiration For All

Network Marketing Review – Why I Won’t Take Le-Vel Products

Le-vel-downloadA couple of weeks ago, I introduced the Network Marketing Monthly review.

These reviews will provide a personal perspective of various MLMs, (meaning I tried it myself), as well as, a business evaluation of the products and various factors that make an MLM a good one.

Why will this help  ‘you?’ Maybe you’re not interested in an MLM or network marketing company?

Because many of your friends or associates may be interested in a particular MLM and you will be able to provide them with valuable information.

You then become a valuable resource to your associates and/or customers!. So with that said …

The first Monthly Network Marketing Review is a relatively new MLM called Le-Vel!

I personally tried these products so you’ll get some good input here!    I assess certain criteria and then determine if the company is one I might want to promote or recommend to others who might be interested.

I get approached often and I had to learn to evaluate these businesses with a critical eye so these upcoming monthly reports will be based on my knowledge of the industry, of the company, the compensation plan, the products, and a little bit of common sense.

I believe an MLM should have the following and this is what I look at:

  • Good, bad, or great products (would I use it myself analysis?)
  • Marketable products (is it something people will use or makes sense to buy?)
  • Good to great compensation plan
  • Good team leaders (supportive easy to talk too, easy to get in touch with?)
  • Accessible Training
  • Good websites – easy to use for reps and customers
  • Good to great representative customer service to get issues resolved or answers to various questions
  • Personal review of the product(s)

Here is my own story and evaluation.

A high-level leader in a prominent MLM called me a couple of weeks ago and told me about a new company and its products.

As she was a leader in a well-known company, has millionaire status, has built both international and national teams, and being very, excited about this new MLM, I decided I better listen? 🙂

Le-Vel is new in the market place, started in 2013.  It  promotes what they call a “Premium Lifestyle”.  Sidebar:  Nothing new, right?  There are lots of health and wellness MLM’s.

The products have different nutritional formulations for men and women based on “lifestyle.”

Le-vel encourages people ‘to take the products for an eight week “THRIVE Experience” in which time a person can experience their peak performance physically and mentally” using their products.

The products have the typical health and wellness claims but this one peaked my interest for a couple of reasons that have to do with my own health issues which I will discuss below.  But first – let’s evaluate some criteria.

Perks and Draws To The Company:  Score 8

Join as a Free Customer – One thing I did like about Le-vel is that a person can become a free customer – yes!

What that means is you can go to the site of someone who is in the company and literally sign up as a free customer, then purchase at your leisure.  No pressure sales – I like that!

Of course, the ultimate goal then is to get you to purchase something.   How do they do that?  If you get 2 active customers you get your own products free. That’s kinda sweet too!

Join As A Promoter – You can join as a Brand Promoter starting as  low as the $100 level and earn commissions, but you have to be a rep that is both “qualified” and “active.” (similar to other MLMs – nothing new here)

Qualified means you have purchased at least $100 worth of products.

Other price points are comparable to other MLM’s I’ve investigated.  There’s usually a $100 to $499 price points with an exchange of products for the costs.

Compensation Plan – Score 7

The comp plan I thought was comparable to my present company.

This MLM has an unilevel team commission plan that pays up to 8% on the business volume of each level in the Brand Promoter’s placement tree, up to eight ( 8 ) levels deep.

Le-Vel promoters may also earn 20% on their business volume on each of their personal customer’s web orders for Le-Vel THRIVE products.

There are also Fast Start and Matching bonuses as well.  All in all this is one of the better comp type plans.

Training – Score 4

A defined process is in place for people to follow, although I’m not sure I’d call this training.  But I like the idea that a training process is defined and it’s personal (working directly with the upline with 3-ways calls and such).

A lot of conference calls with the same old hype (as far as I’m concerned), but the information would be valuable if you are a promoter and have never done an MLM before.  You get to start somewhere and that’s important.

The training follows old school style network marketing which I’m not too keen on.  I follow a Soft Sell Strategy which has been very successful.  Get my free report on How To Soft Sell Your Product, a stress-free sales strategy – on website sidebar.

The companyl has its typical promotional calls – get someone to the calls, get someone to the ‘secret meeting’ places which were not revealed until … (I never found out the ‘until’).

