The Significance of Keyword Research


Mostly everyone knows the significance of keyword research…at least I thought, so from mid-level to experienced bloggers.  But today I have reason to question that. As a beginner, (2 years+ ago), I didn’t have a clue about keyword research and when I finally found out about it,  I still didn’t practice it enough.  Even to […]

Four Important Tips You Need When You Start A Blog


Tips To Start A Blog This post is really for newbies – people who are wondering what’s important when you start a blog, but it may have some interesting tips for you experienced bloggers as well. Some people may choose a different order of things, so these items won’t be in any particular order of […]

Barbara Charles – A Shorter Path To Financial Success


Welcome! Finally, I’ve got my new website up and running and I’m so excited! A couple of weeks ago I talked about how I planned to create better business habits, but to also step up my game to help others find success. My goal is to help others, in particular, new entrepreneurs, find that path. […]

A Special Blogger Story


Today I want to tell a story about a new blogger in town.    You might wonder why I would tell the story of yet another blogger, but this story is special.  It’s about my friend Kevin. Kevin has now joined the ranks of bloggers…a phenomenal feat for him as you will see. Kevin, through his […]

How To Create A Signature For Your Blog

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A year or so ago, I read a post on Adrienne Smith’s blog and I thought it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever read.  It involved creating our own signature for our posts on our blogs. I thought it was the coolest thing and immediately went there to try it out.  So just […]

How To Create Good Business Habits In 30 Days


As entrepreneurs we want to create good business practice habits but many times, things can get in the way, particularly life things. For me – it’s guilty as charged. The last few months it’s been hard for me to stay in the game for various reasons. Part of it has been a new, demanding job […]

Have You Had A Malicious Addon?


Well some of you know that I’m on vacation….no really…on vacation, but I wanted to get a post out while I’m not lollygagging along the beach. When I logged on, because I’m in a hotel I had to connect to their wireless and it didn’t work.  Now I did all the right codes and such, […]

Three Tips To Millionaire Mindset Thinking

Image by Stuart Miles

Today a friend of mine had a major disappointment in her life. She posted a comment on FB regarding how she felt and how it had hurt her confidence and made her face her biggest fears in life, i.e., failure and rejection. This is a problem most of us have – something we all face […]

How To Grow Your Business When Things Go Wrong

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Did you every have one of those weeks? In terms of my life and my blog, I am always evaluating what is working and what isn’t. I’m usually quick to make a change or adjust to things that aren’t working. I keep the things that are and adjust in a quick hurry if I have […]