Why Does A Blogger Need People Skills?

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Photo by stockimages

You might ask? “Well if I’m blogging (writing) why do I need people skills?”  The answer is that blogging is about communication and providing valuable content to your readers.

It’s about communicating and developing relationships and to do that successfully you have to know how to interact with people.

People skills will help you in developing important liaisons that in time may help you to monetize your blog, find business partners, sell a particular product, interact in many other online opportunities or just plain making friends.  You have to learn how to read a person through their comments or their online interaction with you – not such an easy task.

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Healthy Late Night Snacks

Healthy Snack
Healthy Snack

Late Night Hungries!

Well, it’s the New Year and just about ‘everyone’ is on some kind of health kick or diet for the new year, including me.

And like everyone else I have to try to find healthy snacks, particularly after dinner.

And like everyone else I get those late night hungries all the time and it’s hard to be good at night. Lays potato chips are always calling my name and I have to be ever conscious of the snack and the salt. :(

Since I’ve been on blood pressure medicine I’ve had to make a few changes to the diet like leaving out the late night potato chips and salt. :( BooHoo!

But I have found some tasty substitutes that I enjoy as healthy late night snacks.

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How To Blog And Work Your Internet Business Effectively

Photo by David Castillo Dominici. http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/
Photo by David Castillo Dominici.

In contemplating our plans for effective marketing in 2015,  all bloggers really want to get organized and practice effective consistency in our blogging.

Each year, we should take all the great and wonderful things we’ve learned and put them into an effective plan for the upcoming year.

But sometimes this is difficult if you are a person, like me, who also has a family and works a regular J-O-B.

There are quite a few of us out there working daily outside the home and raising a family which adds a level of complexity to our blogging and being a successful internet marketer.

Sometimes it’s just plain difficult to work.   Time and distractions are elements that may slow us down when trying to run a business from home for both part time and full time entrepreneurs.

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5 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp

http://freedigitalphotos.comWell I’m getting older. No, I’m not in denial. :)  I recognize it and some days I’m o.k. with it and other days, I’m just not. On those days, I try not to think about it and instead relish in the thoughts that I’m wiser and smarter than the younger generation. ;)

However, one of the reasons I can say this is that I keep mentally and physically active. In the years to come as we approach middle age, we definitely lose track of things and forget things more often.

It’s part of the aging process. Can’t be helped. It is what it is, right? But we can keep working to keep ourselves sharp.

Our minds, no matter the age, can begin to deteriorate if it is not used often. So keeping mentally active is imperative.

There are multiple methods in order to keep our mind sharp, most of which involves practicing mental exercises.

There are many, many ways. I, for one, am a dancer. I also choreograph as well. So I exercise my mind constantly by learning new dances and creating new dances, going to events and exercising my body, as well as my mind! Learning these dances keeps me mentally active and it is challenging, but I love it. :)
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