This I didn’t like. Secret meetings? Com’ on!  Gheeesh – you either want the people there or you don’t.  Are they recruiting??

Products – Score – 8

Here’s my story and what happened with noted ‘good points’ and ‘bad points’ documented along the way!

I ordered the product, Thrive for Women.   It arrived a few days later (within 5 days) and I waited until the next day to start.  Two pills and a mixture for a shake. (good point) – quick turnaround time and delivery.

The product’s are described as all natural and according to its promotion and would help with many of my current health issues.   My interest in these products was the following:  Sleep, Arthritis, Weight Loss

I don’t sleep – at least not well and not for long. I had a sleep study done a few years ago; diagnosed with chronic insomnia and I’ve tried all the medications the doctor prescribed to help me sleep.  Nothing worked for long. Photo by David Castillo
Photo by David Castillo

I had to eventually stop taking medication when I had quite a scare where I was driving (totally asleep (sleep driving))!  So no more medication for me! 😯

Let’s go natural – hence I wanted to try Le-vel’s Thrive for Women because I’m stuck with little to no sleep on a regular basis and I’m always extremely tired and I wanted to try it for it’s proposed energy.

I also wanted to try it because it was supposed to help with joint & inflammation and pain as I have degenerative arthritis which can be painful at various times.

Finally, a number of people were discussing some phenomenal weight loss stories and I needed to lose about 12 lbs (or so my doctor says) to keep my cholesterol and blood pressure down.

So excitedly I open the package and couldn’t wait to try the products!  Since there is a 30 day money back guarantee I figured it couldn’t hurt and there’d be no loss if it didn’t work out. (good point)

The Energy Boost!

Fricking FANTASTIC!  First off, this stuff is kickbutt stuff!  I took the nutritional supplement as prescribed – 2 pills and then the shake – Day One. Within 10-15 minutes…and I mean literally 10 minutes, I was feeling a jolt like an instant shot of adrenalin!

I was shocked, amazed and happy! I was buzzing around the house getting all kinds of things done. Concentration was intense and I can’t tell you how crazy delirious I was that it happened so fast.

I drove to work wide awake and accomplished so much more stuff than I normally do in the first ¾ of the day because I’m normally am so tired.

Other people I talked to have found the energy boost to be much later – 2 or 3 days in or maybe a week.  You see Le-Vel wants everyone to try their 8 Week Experience so that a person may experience the results in a designated timeframe.

Well, for me, it was almost instantaneous.  For my husband, not so much an instant effect.  His was more subtle.

I noticed, although he didn’t –  he didn’t fall asleep immediately after Sunday dinner.  He was also up and about helping with the cleaning of the kitchen and in general, moving around and working in the house although he says he didn’t notice this difference. 😉

The Joint & Inflammation Support

Generally, I deal with the aches and pains of arthritis in specific areas, lower back, hips being the main ones.  I have to be careful how I pick up certain things and can’t sit on low level couches or chairs for too long or I can’t get up without some pain.

On the day I took Le-Vel, all pain was GONE!  No lie – truth! Another amazing thing!  I felt like a kid again. Never during this whole time did I feel an ounce of discomfort!

It wasn’t until later in the day that I realized it, but it was awesome when it struck me. I picked up my computer bag (which is way too heavy by the way) and hefted it into the car, carried groceries into the house, bent up and down, no issues, no pain. Amazing!

That’s two for two! (Good point!)

Appetite Control

I didn’t feel any hunger ALL day! I took the supplement at about 7 a.m and at lunch I had to force myself to eat.

Not only did I not have an appetite, but food didn’t even seem appealing to me.  Even at the end of the day, I didn’t feel like eating. I ate, but had no ‘desire’ for food.

Twelve hours later, I still didn’t want any food and I didn’t eat much of anything until the next day.  The following day I didn’t want anything either so I could see why it works for weight loss.  If you’re not hungry, you won’t eat.

e5062d8d5a430a68b4c5af8ca3eb0c57Does Le-Vel Nutritional Supplement Work?

Energy Boost – Yes – provided great energy pretty much throughout the day for myself (and for four weeks for my husband).

Alleviate Arthritis and Other Pains – Yes – It definitely works for joint support cause I felt no pain from my arthritis. That was also great!

