How To Lower Your Alexa Rating In 30 Days

Most of the time when evaluating your traffic to your website, it’s about getting ‘more’ traffic; getting high numbers.  The higher your numbers, the more traffic you are getting!  This is mainly everyone’s goal. So you could imagine my surprise and my consternation when I couldn’t figure out how come Alexa ‘high’ numbers meant you were […]

5 Surprises A New Network Marketer Will Find

Image by Farconvin

Most people know about network marketing.  Going way back Tupperware, Avon, Mary Kay or Amway may have been your first experience with network marketing. Of course, network marketing companies have become much more sophisticated since then and there are thousands of network marketing companies out there to choose from. Most people get into a network marketing company […]

Eight Strengths of a Successful Entrepreneur


I was just recently thinking about the people I know who are great entrepreneurs and what makes them great! I noticed specific skills and strengths and decided to share with you what those are.  Acknowledging what we lack and working toward building those strengths will help us be better entrepreneurs. So here are my top […]

How To Find Leaders For Your Network Marketing Team

If you’ve been in network marketing your biggest issue is recruiting.  What most people who join an MLM don’t know is that it is not just about recruiting. It’s about finding the right people, but particularly, a leader because ‘leaders’ are the ones who will help you build a successful team and move everyone to the top […]

A Tribute To 9-11

Today is September 11 and it’s a tough day for many people.  Most importantly, it is a reminder of a horrific event that took place in New York 13 years ago.   Many people remember this day with sadness and it will forever go down in history as a sad day. I wake up every September […]

When A Network Marketer Comes Knocking At Your Door

Image by Stuart Miles

Don’t take the title to literally!   What this means is ‘what happens when someone approaches you to discuss their business?’ The approach may be different from person to person, company to company, but inevitably you discover that it is a MLM. What do you do? If you’re anything like me some 7 years ago, […]

Five Realities of Entrepreneur Customer Relations

Photo by Ambro

Do you ever wonder about customer relations and how it really works? A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post  and I received some interesting comments. I thought it was interesting that a number of people commented on ‘giving the people what they want.” From what I ascertained, some entrepreneurs think  its hard to get a true […]

Four Things That May Be Holding You Back From Success

Image by Stuart Miles

  Have you ever wondered if you are sabotaging your own success? There is much talk about the top 2% of successful entrepreneurs. I believe many of the top 2% are in the right place, the right time and in the right position when their success comes. I think this because someone else can take the […]

How To Build An International Network Marketing – Part 1


Just about everyone has been involved in a network marketing company at some point or time in their life, from Tupperware to Mary Kay to Pampered Chef to Empower Network. Network marketing has always been and will be big business as people struggle to make money. In general, network marketing is about building a team […]