Weight Management – Based on the ‘no hunger’ feeling, it works for weight management.  I had absolutely no appetite for almost 1 ½ days.  Didn’t try it long enough to lose weight.

Other Opinions

I’ve talked to some very good friends of mine who have used it and they felt nothing….nothing at all.  No impact to them at all – no energy kick, no difference whatsoever.  Hence why Le-Vel wants you to try it for 8 weeks.  Give it time to kick in.

To Promote Or Not To Promote – Is There A Downside? There’s Always Is A Downside.

Yes, for me there was a downside as there will be for others and because of this I couldn’t really decide to promote or not.

I think this product is an absolute kick-butt product! I tried it!  I liked it! A LOT!  But then …

The Crash and Burn – What Happened Next Will Amaze You!

… the rest of the story – around 1 p.m. I started feeling a ‘crash’ – very tired all of a sudden – then a bit dizzy with heart palpitations.

It was severe enough that I went to the Medical department at work as I am on high blood pressure medication although my BP has been controlled for years now.

But I felt funky enough to go see the medical folks. They were on lunch so I went back to my desk waited. When I didn’t feel any better, I went back approximately 2 hours later.

Long story short – they took my blood pressure and it was 198/151 which is unheard of for me! Typically it is around 98/70 or so.

Heart palpitations, hands shaking, nausea – I was a mess.  Why?  What Happened?

The work facility monitored my blood pressure, made me lay down and rest, called my doctor and basically after about an hour or so of forced relaxation, I felt well enough to drive straight to my doctor’s office at her request.

At the doctor’s office, we pulled up the ingredients and found that the product (capsules) are packed full of ‘natural’ caffeines (5 of them).  Yikes!  That affected me because I don’t drink coffee for a reason.

I’m one of those people who gets the jitters from caffeines (hands shaking, stomach upset, heart palpitations) and here I am ingesting almost 5 times the amount of one cup of coffee!

My girlfriend also took the product, but she drinks 4 cups of coffee a day and guess what?!  No impact, no issues, no problems, nothing! We talked about this in depth.

Five different types of caffeine?!  I didn’t even know there were different caffeines. In other words, Le-vel has a Caffiene Extravanganza that knocked me on my butt!

Additional ‘Natural Products’

In addition, she found 3-4  ingredients that are ‘natural’ aspirins which accounts for the ‘no pain’ in the joints and the decrease in inflammation when I took the supplement.

All of this combined with various other ingredients helps people lose weight, gain energy (yep that’s true) and feel no pain.

I guess it works for weight management as I didn’t have any appetite for at least 16 hours after taking it!  Take it every day and yes, I guess you would lose weight.

My doctor’s prognosis after I dragged myself into her office was “if I had not been taking my BP medicine, I would have been in the hospital for at least 3-4 days!”

The BP medicine was controlling my pressure and even then it was incredibly high.  That huge dose of caffiene was going against the BP medicine.  Whoa!

The doctor took me out of work for 3 days!  Bed Rest and a note for my job.  OMG!

Would You Promote The Product?

At the end of the day, I had a decision to make.  Promote Le-Vel as a distributor OR take advantage of the 30 day return policy and move on?

My honest opinion – It’s a great supplement if you are used to caffeine- like you drink coffee – lots of coffee!

Good thing is most people around the world do.  If you want to take advantage of a 30 day supply and see if it works for you for appetite suppression, weight loss and energy click here.

As I said, it is some kick butt stuff!  Definitely works with reservations.

Reservations – What To Look Out For:

If you don’t have high blood pressure or an aspirin allergy, this may be the supplement for you!  I’d check it out with your doctor firs though, for sure!

As noted I thought the products were great but you MUST take your previous medical conditions and medical history into account.

Most people take nutritional supplements without a second thought. We’re told they are safe, so we take them and the FDA does not monitor nutritional supplements.

But there are many stories to beware the ingredients in supplements because they can harm you.

My story was one of them. I had that experience at the end of the first day when I took the products.

Now above is only MY story and as I noted I still think it’s a great supplement for energy, pain and joint inflammation.

Even, the next day I was even tempted to take it again when I woke up tired. But noooo, I like to live.  😆

I’m being totally honest. This product will work for a whole lot of people and I see great potential for weight loss, arthritis and joint pain elimination and energy!    You can get more information here.

Final Evaluation – Scores

  • Perks and Draws To The Company:  8
  • Marketable Products – 9
  • Compensation Plan – 7
  • Good Team Leaders – 8 (head of the company called me when he heard what happened to me)
  • Training – Score 4 (same old, same old)
  • Good Websites – ease of use for rep and customers – 6.  Although they’re using Cloud as new technology and as a draw.
  • Customer Service and support – 3 – I haven’t found a customer service telephone number yet

Let me thank you for your patience in reading this long post!  Hope you got some very important information from this.  I’m also available to discuss my Le-vel experience if  you are interested in this MLM.

So what do you think of the first network marketing review?  Helpful?  Important information?  What do you think about this whole experience? Please let me know.

Motivation and Inspiration For All

Motivation and Inspiration For All

The Multi-Level Marketing Company Review

Building a Team Image by By David Castillo Dominici http:/freedigitalphotos.netFor
Building a Team
Image by By David Castillo Dominici

 Hey everyone. I’m a home based business owner!

 Yeah, I know you know that. 😉  But what you might not know specifically is that I also work in a multi-level marketing company (MLM)!

 I’m NOT here to recruit you!  Thought I should say that first just to be clear!

What I am here for is provide some information AND to provide a monthly ongoing multi-level marketing company review.   You might find my approach and my comments on various MLM’s interesting!

Building a business in an MLM over the years has led me to great successes and meeting great people all over the world!

I’ve had some great ups and some sad downs, as most businesses do, (no matter what the business) but overall gained some good, solid monthly money.

And it’s not just about MLM’s. Being online, many people are looking for various ways to make money like affiliate marketing or sponsored ads such as Enstine Muki recently wrote in Affiliate or Sponsored Products? Are You Still Confused?

Additional ways of making money online can include writing, coaching, advertising, selling eBooks, Amazon or eBay and a host of other home run businesses  and you might be able to sustain or eek out an existence with all of the above ways to provide for your family. That’s the great part!

But the purpose of this post is to educate you or anyone who IS interested in making money through an MLM or thinking about joining one currently.

The purpose of this post is to get an HONEST AND NON-PREJUDICIAL REVIEW of the various MLM’s out there.

An Honest MLM Monthly Review

I will be writing a monthly review of various MLM’s that I find of interest over the next year.

So Wait! Don’t stop reading yet, even if you’re not interested. Why? There are various reasons.

Why You Should Keep Reading Even If You Are Not Interested in An MLM

Because you’re online doing business and you are bound to be approached by network marketers.


…there may be an opportunity out there for you even though you’ve never thought about it before or you’ve had a bad experience in the past.

I never, never, ever in a million years thought I’d be in one of those rotten MLM businesses (true words straight from my mouth), until I got educated about business and until I found something I thought was phenomenal for me!

That may not have happened for you yet!

You see… you may find that ONE MLM that is THE ONE for you, like it happened for me.

Can I say it again? I was never, never, ever, ever interested in any MLM! After all they were get rich quick schemes, right? and I didn’t personally know anyone who was successful from one.

I didn’t want to sell Avon or Tupperware (old school) or Pampered Chef!  And now there are a ton of them!  Gheesh!

So many people wonder why network marketing as a home based business does not work. But here’s what I found when I opened my mind to the possibilities.

Maybe you haven’t found the right company yet with the:

  • right products that make you go Wow!
  • right compensation plan
  • right leaders
  • right support

Maybe a previous failure was due to:

  • Lack of support from the higher ups and team leaders
  • Lack of effective business skills required to run a business
  • Lack of training establish and train recruited team members
  • No developed right sales strategies to be successful.

And …

Instead of turning someone away, realize that network marketers are business people too and building relationships with other business people will likely get you customers – you never really know.

Good basic relationship building with others (all others) might help you find something you need or you might even be able to provide a service to them.

The Truth About MLM Businesses

Two important things:

One is people don’t know anything about business.  FACT!

Build A Business By David Castillo Dominici http:/
Build A Business
By David Castillo Dominici

Someone who joins an MLM for the first time or without any training – it’s like joining a company and making you the President or CEO of the company without training on how to run that business!

As a matter of fact, you have to be greatly experienced to be the CEO of your own company and know what you’re doing to be successful.

Well, that’s what you’re in you MLM when you join.  You are the CEO of your own company and you need to get effective training (and quickly) to make ‘your’ company successful, especially now where everyone is going online to sell, market and recruit for their business.

Two – I’ve found that many home based business owners don’t know how to effectively recruit or present their products nor do they know if ‘the company’ they’ve joined is good, bad or indifferent and if it’s worth their time.

Yeah, true that’s not just for MLM’s, it can be any home based or non-home based business.

For any business, amateur business people may get caught up in the hype and can’t represent their company accurately enough to make a difference for you or to get your attention and you may end up missing out on a great opportunity!

That’s what happened to me in the past. It was my lack of understanding of MLM’s and bad experiences with ‘leaders’ that kept me from getting involved again that gave me a bad attitude about network marketing.

So here’s how I can help now.

The Multi-Level Marketing Review

I’ve decided to do a monthly Network Marketing Review.

Once a month, I will review a network marketing company and personally provide an intricate review from an experienced and successful ‘network marketer’ (that’s me)!

This review will include the following information on each company I review:

  • Name and basic information on the company
  • General basic information on the products
  • General knowledge on the compensation plan
  • Comparison between popular ‘like’ network marketing companies

My intent is to provide this information through a personal, experienced look at the company and products (including actual purchase of samples, if applicable) and to provide real-time and honest information and interviews.

I’m going to give a really personal perspective- the good, the bad and the ugly for each MLM reviewed.

Most websites give a general overview.   Sometimes that’s not good enough!

Final Words

That’s the goal – to help people determine if the Multi-Level Marketing Company Review will aid you in finding out if  it’s something you want to get involved in – a true review.

I’m just going to provide valuable and honest information for anyone interested who might be looking for a good company.

After all, no one is looking for a bad company, right. 😉

So come back once a month and check out The MLM Review.  First review – coming up this week.  I promise, it will always be interesting and you will be current on the most up to date MLM’s out there!

Come back this week to find out about Le-Vel, currently new and jumping on the MLM scene. I’ve got a hell of a story to tell you about that one!

So what do you think about this. Should be interesting, right ’cause I don’t know what I’ll find! 🙂

Have a great week.

Motivation and Inspiration For All

Motivation and Inspiration For All

Six Important Blog Commenting Rules

Image by Stuart Miles
Image by Stuart Miles

As I started to visit more blogs and join a community of commenting bloggers, I noticed that not everyone understands some very, basic  commenting rules that will ensure engagement on your blog.

This realization made me go in search of blog commenting rules, which for the most part, I was unable to find.

Basic blogging rules should be common sense as we would use the same decorum in a face to face conversation or in a corporate setting or in dealing with a client.

With that said, I decided to provide my own idea on good blog commenting rules. 🙂


Blog commenting is important in building a community of bloggers who can support each other and provide social proof, as well as, a way of  relationship bonding among  bloggers.

With that said, here are 6 Comment Blogging Etiquette Rules I think are important to know, particularly if you’re new to blogging and commenting.

If you’re an experienced blogger, hopefully you will know and adhere to some basic easy blogging rules.

  1. Be Courteous

When you leave a comment you may have no idea with whom you are speaking.

So you always want to be courteous to the writer and previous commenters as you engage in conversation.

Even if there is controversy or you disagree with a comment and want to debate it, debates can be done in a courteous manner.

Don’t attack the author personally. Engage in polite dialogue conversation stressing your points of disagreement or agreement.

Some may be in disagreement with me on this, but since I’ve also worked in corporate for many years, you can learn the art of disagreement in a courteous or non-confrontational manner.

Many times a job, an interaction or sale or client can depend on the outcome of that discussion.  Always remember people are always watching to see how you will handle a situation.

The Author:

Even when others get out-of-hand in their comments, an author should always be in control because other commenters are looking at how you respond.

Since commenting is about building relationships, the impression you provide to others who are following you can be affected so it is important for the author to defend his or her position in a well-written response.

Not accusatory or insulting or discourteous. Always, professional, even in the face of rudeness.

Remember your image as a writer and/or commenter will not be tarnished by your response if you always maintain professionalism.

The Commenter:

There are ways to disagree, even when things get heated. In particular, with blogging, ‘everyone’ is watching and reading and it is important just like in any other professional debate, to keep your cool and state your case.

The reason I say this in particular is that this world is very small and you will never know when you may ‘run’ into this person again, so it’s always important to be courteous and professional.

  1. Add Relevance To The Conversation

Make sure you add something relevant or important to the conversation.

Random comments may get you tagged as a spammer or not taken seriously.

If you’re not taken seriously, you can also be tagged as a spammer and banned to never to visit the site again.

Find something, preferably positive enlightenment or enhancements to add to the conversation.

  1. One Time Commenter

Don’t be a one time Commenter.   Yes, there are many. People who visit a blog one time to drop links or try to get links back to their website by leaving a comment will usually not be successful.

One reason is that many people use CommentLuv which among many other things, allows you to designate how many times a person can leave a comment before receiving approval and or links from your site.

CommentLuv is a great tool with various other enhancements that can help you prevent spammers and others who are not regulars or serious about blog commenting.

When I was a new blogger, I couldn’t understand why people visiting their blog needed to have more than one comment before approval or why comments were put into moderation.

As I learned and understood more regarding the evaluation process to ensure real comments and real people are behind the comments, I understood that this CommentLuv is one way of ensuring legitimacy of the people visiting your site…a process I have come to value.

  1. Don’t Promote Your Own Blog Photo by Stuart Miles
Photo by Stuart Miles

An interesting visitor ended up on my blog one time not too long ago. I wrote a post and mentioned that I would be interacting shortly with that website.

The owner of the site came by and started responding to all of the comments that I received on my post!

Each of his comments mentioned his blog and told each person to visit his blog. Very uncool.

I thought, who is this man? Even if he owned the website, many times a person will just stop by, thank you and continue on their merry way.

I was annoyed at this. Bad behavior and very rude.

I think it was perfectly acceptable to interact with my commenters, but to respond to them as if he were the owner of the post was out-of-line and quite frankly pissed me off.

He was not a guest poster or writer.  He did not ask ask permission to respond to my comments on my posts as if he were the writer and he did not ask if he could leave his links or recommend his website.

Most people,  when their blog is mentioned, will simply say thank you to the author, provide a positive comment and move on.

I thought this other person was very obnoxious. Definitely encouraged me ‘not’ to interact on a regular basis with them although they are well-known in the blogosphere.

Don’t promote your own blog in comments on a post you are commenting on.

Responding to other comments is not the opportunity to place your own links or promote your own blog.

  1. Provide Positive Enhancement – Do Not Focus On The Negative

Even if you are in disagreement with the topic, discuss as if you were sitting across the room and having a conversation. Even debates are common but should be done in a productive manner where everyone understands both sides. State your case, make your point, no bad language, no arguments, only professional debates or discussions.

Don’t respond with anger. I have to practice not responding with anger sometimes. One young lady left a comment and my reaction was to respond in a non-professional way.

Her content instantly upset me and I thought it was a contrary comment and insulting. First I started to write, then I stopped and decided to wait a couple of days before I responded and I’m glad I did.

Later, it didn’t seem so inflammatory although I think she actually went back and re-wrote her comment as it probably was as inflammatory as I originally thought.

If that is the case, then the point is still important. If someone leaves an inflammatory post, take a minute or two or a day or two before responding.

Don’t respond with anger. Let it settle then respond in a professional manner agreeing or disagreeing with their point.

  1. Answer Every Commenter

This may seem silly, but Adrienne Smith, the Engagement Queen I’ve heard her call, receives a ridiculous amount of comments on each post and she responds to every one of them. She has built a huge blogging community of followers, hence her title and her audience. Main reason: her personal engagement with her audience. 🙂

Getting into the habit of responding to every commenter will enhance your commenting community.

What Do You Do?

Well, I’ve documenting what I think are some pretty basic commenting rules that will help keep your audience and followers engaged and interacting with you.

It’s also all about keeping things under control as your blog is your home in the Internet-sphere and the impression you leave here can make or break a business.

What other basic commenting rules do you suggest or recommend on your own blog? I’m sure you can add a few more based on your own experiences. 🙂

Have a great week.

Motivation and Inspiration For All

Motivation and Inspiration For All